The [Cat’s] Sixth Sense

Hi and happy Friday friends!

So sorry if you’ve stopped in to get an update on my 20, pre-work miles this morning. Because they didn’t happen. But before you start playing the blame game and thinking thoughts like, “marathonwiner, you are so lazy and so weak. you can’t run 20 miles on a Friday a.m. and therefore probably can’t run 26.2 miles on May 27th!” I CAN EXPLAIN.

The reason I did not reach my PWD (pre-work distance–it’s a real acronym) goal is this:

don't be fooled by that sweet and innocent face. or that seemingly leisure and relaxed attitude....

This little girl, while she looks cute and cuddly and charming…is The Reason that I missed out on my run this morning.

How so?

I’ll tell you.

I decided to go to sleep nice and early last night since the alarm was set for 5:30 a.m.–plenty of time to down some PB, get dressed and get out the door. I made plans to meet up with Leticia half way through my 20 miles so I’d have a little company, laid out my clothes* and hit the sack around 10:30.

*In hindsight, it’s probably better that this run didn’t happen as laundry day hasn’t happened in a LONG time and it’s down to the NITTY GRITTY as far as running gear is concerned. Leticia would have seen me coming from miles away (all that was left was neon green shorts, neon pink compression socks and a bright purple tank) and ran and hid out of fear/embarrassment…

As per usual, I read for a few to get into sleep-mode, and before long was on my way to snooze town.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is when that black monster pictured above perks up her ears, eyes, whiskers or whatever it is that channels her feline sixth sense, and comes bouncing into the bedroom.

11:15. And in my almost-deep sleep, I start dreaming about some sort of calamity. Scratching and swaying. Perhaps it’s a burglar?

It continues.

I’m pulled out of my sleep, and open my eyes to see the little monster standing on top of my jewelry box (on top of my dresser), on her hind legs, swatting at picture frames hanging high on the walls above her.

Why these picture frames and not the ones in the living room? Why on my dresser and not the kitchen table? BECAUSE THOSE WOULDN”T DISTURB MY SLEEP AS MUCH.

In an effort to get her off the dresser and out of the room without getting out of bed myself (and therefore further taking me out of snooze town), I toss a hair tie (her FAVORITE “toy”) out the door and down the hallway. She tears off after it, knocking off everything on the dresser on her way. Once she’s out of the room, I swing the door closed.

Two minutes later. She throws her entire body against it, and comes running in. No hair tie to be seen.

I depart snooze town. Pick her up and OUT of the room, then close the door.

Two minutes later (of course), the JD decides it’s bedtime, and thus, the door is open again.

I toss and turn, unable to get back to that happy place.

Midnight. Little monster is in the kitchen. Not knocking things over or swatting at picture frames for no reason, but laying in the middle of the floor, hair tie under her paws, letting out the most MOURNFUL, pathetic moan of a meow you’ve ever heard (this is a regular occurrence, but anyone hearing it for the first time would probably think she was dying a slow and painful death. Really, she just does this when she wants someone to play fetch with her).

I depart snooze town again. I throw said toy into the living room in an effort to appease her/get her further away from my bedroom door.

It is now 12:30. I know there is no way I will be able to get to sleep in the near future, let alone, wake up in 5 hours, run 20 miles and work a full day of work.

I start stalking Leticia on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, you name it–trying to make sure she gets the message that this run is not happening in a few hours. And by the time I finally feel like I’ve done everything I can to re-tire (is that correct? probably not) myself [read: drink hot chocolate cause the idea of hot milk makes me want to vom, read, play games on the iPad and putz around on the internet finding lots of articles about insomnia, and then more articles on insomnia and obesity…while eating a big spoonful of almond butter at 2 am…awesome], it’s a little after 2 a.m. and I hit the sack.

And finally fall asleep.

And wake up moments before needing to be out the door and at the office (oh yes, I missed that “important” call I had scheduled).

Le sigh.

But it’s all good. SILVER LINING MY FRIENDS. Because about 597657654 other running ladies in this fine city have plans to run long tomorrow. And then eat delicious brunch. And then probably delicious froyo followed by delicious dinner and oh, delicious drinks. Twenty mile run: take two! It’s gonna be awesome 🙂

Know what else is awesome? Unsure of what to do work-out wise today after my long run flop (THANKS A LOT SANTANA. Oh, you didn’t know who I was blaming for that?) I went to the gym and busted out a few–no really, only 4–miles…400s style! I did 4 400m laps (friends, that’s one mile) at a 7:00 pace! And all of the others but the first and last were at 7:30, 8:00 or a wee few at 8:30. It’s nothing wicked fast, but it’s SOMETHING speedy, and that’s all that matters. Big confidence boost on this otherwise floppy Friday.

Have an awesome weekend kids! I certainly plan to!


3 Responses to “The [Cat’s] Sixth Sense”

  1. 1 fionarwbl April 20, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    Random but I totally relate to this. Dog walking and attention requirements have undone running plans of mine as well. At least you have social long run plans …

  2. 2 rainingdogsncats April 20, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    Innocent, is not the word I would choose to ever describe satan…i mean santana…..but monster is accurate 🙂

  3. 3 Lindsey April 22, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Oh god – she sounds like my cat Murphy. He decides that night time is the best time to explore new areas of our apartment and throw things off of dresser. They are so sneaky. I am running a spring marathon on May 27th as well – in Vermont. And I probably saw you in the park yesterday running your 20 miler b/c I was out there running mine too! But no FroYo for me after – sadly. Hope your run went well!

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