I ran a….


This past weekend I made a surprise trip to Richmond to run in the ASK 5k/Walk–a great event that raises money to support research and cures for childhood cancers. My sister [NOT the one who ran the 8k with me on Marathon Day, but the other one…who thinks running is about as fun as dipping into a bathtub full of cats with razor-sharp claws] joined her friends team a few months ago and–given my love for running–asked if I wanted to participate. I of course did, but didn’t know if the timing/cost of another flight to Richmond would work out for me.

But given that I love ANY excuse to go home, and that credit cards exist in this world (oops) I signed up shortly after receiving the invite. I joined the team under an alias and started counting down the days til I was home sweet home again.

I had originally really wanted to race the 5k, and use it as my “speedwork” for last week (since we all know how GREAT I’ve been about keeping up with that…), but then a few things happened. 1. I ran 14 miles before work on Friday with Leticia (which was awesome…minus our Law & Order experience on the WSH, bleh!) which meant Saturday should “technically” have been a rest day and/or SLOW, short shake-out run. 2. No one else on our ASK Team was signed up as a “runner”, so I felt bad proceeding with my plan to race, cross the finish line, then circle back and finish the course again with my sister. So at the very last minute, I made the decision to stick with sis. And I’m SO glad I did, because she ran [almost] the ENTIRE thing! And finished her first-ever 5k* in 33 minutes and 16 seconds! Way to go, Corky!

*Note: While very proud of herself for accomplishing this, she also said it would be her last-ever 5k. Definitely didn’t catch the running bug. Oh well, can’t convert them all… đŸ™‚

The weekend went by WAY too fast, but thanks to some forth-coming summer hours, I’ll be able to make it home/see the fam a lot more over the next few months!

I had a painfully early 7:30 a.m. flight out of Richmond yesterday, and got to work JUST in time (luggage still in tow). So yesterday was a long day/rough start to Peak Week!

Yes ladies and gents, while it may feel like just yesterday I made the crazy/somewhat rash decision to run a May marathon, peak week is already upon us! I really, realllllly want to try to make it to 60 miles this week (my highest this training cycle is stuck at an annoying 58), but I just don’t know if my schedule will allow it. As long as I hit 22 on Friday morning though (talk about a shiny new PWD–pre-work distance), I’ll be happy.

While I may have liked for peak week to kick off with a relaxing, enjoyable long run…it didn’t. Due to needing to wake up at 5:45 yesterday just to make my flight on time, an a.m. workout was out of the question. And my evening last night? That was already dedicated to a SurfSet class, that I signed up for weeks ago and could not reschedule.

Let it be known, that aside from spin, I am NOT a group class kinda girl. In fact, they sort of petrify me. So pair a group class with the sport of surfing (something I’ve also always been equally respectful yet SCARED of) and we have my “Why in the Hell Did you Do That to Yourself” night.

But I’m SO glad I did.

While the “beginner” class was HARD (and not JUST because I’ve sucked at strength training for the last 6 months and have zero balance….the instructor said the ONLY reason it was labeled beginner was due to the fact that it touched on a lot of different pieces of a surfboard workout), it was AWESOME. I got a great all-over workout that left me aching in places I didn’t know could ache. Afterwards, I made the somewhat crazy decision to make my “commute” home a little longer…and ended the evening having also covered 8.something miles.

I went to bed feeling sweatastically happy with having touched on so many things I so rarely do [read: strength/core] and still tackled some of my 60-mile goal.

This morning, I woke up feeling not so happy about that.

Those new aches combined with the rain coming down outside meant that an a.m. run was not in the cards for me.

And a p.m. one…may not be either, seeing as how I’m currently signed up for a cycle sesh, but you never know…that lovely sunshine may just lure me out for a nice, long run along the river…

Happy Tuesday kids! Already almost halfway through this week!!


3 Responses to “Surprise!”

  1. 1 Laura May 1, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    So are you going to be on Law and Order in the background??? Did I miss that?

  2. 3 Jocelyn May 3, 2012 at 10:06 am

    That is so great for your sister! And so sweet for you to stay with her!

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