I Love All Things Marathoning! Except For Those Things I Don’t Love…

As you’ve heard me mention about 48932043 times, I absolutely LOVE marathon training. In fact, because I missed the schedule and organization and build up of marathon training so much, I signed up for the Buffalo Marathon in May, rather than waiting until NYC to conquer my next 26.2. I knew I’d be antsy through the summer months, waiting for July and the start of my training program to roll around. In fact, in March I already WAS antsy, and randomly challenging myself to 18 and 20 mile runs on the weekends. So it made sense to be running those long miles for something. Enter, the Buffalo Marathon.

But as much as I love the set schedule and discipline required to follow it, I have one giant problem with training. Or maybe its with this marathonwining lifestyle as a whole, as this was a problem in the downtime between Richmond and this training cycle as well. The ravenous HUNGER that comes with those long miles.

I. am. always. hungry.


And ALWAYS thinking about food.

Even as I’m unbuttoning the jeans from a meal that left me uncomfortably full (likely because I cleaned my plate AND the JDs), I’m thinking about my NEXT meal, and all the snacks in between.

Fellow runners: do you have this issue? And how do you combat it? I know what foods are healthy and what portions are healthy, but that does NOT stop me from diving right into a jar of peanut butter and single-handedly emptying a large bag of Cadbury eggs (in my defense, the idea there was: the faster I get rid of them the sooner they won’t be a problem!)…

Another issue I’ve been facing as of late is getting back into the yoga/strength training groove.

I. Do. Not. Like. Yoga.

This is a fact of life that I have learned to accept, but I know that doesn’t count as an excuse not to force myself to do it…especially at the peak of a training cycle when the old legs could use a good stretch. Last time around I did a “decent” job of going…and by decent I mean I bought a 10-class package and used about 3 classes before it expired. But that’s still 3 classes more than I’ve attended this time around. In fact, I’ve almost completely said sayonara to the quick and simple post-run stretches I used to do by force of habit. Tell me how to fix this. Ready…go!

I. Can’t. Stop.

When I’m not eating (which is almost always), and not sleeping, I almost always want to be running. Is that normal? If I’ve gone for a run in the morning, then make it out in the afternoon or evening and its a gorgeous day, all I want to do is run (and/or find the nearest bar with outdoor seating and a good HH deal on wine…)!

I don’t have any spare time to actually run, but I’d like to think that if I DID have spare time, I’d rather spend SOME of it doing useful things like unpacking my bag from this weekends wedding, doing laundry from the last three weekends of weddings, going to yoga, eating less and applying to jobs and/or grad school and finally figuring out what to do with my life…other than, you know, run and ask people to run and take people on running tours and look for jobs that involved running…

I’m a marathon mental case.

Happy Tuesday!


1 Response to “I Love All Things Marathoning! Except For Those Things I Don’t Love…”

  1. 1 Steph April 17, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    I love this post! You are crazy, but seriously sometimes I wish I were like that! Eating and running are 2 of my favorite things and it’s hard not to have one without the other.

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