60 Mile Slump

Happy Wednesday friends!

Here’s a quick disclaimer: the slump above refers ONLY physically to this marathonwiner. Emotionally and mentally, I am PUMPED beyond pumped that last week I managed to bang out my first (and likely last) ever 60 mile week.

But as always after a blogging lull, let’s back up a bit…

Tuesday morning I had plans to tackle my 22 mile run and then settle nicely into taper time–a point in training that I usually struggle a lot with. I am totally that person who goes bat-shit crazy wanting to run more and knowing I shouldn’t and eating more (and not necessarily better), fully knowing, I shouldn’t. So as I approached this taper, I swore to myself I’d be better. I’d run less (strictly following good ol’ Hal’s intermediate taper schedule), eat better and overall take good care of myself.


Truth be told, I knew at least the mileage part of that personal promise was a big fat lie. I was (as it turned out, uselessly) hoping the rest would not be.

By the end of Tuesday I had about 30 miles under my belt (22 of which, my Garmin later told me, were ran at about a 9:15 pace…I’ll take it!), and knew if there was every a week that 60 miles could happen, this was it. So I nudged my print out of Hal’s plan (scribbled on, crumpled and all sorts of a hot mess) under a pile of papers on my desk, and set out to hit 60.

It was tricky for sure, as my legs were aching when I woke up Wednesday morning (no small surprise considering how very bad I’ve been about stretching and whatnot). But after spending a full day surrounded by influential and fitfluential friends at Fitness Magazine’s Meet and Tweet (there are millions of great recaps out there, and since mine is a week late, I’ll point you to those), I found some motivation to get moving. After an amazing day filled with finally meeting the faces behind all of my favorite blogs, jotting down some health and fitness pointers and lugging home an amazing amount of swag, I laced up. I ran a nice, slow 6 mile recovery jog from my apartment down to the JD’s office. From there, the two of us walked two miles in some glorious NY weather to a great falafel dinner, and then headed home before the rains came. It was an awesome day, and I was up to 37 miles for the week. On Wednesday.

With a slew of company coming in for the weekend, the JD and I got creative with our workouts on Thursday morning–sharing laundry duties while squeezing in various mixes of runs, Wii fit workouts and cross-training trips to the gym. It was pretty impressive if I do say so myself, and with our hectic schedules, may become the norm when it comes to cleaning clothes. After work on Thursday, still riding a high from the Fitblogger event, I jogged down the river again to meet up with some runner friends for more running talk, this time with a side of booze rather than Fitblogger’s delicious farro and light lemonade. For those of you who haven’t tried farro (last week was my first time) it is so yummy–especially when paired with grilled peaches!

After an awesome happy hour or two with runner friends, I was heading home to meet my first guest of the weekend. The very same lady who will be hosting me in Buffalo in just a week and a half for the big race (zomg. whoa that’s close)! We had a late dinner, and extended happy hour even further…thus marking the first strike in my wanting to eat well and be well during taper. But, tired as I was, I woke up to a gorgeous morning on Friday, ready to run Central Park. My legs wore sore and tired, but I managed to get int about 7.5 miles.

Saturday was a long-awaited rest day, and resting included an amazing lunch with all my friends, as well as my cousin and his gf, before sitting down for 2.5 hours for a matinée showing of Newsies on Broadway 🙂

I grew up watching Christian Bale and other cute boys in caps sing and dance their hearts out on “the streets of New York” (in fact, this may have been one of the first “OMGIneedtoLIVEthere” seeds planted in my head), so it was awesome to see it all again on stage. Afterwards, it was another gorgeous day, so we took a nice long stroll along the river before gearing up for yet another meal…ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t been to Vnyl and tried the Elvis’ Revenge sandwich, stop whatever you are doing RIGHT THIS SECOND and go get one. Now. 9th ave. Move it.

And now that I’ve stopped drooling…moving on.

Sunday a.m. I had scheduled a NYC Running tour at a far too early hour (what’s new?) and while I left my visitors in the care of the JD down in the West Village at a pretty reasonable hour Saturday night, I still didn’t manage enough sleep. I was really worried that I wouldn’t make it through the planned 6 mile tour de Central Park, much less the miles I wanted to tack on to bring me up to 60.

But, once again, Mother Nature came through in the clutch, and tired as I was, once outdoors there was nothing I wanted to do BUT run. I picked up my client in Brooklyn and we took the subway up to Central Park to get started on the tour. The miles were really slow, and we stopped a lot for photos, but it was just what my legs needed–ease!

After another tube ride back to Brooklyn, having deposited my new Australian friend at her hotel, I decided it was do or die for that 60, and ran the rest of the way home. This included my first ever trek over the Queensboro, at least in the Queens-to-Manhattan direction. I had thought people were exaggerating when they told me that way was far more difficult than going from the Big City to Long Island City (as I did a few weeks ago), but no…they weren’t kidding. I was at mile 7 of a 13 mile hike and that long, slow incline was pretty tough. I was hoping this run would boost my confidence for ING NYC, but it only made me even moreee scared. I can’t imagine that climb at mile 15! Eeks!

But, Queensboro behind me, I finished 13 miles feeling strong, and clocking in at just over 60 for the week 🙂 As if that wasn’t enough to keep my spirits lifted, the sun was shining and I had tickets for great seats to the afternoon Yankee game. The boys lost, but all in all, it was an amazing end to an amazing weekend.

Unfortunately, the high from my highest mileage week did not carry me well into this one. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, the fact that my shins could still use about 483092 gallons of icy hot and a weeks worth of compression, or what, but I’ve really been struggling through the second half of this taper. I’ve completely lost my running mojo (it was SO hard to get myself out the door for a measly little taper run yesterday, and today still has YET to happen), and all I want to do is eat and sleep.

On the one hand, I know my body is tired, and these are sure-fire signs that I am READY for taper and ready to rest. But on the other hand, I still have runs on the t0-do list, and whether they are 22 miles or 2 miles, my body just isn’t getting excited about them. This is a totally new feeling for me during taper time, and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I’m really hoping that I can get through today’s 4 miles, tomorrow’s longerish run and Friday’s rest will reset me for the next week. I want to be equally rested but equally ready to take on Buffalo!

Holy crap, that race is coming up SOON!

So sorry for the book! And have a fabulous Wednesday 🙂


– Do you get the taper crazies?

– How do you reign in your appetite during taper?? HELP!



1 Response to “60 Mile Slump”

  1. 1 fionarwbl May 17, 2012 at 2:52 am

    Woah! Holy miles! I’m so impressed with that mileage and how you worked it to make it happen. You’re probably tired this week, but by next week you will be feeling “caged animal” at the start line. That’s a good thing.

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