There is NEVER a dull moment in NYC. I am constantly on the lookout for something new, something fun and something very New York.


First up, Governor’s Island. Great biking paths, summer concerts and Water Taxi Beach!

Palm trees and sand with a Manhattan skyline? Yes please!

Tip: Go on a Friday for FreeBikeFridays, there are paths all over the island but if you stay on the outer loop you get a nice breeze from the water and great scenic views!

Biking buddies cheesin it up!

I’ve been to many a zoo in my day (including the famed San Diego zoo). And I’m not going to lie…the Bronx may hit the Top 5…if not Top 3.

Bronx Zoo Tiger

yes. this guy is a subway ride away.

RESTAURANTS THAT I’D GO BACK TO (and you should too!)

(aged.) : great wine, good ambiance

GyuKaku: fun for a date or a group, but get ready to roll up your sleeves and cook your own dishes

Sura: BEST pad thai, awesome happy hour deals, service with a smile 🙂

Antica Venezia: kind of in the middle of nowhere (if that’s possible in NY), but worth traveling toward the westernmost tip of the island village.




The best froyo you will EVER have in your life (or atleast in Manhattan because I know Sweet Frog in Richmond gives it a run for its money) is 16 Handles. If you’ve yet to experience it, just stop what you’re doing and go. Now.

16 Handles

all you can pick/eat froyo and TOPPINGS. huzzah!


I don’t have any photos. But close your eyes an picture warm waffles topped with some magical sugary concoction, hot fudge, and fruit. And then know it can be found, on any given day in Manhattan, at Wafels and Dinges: Amazing stuff, I tell you.


As I mentioned, I finally made it to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Discovery Center in Times Square. It was lots of fun, but if you’ve ever been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios (which I, very fortunately HAVE), I don’t think its worth another $25 to go here. But I had good company, and therefore a jolly good time anyway!


Hey kids, I'll miss you.

We did normal HarryPotterish things, like play Quidditch:


I got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one!

Chill with Buckbeak:


Me and Buckbeak. Whatup.

And tinker around with the Dark Arts:

No it’s true. They are! So are Dementors and wickedy little house elves:

I had tried to take a photo of Dobby instead, but a security guard yelled at me.


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