Sick Day. Bleh.

After trying to make it to work and workouts all week despite not having a voice and carrying around a nasty cough, I’ve finally thrown in the towel and called in sick to work today.

I’ve spent the morning drinking Dayquil like it’s OJ, attempting to answer work emails and stalking Twitter. This has resulted in both good things and bad things. Good- I think I’m about 4383 times closer to convincing the JD to sign up for a half marathon (the fact that it’s in VEGAS, and in far-off December, months after I am a CERTIFIED run coach, certainly don’t hurt). Bad- 1) First email I woke up to today was from Active Schwaggle, advertising 50% off registration fees for the Buffalo Marathon. Two weeks too late. Grrr.  2) I realized, while reading other race recaps and the like on blogs all morning that I do not have a race on the April calendar. And then I remembered that in January, I “vowed” to race once a month. Oops. Since I’m already feeling bleh, I figured now is as good a time as any, to see how I’m doing on the rest of those “resolutions” I made a few months ago…

1. Take better care of myself. This obviously can cover a very wide range of daily habits and longterm behavior, but in my marathonwining world, it basically encompasses these key things:

-Take rest days if my body is telling me they are necessary (i.e., if my foot screams out in pain every step I take, a rest day is necessary. I really should NOT push through a run just to get a few more miles on the books). Inadvertant success. Thank you, wedding season.

– Not overindulge (specifically, on sweets and vino. Yes, I posted a rebellious post on the joys over overindulgence and why they are okay, but I shouldn’t need to try THAT HARD to cut alcohol out of my system in the weeks leading up to a big race. It shouldn’t be such a vital part of my diet to begin with). Meh, this is a half win, half fail. I gave up sweets for Lent, so that took care of a good 40 days or so of OD’ing on sweets, and even moreso, on PB. But thanks to Easter and (again) wedding season, the balance is still, well, off balance. 

– Fix my stupid horrible posture. Sitting up straight, how hard can that be? Oh, you’d be surprised. I just straightened up while reading this. Does that count? Maybe if I put a post-it note in front of my face that says this…

– Learn NOT to suck at anything core-related. I want to be able to bang out 500 sit-ups and hold a plank for more than 5 seconds without cringing in pain. While watching the Biggest Loser last night I finally attempted to plank for the first time in months. It lasted an embarrassingly short time, but hey, I still have 8 more months…baby steps, my friends. Baby steps. 

2. Race once a month/run somewhere new once a month. This one gets the “/” because I’m hoping these goals can be combined in the direction of “race once a month somewhere new,” but I know my schedule/bank account may not always allow that to happen. Already, I was scouring the running websites for a decent race I could sign up for in January, preferably one that is not somewhere I’ve already been to and/or run in. I looked in Megabus, Boltbus, Amtrak and Metro North-friendly cities and could not really find much. So I’m doing the NYRR 10k this Saturday, just in case. If anyone knows of any other runs on the horizon in a reasonably nearby place [read: reachable from NYC by cheap/quick public transportation], please let me know. This also goes for Feb, March, and so on and so on. I think I failed in February because I registered for a run the same morning we were supposed to move out of our apartment. And that was on the last weekend of February, so I sort of blew my chances at rescuing that. I think I’m  doing okay otherwise though…#weshallsee.

3. Set a new PR. I’m not going into many specifics on this, because I don’t want to set myself up for a big fat fail. But I’d be happy in PR-ing any distance this year–5k, 10k, half marathon and (gulp, dare I say it?) the marathon. I’m pretty sure the latter won’t be happening as I shocked the hell out of myself with my first marathon time, and this years will be a much harder course, but pigs can fly, right? I have hardly run any races and those that I have run have not been fast. Again, it’s early. 

4. Do the flying pig half marathon (or full?) or at least DECIDE on which of my next “dream” half marathons/marathons will be up next in the queue. I’m dying to do the Flying Pig, ANY race in Disney World, ANY race in Hawaii, and newly added to the list, the Olathe Kansas Marathon, thanks solely to its awesome website: I’d also like to combine this goal, with my goal of traveling more to new places. Again, money is always a debilitating factor, but if I could make goals 2 and 3 work in conjunction with my age-old dream to visit places like Oregon, Montana, Hawaii and Australia, then its worth the money, right? It’s no Hawaii, but Buffalo is a place that I have not visited before! And I made a decision as far as my next marathon. I’m also trying desperately to convince Squiggs to sign up for Disney 2013 with me…so I’ll count this as a success. 

5. Figure out what the hell I want to do with my career/life. This could be about 9348042 posts on its own, so I won’t go into the details right now. But the bottom line is I’ve been a sissy for the last five years, specifically the last 5 months, and I need to just bite the bullet and make some major decisions. Biggest fail yet. Still have no idea. But I typed in the words “GRE” into Google the other day. Baby steps again??

And there you have it folks, the reason I tend not to make resolutions, because clearly I’m not good at keeping them. Or at least keeping them in full.

Now it’s back to the couch and by bottle of Dayquil.

Keep it classy this hump day.


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