Cutback Week, in All Forms

This was definitely one of the bigger cutback week’s I’ve had during this training cycle. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s probably the first/only cutback week before we go into hardcore cutback (aka, taper time). And I guess that’s a good thing, since I know I’ve been going a little overboard on the mileage lately (58 last week), but that’s also very much due to my going overboard on the chocolate–during Saturday’s 20-miler I wanted glide for the first time in my life! Not cool, Cadbury, not cool.

Cutting back on the miles this week turned out to be not-so-tough. After a long run Saturday and a rainy and randomly fast run on Sunday, my legs had thrown in the towel. On Monday AND Tuesday it was a definite no-go as far as an early-a.m. workout. And while I really wanted to make it to a spin class Monday night, a lunch-time elliptical sesh was all I was up for. Tuesday was very much the same.

After a craaaazy day at work all I wanted in the world was a glass of wine. But I opted for a run up the  Westside Highway instead. It was super sluggish and I’m pretty sure I was cursing all decisions leading up to a May marathon. But after about 2.5 miles I was at Jack Rabbit on 72nd street, meeting up with a bunch of other runners (big thanks to Abby, Baker and Erica for organizing) to friendly fight over free Zensah socks, then hit up Central Park for an all-paces, 4-mile jaunt. Once again, I realized that running with others ALWAYS makes the miles fly by. We covered the middle loop at a much faster pace than I thought my tired legs were capable of, especially after my slow trek to the meeting point. It was loads of fun and I am SO excited about new running friends and my new neon orange calf sleeves :). Thanks to all who made that happen!

I’m excited for another runner meet-up tomorrow morning, when brave Leticia and I finally meet up for our first run together–at 6 a.m.! Here’s to knocking it out before the weekend…and BEFORE work! Yikes!


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