Whine whine whine

Warning: I’m a hot whiny mess people.

I told you yesterday all about my taper time slump.

It hasn’t gotten much better, except for the fact that I’ve managed to cover the mileage required by my coach, ol’ Hal.

I accidentally turned a 5-mile running tour into a 12 mile run this morning. Don’t worry-client didn’t sue, as their run was only accidentally extended by about .6 miles. Whereas mine (you know, the 4 miles suggested by Mr. Higdon and anyone else with a brain who knows anything at all about tapering), was accidentally extended by about 8 miles. Sidenote: while I know (as per usual) this was a stupid, silly accident, it did feel good to be out running on a beautiful morning. And I enjoyed it, unlike the other few miles I’ve covered this week. I really enjoyed being outside and moving…definitely a good sign a week out from a marathon…

Yesterday I managed to squeeze in a 4-mile run before an evening work event, and this after finally letting my legs get the therapy they deserve via spin class yesterday morning. Look at me! I’m working out. Excellent!

Only not.

I still cannot get a grip on my eating habits.

No people, don’t reach for your phones and start recommending me to doctors and rehab groups. I’m normally 100% happy with my eating habits, weight and overall lifestyle. But for whatever reason, during this stupid taper, I am the OPPOSITE of normal marathonwiner. And normal marathonwiner usually gets the taper crazies, but more in the “I want to run all the time but let me have a healthy snack before and after and it’s all good” sort of way. Current marathonwiner has ZERO desire to run and MUST follow EVERY meal, snack, sip of water with dessert. I’m not kidding. If you look for chocolate in my apartment right now you won’t find it, because I ate it all.

It’s making my non-running, whiny self feel even more sluggish and sad. And it’s not cool.

I’ve got a wedding this weekend that I’m really looking forward to. I want to have a great time. And I want to FEEL great.

I also want to feel confident going into next week.

Why’s that you ask?

Oh, because next week is Race Week.

I need to get my act together. And fast.

I want whole foods, healthy foods. And only in the amount that I need to fuel and quench my hunger. Not an entire bag of processed Pirates Booty because its “only XX calories” per serving and there’s “only XX servings per bag” and well, Boy Meets World does have double headers on right when I go home for my lunch break so I need something to do while I watch…that is not the right way to prepare for 26.2 miles. Not the right way at all.

Okay. Whinefest over.

Can’t wait to get through a long day of traveling tomorrow to be with my fam for what is sure to be an amazing wedding weekend 🙂

Have a good Thursday, kiddos!


2 Responses to “Whine whine whine”

  1. 1 Laura May 17, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    You are at least proceeding in a healthier manner than I usually do. Mine goes like this:
    1. Eat cookies.
    2. Go out and drink beer. Have fries with it as my “dinner”.
    3. Contract alcohol-induced-amnesia and forget that I was trying to be healthy and order pizza late night.
    4. Wake up early and feel terrible.
    5. Run 20 miles to feel better, despite the fact that I was trying to rest up.

    On the bright side? My best marathons have been the ones where I was totally unprepared.


  2. 2 jessicawillett127 May 18, 2012 at 8:26 am

    OMG this is too funny! Isn’t it amazing how a lot of sugar can really make you feel so sluggish? Regardless, you will rock it!

    Have fun at this weekend’s wedding!

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