The Long Distance Debacle

It’s so funny how one run can set the pace (har har) for your entire week.

I’ve known for a while now, that at the end of this week, I’d need to knock out a 20-miler. My first thought was “hooray! No weddings! No traveling! I can run long on Saturday like a normal person!” (normal being a relative term, and applying to persons IN the running community who think that waking up at 7 am is a standard way to greet the weekend).

Then I remembered that I had signed up for my fearful Surfing lesson…to take place at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon. Thought process then became: 20 milers prior to an activity you’re already afraid of falling/failing at=NOT the greatest idea. (Why not Sunday, you may be asking?? Because I also booked that right up. An a.m. “abs” class—I’m already laughing at myself just thinking about it–followed by a bike ride with the JD.  Which says will be canceled. Blurg)

So I thought, okay. I have conquered up to 17 miles prior to starting the workday once before…what’s a few more miles thrown on? And so I began planning my workouts for the week backwards from Friday…a few short runs sandwiching a “longer” midweek one (well, the sandwich isn’t fully complete since I haven’t done anything yet today, but I DID successfully get my sweat on every other morning this week BEFORE work) and an awesome cross-training day. I missed spinning so much that I hated it for a good 40 minutes yesterday. Then loved it all over again. You know what I mean…or maybe I’m just crazy.

Only I accidentally scheduled a potentially important phone call for tomorrow morning, not to mention, have a meeting the second the office opens [read: can’t really be late]. And now it’s 5:00 on Thursday afternoon and I have NO IDEA when I’m going to do my long run on this nice, “relaxed,” weekend at home.

Somehow, running was easier the last three weeks when I was scooting off to an out-of-town wedding every Friday or Saturday. How does that work?!

And now I’m asking for input on this far too late in the day to actually GET ANY. But if you’re still at the office right now or maybe even on your commute home with your google reader pulled up, and happen to be really bored and happen to be reading this…please vote! 20 miles at a painfully early hour tomorrow morning in what’s supposed to be gorgeous weather, Saturday morning before an afternoon of surfing on legs that will at that point be jello, or I guess (though I hate putting it off for so long) Sunday–when there’s a strong chance of not-fun-running-weather?




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