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60 Mile Slump

Happy Wednesday friends!

Here’s a quick disclaimer: the slump above refers ONLY physically to this marathonwiner. Emotionally and mentally, I am PUMPED beyond pumped that last week I managed to bang out my first (and likely last) ever 60 mile week.

But as always after a blogging lull, let’s back up a bit…

Tuesday morning I had plans to tackle my 22 mile run and then settle nicely into taper time–a point in training that I usually struggle a lot with. I am totally that person who goes bat-shit crazy wanting to run more and knowing I shouldn’t and eating more (and not necessarily better), fully knowing, I shouldn’t. So as I approached this taper, I swore to myself I’d be better. I’d run less (strictly following good ol’ Hal’s intermediate taper schedule), eat better and overall take good care of myself.


Truth be told, I knew at least the mileage part of that personal promise was a big fat lie. I was (as it turned out, uselessly) hoping the rest would not be.

By the end of Tuesday I had about 30 miles under my belt (22 of which, my Garmin later told me, were ran at about a 9:15 pace…I’ll take it!), and knew if there was every a week that 60 miles could happen, this was it. So I nudged my print out of Hal’s plan (scribbled on, crumpled and all sorts of a hot mess) under a pile of papers on my desk, and set out to hit 60.

It was tricky for sure, as my legs were aching when I woke up Wednesday morning (no small surprise considering how very bad I’ve been about stretching and whatnot). But after spending a full day surrounded by influential and fitfluential friends at Fitness Magazine’s Meet and Tweet (there are millions of great recaps out there, and since mine is a week late, I’ll point you to those), I found some motivation to get moving. After an amazing day filled with finally meeting the faces behind all of my favorite blogs, jotting down some health and fitness pointers and lugging home an amazing amount of swag, I laced up. I ran a nice, slow 6 mile recovery jog from my apartment down to the JD’s office. From there, the two of us walked two miles in some glorious NY weather to a great falafel dinner, and then headed home before the rains came. It was an awesome day, and I was up to 37 miles for the week. On Wednesday.

With a slew of company coming in for the weekend, the JD and I got creative with our workouts on Thursday morning–sharing laundry duties while squeezing in various mixes of runs, Wii fit workouts and cross-training trips to the gym. It was pretty impressive if I do say so myself, and with our hectic schedules, may become the norm when it comes to cleaning clothes. After work on Thursday, still riding a high from the Fitblogger event, I jogged down the river again to meet up with some runner friends for more running talk, this time with a side of booze rather than Fitblogger’s delicious farro and light lemonade. For those of you who haven’t tried farro (last week was my first time) it is so yummy–especially when paired with grilled peaches!

After an awesome happy hour or two with runner friends, I was heading home to meet my first guest of the weekend. The very same lady who will be hosting me in Buffalo in just a week and a half for the big race (zomg. whoa that’s close)! We had a late dinner, and extended happy hour even further…thus marking the first strike in my wanting to eat well and be well during taper. But, tired as I was, I woke up to a gorgeous morning on Friday, ready to run Central Park. My legs wore sore and tired, but I managed to get int about 7.5 miles.

Saturday was a long-awaited rest day, and resting included an amazing lunch with all my friends, as well as my cousin and his gf, before sitting down for 2.5 hours for a matinΓ©e showing of Newsies on Broadway πŸ™‚

I grew up watching Christian Bale and other cute boys in caps sing and dance their hearts out on “the streets of New York” (in fact, this may have been one of the first “OMGIneedtoLIVEthere” seeds planted in my head), so it was awesome to see it all again on stage. Afterwards, it was another gorgeous day, so we took a nice long stroll along the river before gearing up for yet another meal…ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t been to Vnyl and tried the Elvis’ Revenge sandwich, stop whatever you are doing RIGHT THIS SECOND and go get one. Now. 9th ave. Move it.

And now that I’ve stopped drooling…moving on.

Sunday a.m. I had scheduled a NYC Running tour at a far too early hour (what’s new?) and while I left my visitors in the care of the JD down in the West Village at a pretty reasonable hour Saturday night, I still didn’t manage enough sleep. I was really worried that I wouldn’t make it through the planned 6 mile tour de Central Park, much less the miles I wanted to tack on to bring me up to 60.

But, once again, Mother Nature came through in the clutch, and tired as I was, once outdoors there was nothing I wanted to do BUT run. I picked up my client in Brooklyn and we took the subway up to Central Park to get started on the tour. The miles were really slow, and we stopped a lot for photos, but it was just what my legs needed–ease!

After another tube ride back to Brooklyn, having deposited my new Australian friend at her hotel, I decided it was do or die for that 60, and ran the rest of the way home. This included my first ever trek over the Queensboro, at least in the Queens-to-Manhattan direction. I had thought people were exaggerating when they told me that way was far more difficult than going from the Big City to Long Island City (as I did a few weeks ago), but no…they weren’t kidding. I was at mile 7 of a 13 mile hike and that long, slow incline was pretty tough. I was hoping this run would boost my confidence for ING NYC, but it only made me even moreee scared. I can’t imagine that climb at mile 15! Eeks!

But, Queensboro behind me, I finished 13 miles feeling strong, and clocking in at just over 60 for the week πŸ™‚ As if that wasn’t enough to keep my spirits lifted, the sun was shining and I had tickets for great seats to the afternoon Yankee game. The boys lost, but all in all, it was an amazing end to an amazing weekend.

Unfortunately, the high from my highest mileage week did not carry me well into this one. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, the fact that my shins could still use about 483092 gallons of icy hot and a weeks worth of compression, or what, but I’ve really been struggling through the second half of this taper. I’ve completely lost my running mojo (it was SO hard to get myself out the door for a measly little taper run yesterday, and today still has YET to happen), and all I want to do is eat and sleep.

On the one hand, I know my body is tired, and these are sure-fire signs that I am READY for taper and ready to rest. But on the other hand, I still have runs on the t0-do list, and whether they are 22 miles or 2 miles, my body just isn’t getting excited about them. This is a totally new feeling for me during taper time, and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I’m really hoping that I can get through today’s 4 miles, tomorrow’s longerish run and Friday’s rest will reset me for the next week. I want to be equally rested but equally ready to take on Buffalo!

Holy crap, that race is coming up SOON!

So sorry for the book! And have a fabulous Wednesday πŸ™‚


– Do you get the taper crazies?

– How do you reign in your appetite during taper?? HELP!



And NOW We Taper…

Holy moly it’s been a while…sorry guys! I started last week off so excited for Peak Week and riding a high from a painfully awesome workout at Surfset, but things went a little downhill after that. Well, not so much “things” went downhill, just my expected mileage for the week. EveryTHING else was pretty perfect.

To bring you up to speed as quickly as possible…here’s how things shook out:

– I did NOT hit 60 miles like I wanted to.

– I did NOT run a 22-miler like I wanted to.

– I DID have lots of midweek fun, between Surfset, other runs and a nice night out to dinner with the JD and my aunt and uncle.

– I DID have an amazing weekend, catching up with lots of family and friends out on Long Island.

I had planned to tackle the 22-miler and bring myself up to 60ish for the week early Friday morning. But, my mean, sleep-hating cat struck again on Thursday night. At 1am I was still awake, and 100% certain that waking up at 5:00 to try to tackle my longest training run to date was a bad idea.

Instead, I caught a few extra zzz’s and went out for a [well, comparatively] quick 10 miles, then headed to the office for a half day of work. My mom and aunt arrived midafternoon on Friday to have some fun in the city before heading to Long Island first thing Saturday morning. There was a lot of family in town (many of whom don’t necessarily LOOOVE my love of running), so I knew the long one was going to be shelved until the company headed home. Instead, I covered 5 FLAT, fast miles around the island burbs, and was really pleased to have finally brought a bit of speed to an outdoor run!

Sunday I covered 8 miles on foot, but in flip-flops, not sneaks. We walked all over Manhattan, seeing sights at the Central Park Zoo, Hudson River Park, Times Sq and everything in between. The weekend ended with a Sunday night performance of Priscilla Queen of the Desert–a last-minute pick, but definitely an entertaining one (though I’m pretty sure the JD made the right choice for him by staying home to watch the Phillies game).

Okay. Even I can’t take this anymore. I’m just going to stop babbling about my weekend and jump to the good stuff now.


My mom and aunt weren’t leaving until early Monday morning, so I began mentally preparing myself to try to tackle this big kahuna Tuesday morning.

By Monday night, preparation was less in my head and more around my apartment. Because I REFUSED to let a little four-legged creature rob me of another much-needed night of sleep.

So, I set up decoys to try to lure her away from my bedroom and into other parts of the apartment. This included dragging two carry-on suitcases from under the bed and leaving them sprawled out in the middle of the kitchen. The monster LOVES cozying up on top of luggage (do NOT ask me why), so this seemed like one way to try to draw her attention away from sleeping marathonwiner.

She also (at least on nights when I REALLY need to get to sleep early), has a habit of jumping up on my dresser and swatting at every picture frame hanging on my wall (freeeaaak!). So last night, to counter her ridiculousness/insanity, I took down every. one. of said frames, so she’d have nothing to swat at, should she feel so inclined.

Then, as an EXTRA precaution, I took a wee little bit of Nyquil before hitting the hay at the earliest hour possible (I am not addicted to nighttime cough medicine, I actually HAD had a scratchy throat over the weekend people!).


I didn’t open my eyes until my alarm went off at 5:00 this morning, and for the first time in a while, I felt like I had a solid night’s sleep. So solid, that it could in fact power me through a Tuesday morning long run.

I made sure it wasn’t pouring outside (one of my big fears with this week’s forecast), than lathered up a honey stinger with some Almond Butter to have for breakfast. While eating, I re-read my post from my last training cycle’s longest run for some inspiration.

After suiting up and waiting for satellite reception I was on my way up to the park. I did one of my normal routes for the first hour–to the park and twice around the lower loop–before meeting up with a friend at the 72nd street entrance. From there, we headed south again, only this time went all the way around the full outer loop. This was a solid 12 miles of hills and circles, so afterwards we jumped on the bridle path at its Columbus Circle start and followed it up through the extension, around the reservoir back down to the southern portion of the park. I zigzagged my way all the way home until I saw a VERY satisfying 22.2 miles on my Garmin πŸ™‚

I’ve been excited about knocking out this run and starting to taper for WAY too long now, so this was a great start to an overcast Tuesday. What wasn’t so great was having to sit at work for a solid 8 hours afterwards, giving my legs far too much time to cramp up and curse at me. Oh, well. I finished in just under 3.5 hours. At first I was a little disappointed with this time, but I’m pretty sure that after 2.5 weeks of “rest” and the adrenaline that comes with race day, I may very well be able to pull off a sub-4 in Buffalo. And even if I don’t…I know I trained hard through a hectic Spring πŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday to you all, and happy Taper to me!


I ran a….


This past weekend I made a surprise trip to Richmond to run in the ASK 5k/Walk–a great event that raises money to support research and cures for childhood cancers. My sister [NOT the one who ran the 8k with me on Marathon Day, but the other one…who thinks running is about as fun as dipping into a bathtub full of cats with razor-sharp claws] joined her friends team a few months ago and–given my love for running–asked if I wanted to participate. I of course did, but didn’t know if the timing/cost of another flight to Richmond would work out for me.

But given that I love ANY excuse to go home, and that credit cards exist in this world (oops) I signed up shortly after receiving the invite. I joined the team under an alias and started counting down the days til I was home sweet home again.

I had originally really wanted to race the 5k, and use it as my “speedwork” for last week (since we all know how GREAT I’ve been about keeping up with that…), but then a few things happened. 1. I ran 14 miles before work on Friday with Leticia (which was awesome…minus our Law & Order experience on the WSH, bleh!) which meant Saturday should “technically” have been a rest day and/or SLOW, short shake-out run. 2. No one else on our ASK Team was signed up as a “runner”, so I felt bad proceeding with my plan to race, cross the finish line, then circle back and finish the course again with my sister. So at the very last minute, I made the decision to stick with sis. And I’m SO glad I did, because she ran [almost] the ENTIRE thing! And finished her first-ever 5k* in 33 minutes and 16 seconds! Way to go, Corky!

*Note: While very proud of herself for accomplishing this, she also said it would be her last-ever 5k. Definitely didn’t catch the running bug. Oh well, can’t convert them all… πŸ™‚

The weekend went by WAY too fast, but thanks to some forth-coming summer hours, I’ll be able to make it home/see the fam a lot more over the next few months!

I had a painfully early 7:30 a.m. flight out of Richmond yesterday, and got to work JUST in time (luggage still in tow). So yesterday was a long day/rough start to Peak Week!

Yes ladies and gents, while it may feel like just yesterday I made the crazy/somewhat rash decision to run a May marathon, peak week is already upon us! I really, realllllly want to try to make it to 60 miles this week (my highest this training cycle is stuck at an annoying 58), but I just don’t know if my schedule will allow it. As long as I hit 22 on Friday morning though (talk about a shiny new PWD–pre-work distance), I’ll be happy.

While I may have liked for peak week to kick off with a relaxing, enjoyable long run…it didn’t. Due to needing to wake up at 5:45 yesterday just to make my flight on time, an a.m. workout was out of the question. And my evening last night? That was already dedicated to a SurfSet class, that I signed up for weeks ago and could not reschedule.

Let it be known, that aside from spin, I am NOT a group class kinda girl. In fact, they sort of petrify me. So pair a group class with the sport of surfing (something I’ve also always been equally respectful yet SCARED of) and we have my “Why in the Hell Did you Do That to Yourself” night.

But I’m SO glad I did.

While the “beginner” class was HARD (and not JUST because I’ve sucked at strength training for the last 6 months and have zero balance….the instructor said the ONLY reason it was labeled beginner was due to the fact that it touched on a lot of different pieces of a surfboard workout), it was AWESOME. I got a great all-over workout that left me aching in places I didn’t know could ache. Afterwards, I made the somewhat crazy decision to make my “commute” home a little longer…and ended the evening having also covered 8.something miles.

I went to bed feeling sweatastically happy with having touched on so many things I so rarely do [read: strength/core] and still tackled some of my 60-mile goal.

This morning, I woke up feeling not so happy about that.

Those new aches combined with the rain coming down outside meant that an a.m. run was not in the cards for me.

And a p.m. one…may not be either, seeing as how I’m currently signed up for a cycle sesh, but you never know…that lovely sunshine may just lure me out for a nice, long run along the river…

Happy Tuesday kids! Already almost halfway through this week!!

Cutback Week, in All Forms

This was definitely one of the bigger cutback week’s I’ve had during this training cycle. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s probably the first/only cutback week before we go into hardcore cutback (aka, taper time). And I guess that’s a good thing, since I know I’ve been going a little overboard on the mileage lately (58 last week), but that’s also very much due to my going overboard on the chocolate–during Saturday’s 20-miler I wanted glide for the first time in my life! Not cool, Cadbury, not cool.

Cutting back on the miles this week turned out to be not-so-tough. After a long run Saturday and a rainy and randomly fast run on Sunday, my legs had thrown in the towel. On Monday AND Tuesday it was a definite no-go as far as an early-a.m. workout. And while I really wanted to make it to a spin class Monday night, a lunch-time elliptical sesh was all I was up for. Tuesday was very much the same.

After a craaaazy day at work all I wanted in the world was a glass of wine. But I opted for a run up theΒ  Westside Highway instead. It was super sluggish and I’m pretty sure I was cursing all decisions leading up to a May marathon. But after about 2.5 miles I was at Jack Rabbit on 72nd street, meeting up with a bunch of other runners (big thanks to Abby, Baker and Erica for organizing) to friendly fight over free Zensah socks, then hit up Central Park for an all-paces, 4-mile jaunt. Once again, I realized that running with others ALWAYS makes the miles fly by. We covered the middle loop at a much faster pace than I thought my tired legs were capable of, especially after my slow trek to the meeting point. It was loads of fun and I am SO excited about new running friends and my new neon orange calf sleeves :). Thanks to all who made that happen!

I’m excited for another runner meet-up tomorrow morning, when brave Leticia and I finally meet up for our first run together–at 6 a.m.! Here’s to knocking it out before the weekend…and BEFORE work! Yikes!


I’ve been out of town for so many weddings over the last few weeks that having NO travel plans on the calendar for this weekend felt like a treat. Staycation FTW!

And while there were no flights or bus trips booked, I DID travel…to Brooklyn.

After Friday a.m.’s 20 miler flop, I immediately got to work stalking Jocelyn and Carla’s long run plan for Saturday morning. And before I left work for the weekend, I had plans to meet them and some other fun runners at the base of the Brooklyn bridge for a group run.

After a relatively low-key evening of beers and hockey with the JD, I was in bed early on Friday, determined to finally get a good nights sleep. Apparently, a few good brews and a closed bedroom door are all it takes to remedy a restless cat and a sleepless night. I woke up Saturday morning totally pumped for the long run ahead. Unfortunately, I was out of my favorite pre-run breakfast supply of honey stinger waffles, and had to settle for almond butter on toast…turned out, that works fine too.

I met the ladies right at 10:00 on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge with 6 miles under my belt. Our plan was to cover 14 more by going over the bridge and doing some loops in, around and on the Brooklyn Half Marathon course. I’ve NEVER run in Brooklyn before, so it was AWESOME finally getting to experience Prospect Park (minus its one brutal hill…that we hit TWICE) with a good guide—thanks Carla! Now I just need to convince one or all of these girls to book a flight to Buffalo come May 27th. I’m pretty sure the fun conversation would help carry me through 26.2 miles MUCH better than going at it alone…takers??

Afterwards, we all went to Scottadito for an amazing and well-earned lunch. I had the eggs florentine with PESTO hollandaise sauce. PESTO, people. It was top notch! Oh, and I finally got to meet Susan, which was mega fun since she’s probably one of the first NYC/running blogs I ever read!

Somehow, our 10am “run” lasted until after 4pm. I could NOT believe how fast the day flew by, but I wanted to extend the time in the sunshine a little longer (note: I think I’m the only one who finished up 3 hours of running on Saturday with NO sun-tinted skin to show for it. How does that happen) and took the subway from Brooklyn to Wall Street to drag the JD out of the office. My original plan was to persuade him to go for a nice walk…to 16 Handles. But we ended up just walking home instead. I’ll take it πŸ™‚

A quick shower and [yet another] bite to eat later (do I do anything other than run and eat??) and the JD and I were on our way to meet up with the same said runner girls and some other friends on the UWS. We met at a friends apartment for beer, wine and Nuun sharing, as well as runtalk. Most of the guys present hated it. All of us gals loved it. And true story: we may have very well convinced the JD to sign up for his first-ever half marathon (hot dog)! From there, the gang headed out to some bars. I on the other hand…being the sissy that I am…headed home to bed!

I wanted to wake up and get to a free CoreRxN abs class at Jack Rabbit, but even with the early bedtime, was unable to drag myself there. Give me some sneaks and an open running path and I’m down no matter what, but making it to a group class–especially one with an ABs focus takes A LOT more heaving and hoeing on my end.

Instead, the JD and I enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning at home–which hasn’t happened since we moved into the new apartment, so I gladly said goodbye to the coreclass guilt, before we headed out for a rainy day shake out run.

Only it wasn’t so much a short, slow shake out like I planned. The temps had plunged in comparison to the day before and a driving rain only amplified the desire to run fast. The JD kept me company for the first 3 miles or so before heading home, and I [sort of accidentally] added on another 4…the last of which was clocking in at 8:15. Turns out, if I want to go sub-4 on May 27th, alls I need to do is order a downpour from the weather gods (dear weather gods, if you’re reading, don’t take me seriously AT ALL…as I really don’t want to attempt 26.2 in the rain).

Anywho the weekend came to a close with dinner and a movie night (and by movie, I mean getting sucked into a few episodes of Game of Thrones) at the JD’s aunt and uncles apartment. The food was delish, the company was awesome as always and the entertainment choice was…well, interesting. I think I’d rather try the books first πŸ™‚

Hope everyone’s having an awesome Monday! Heopfully we’ll be back to warm spring weather soon!

The [Cat’s] Sixth Sense

Hi and happy Friday friends!

So sorry if you’ve stopped in to get an update on my 20, pre-work miles this morning. Because they didn’t happen. But before you start playing the blame game and thinking thoughts like, “marathonwiner, you are so lazy and so weak. you can’t run 20 miles on a Friday a.m. and therefore probably can’t run 26.2 miles on May 27th!” I CAN EXPLAIN.

The reason I did not reach my PWD (pre-work distance–it’s a real acronym) goal is this:

don't be fooled by that sweet and innocent face. or that seemingly leisure and relaxed attitude....

This little girl, while she looks cute and cuddly and charming…is The Reason that I missed out on my run this morning.

How so?

I’ll tell you.

I decided to go to sleep nice and early last night since the alarm was set for 5:30 a.m.–plenty of time to down some PB, get dressed and get out the door. I made plans to meet up with Leticia half way through my 20 miles so I’d have a little company, laid out my clothes* and hit the sack around 10:30.

*In hindsight, it’s probably better that this run didn’t happen as laundry day hasn’t happened in a LONG time and it’s down to the NITTY GRITTY as far as running gear is concerned. Leticia would have seen me coming from miles away (all that was left was neon green shorts, neon pink compression socks and a bright purple tank) and ran and hid out of fear/embarrassment…

As per usual, I read for a few to get into sleep-mode, and before long was on my way to snooze town.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is when that black monster pictured above perks up her ears, eyes, whiskers or whatever it is that channels her feline sixth sense, and comes bouncing into the bedroom.

11:15. And in my almost-deep sleep, I start dreaming about some sort of calamity. Scratching and swaying. Perhaps it’s a burglar?

It continues.

I’m pulled out of my sleep, and open my eyes to see the little monster standing on top of my jewelry box (on top of my dresser), on her hind legs, swatting at picture frames hanging high on the walls above her.

Why these picture frames and not the ones in the living room? Why on my dresser and not the kitchen table? BECAUSE THOSE WOULDN”T DISTURB MY SLEEP AS MUCH.

In an effort to get her off the dresser and out of the room without getting out of bed myself (and therefore further taking me out of snooze town), I toss a hair tie (her FAVORITE “toy”) out the door and down the hallway. She tears off after it, knocking off everything on the dresser on her way. Once she’s out of the room, I swing the door closed.

Two minutes later. She throws her entire body against it, and comes running in. No hair tie to be seen.

I depart snooze town. Pick her up and OUT of the room, then close the door.

Two minutes later (of course), the JD decides it’s bedtime, and thus, the door is open again.

I toss and turn, unable to get back to that happy place.

Midnight. Little monster is in the kitchen. Not knocking things over or swatting at picture frames for no reason, but laying in the middle of the floor, hair tie under her paws, letting out the most MOURNFUL, pathetic moan of a meow you’ve ever heard (this is a regular occurrence, but anyone hearing it for the first time would probably think she was dying a slow and painful death. Really, she just does this when she wants someone to play fetch with her).

I depart snooze town again. I throw said toy into the living room in an effort to appease her/get her further away from my bedroom door.

It is now 12:30. I know there is no way I will be able to get to sleep in the near future, let alone, wake up in 5 hours, run 20 miles and work a full day of work.

I start stalking Leticia on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, you name it–trying to make sure she gets the message that this run is not happening in a few hours. And by the time I finally feel like I’ve done everything I can to re-tire (is that correct? probably not) myself [read: drink hot chocolate cause the idea of hot milk makes me want to vom, read, play games on the iPad and putz around on the internet finding lots of articles about insomnia, and then more articles on insomnia and obesity…while eating a big spoonful of almond butter at 2 am…awesome], it’s a little after 2 a.m. and I hit the sack.

And finally fall asleep.

And wake up moments before needing to be out the door and at the office (oh yes, I missed that “important” call I had scheduled).

Le sigh.

But it’s all good. SILVER LINING MY FRIENDS. Because about 597657654 other running ladies in this fine city have plans to run long tomorrow. And then eat delicious brunch. And then probably delicious froyo followed by delicious dinner and oh, delicious drinks. Twenty mile run: take two! It’s gonna be awesome πŸ™‚

Know what else is awesome? Unsure of what to do work-out wise today after my long run flop (THANKS A LOT SANTANA. Oh, you didn’t know who I was blaming for that?) I went to the gym and busted out a few–no really, only 4–miles…400s style! I did 4 400m laps (friends, that’s one mile) at a 7:00 pace! And all of the others but the first and last were at 7:30, 8:00 or a wee few at 8:30. It’s nothing wicked fast, but it’s SOMETHING speedy, and that’s all that matters. Big confidence boost on this otherwise floppy Friday.

Have an awesome weekend kids! I certainly plan to!

The Long Distance Debacle

It’s so funny how one run can set the pace (har har) for your entire week.

I’ve known for a while now, that at the end of this week, I’d need to knock out a 20-miler. My first thought was “hooray! No weddings! No traveling! I can run long on Saturday like a normal person!” (normal being a relative term, and applying to persons IN the running community who think that waking up at 7 am is a standard way to greet the weekend).

Then I remembered that I had signed up for my fearful Surfing lesson…to take place at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon. Thought process then became: 20 milers prior to an activity you’re already afraid of falling/failing at=NOT the greatest idea. (Why not Sunday, you may be asking?? Because I also booked that right up. An a.m. “abs” class—I’m already laughing at myself just thinking about it–followed by a bike ride with the JD.Β  Which says will be canceled. Blurg)

So I thought, okay. I have conquered up to 17 miles prior to starting the workday once before…what’s a few more miles thrown on? And so I began planning my workouts for the week backwards from Friday…a few short runs sandwiching a “longer” midweek one (well, the sandwich isn’t fully complete since I haven’t done anything yet today, but I DID successfully get my sweat on every other morning this week BEFORE work) and an awesome cross-training day. I missed spinning so much that I hated it for a good 40 minutes yesterday. Then loved it all over again. You know what I mean…or maybe I’m just crazy.

Only I accidentally scheduled a potentially important phone call for tomorrow morning, not to mention, have a meeting the second the office opens [read: can’t really be late]. And now it’s 5:00 on Thursday afternoon and I have NO IDEA when I’m going to do my long run on this nice, “relaxed,” weekend at home.

Somehow, running was easier the last three weeks when I was scooting off to an out-of-town wedding every Friday or Saturday. How does that work?!

And now I’m asking for input on this far too late in the day to actually GET ANY. But if you’re still at the office right now or maybe even on your commute home with your google reader pulled up, and happen to be really bored and happen to be reading this…please vote! 20 miles at a painfully early hour tomorrow morning in what’s supposed to be gorgeous weather, Saturday morning before an afternoon of surfing on legs that will at that point be jello, or I guess (though I hate putting it off for so long) Sunday–when there’s a strong chance of not-fun-running-weather?



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