And NOW We Taper…

Holy moly it’s been a while…sorry guys! I started last week off so excited for Peak Week and riding a high from a painfully awesome workout at Surfset, but things went a little downhill after that. Well, not so much “things” went downhill, just my expected mileage for the week. EveryTHING else was pretty perfect.

To bring you up to speed as quickly as possible…here’s how things shook out:

– I did NOT hit 60 miles like I wanted to.

– I did NOT run a 22-miler like I wanted to.

– I DID have lots of midweek fun, between Surfset, other runs and a nice night out to dinner with the JD and my aunt and uncle.

– I DID have an amazing weekend, catching up with lots of family and friends out on Long Island.

I had planned to tackle the 22-miler and bring myself up to 60ish for the week early Friday morning. But, my mean, sleep-hating cat struck again on Thursday night. At 1am I was still awake, and 100% certain that waking up at 5:00 to try to tackle my longest training run to date was a bad idea.

Instead, I caught a few extra zzz’s and went out for a [well, comparatively] quick 10 miles, then headed to the office for a half day of work. My mom and aunt arrived midafternoon on Friday to have some fun in the city before heading to Long Island first thing Saturday morning. There was a lot of family in town (many of whom don’t necessarily LOOOVE my love of running), so I knew the long one was going to be shelved until the company headed home. Instead, I covered 5 FLAT, fast miles around the island burbs, and was really pleased to have finally brought a bit of speed to an outdoor run!

Sunday I covered 8 miles on foot, but in flip-flops, not sneaks. We walked all over Manhattan, seeing sights at the Central Park Zoo, Hudson River Park, Times Sq and everything in between. The weekend ended with a Sunday night performance of Priscilla Queen of the Desert–a last-minute pick, but definitely an entertaining one (though I’m pretty sure the JD made the right choice for him by staying home to watch the Phillies game).

Okay. Even I can’t take this anymore. I’m just going to stop babbling about my weekend and jump to the good stuff now.


My mom and aunt weren’t leaving until early Monday morning, so I began mentally preparing myself to try to tackle this big kahuna Tuesday morning.

By Monday night, preparation was less in my head and more around my apartment. Because I REFUSED to let a little four-legged creature rob me of another much-needed night of sleep.

So, I set up decoys to try to lure her away from my bedroom and into other parts of the apartment. This included dragging two carry-on suitcases from under the bed and leaving them sprawled out in the middle of the kitchen. The monster LOVES cozying up on top of luggage (do NOT ask me why), so this seemed like one way to try to draw her attention away from sleeping marathonwiner.

She also (at least on nights when I REALLY need to get to sleep early), has a habit of jumping up on my dresser and swatting at every picture frame hanging on my wall (freeeaaak!). So last night, to counter her ridiculousness/insanity, I took down every. one. of said frames, so she’d have nothing to swat at, should she feel so inclined.

Then, as an EXTRA precaution, I took a wee little bit of Nyquil before hitting the hay at the earliest hour possible (I am not addicted to nighttime cough medicine, I actually HAD had a scratchy throat over the weekend people!).


I didn’t open my eyes until my alarm went off at 5:00 this morning, and for the first time in a while, I felt like I had a solid night’s sleep. So solid, that it could in fact power me through a Tuesday morning long run.

I made sure it wasn’t pouring outside (one of my big fears with this week’s forecast), than lathered up a honey stinger with some Almond Butter to have for breakfast. While eating, I re-read my post from my last training cycle’s longest run for some inspiration.

After suiting up and waiting for satellite reception I was on my way up to the park. I did one of my normal routes for the first hour–to the park and twice around the lower loop–before meeting up with a friend at the 72nd street entrance. From there, we headed south again, only this time went all the way around the full outer loop. This was a solid 12 miles of hills and circles, so afterwards we jumped on the bridle path at its Columbus Circle start and followed it up through the extension, around the reservoir back down to the southern portion of the park. I zigzagged my way all the way home until I saw a VERY satisfying 22.2 miles on my Garmin 🙂

I’ve been excited about knocking out this run and starting to taper for WAY too long now, so this was a great start to an overcast Tuesday. What wasn’t so great was having to sit at work for a solid 8 hours afterwards, giving my legs far too much time to cramp up and curse at me. Oh, well. I finished in just under 3.5 hours. At first I was a little disappointed with this time, but I’m pretty sure that after 2.5 weeks of “rest” and the adrenaline that comes with race day, I may very well be able to pull off a sub-4 in Buffalo. And even if I don’t…I know I trained hard through a hectic Spring 🙂

Happy Tuesday to you all, and happy Taper to me!


4 Responses to “And NOW We Taper…”

  1. 1 Lindsey May 9, 2012 at 9:41 am

    YAY congrats on a great 22 mile run – I just finished mine this past weekend! Feels great to have that under my belt. And I am enjoying the taper time as well – maybe a bit too much! It sounds to me like you’ve got a sub 4-hour marathon ahead of you!

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