In Denial

Today is the second day in a row that even though I CHECKED the weather, my brain somehow tricked me into believing that was wrong and I was, in fact, still in a place with sunshine and temps in the 80s.

Oh, you were wondering where I’ve been the last week?

HERE. Or somewhere similar to it, in some capacity, from last Thursday until late Tuesday.

Sorry New York, I do love you. But I could totally be okay with moving to Florida.

I spent Thursday-Saturday toasting one of my very best friends and her fiance (now HUSBAND) as they welcomed their friends and family into town for an epic wedding weekend. Things kicked off with a backyard bbq at their home in Ft. Lauderdale–an event that had me drooling for summertime, corn hole and a grill. On Friday, us bridesmaids were up and at em bright and early to go get mani’s and pedi’s (while the groomsmen slept in til about noon then headed to the beach for some afternoon volleyball…sometimes, I wish I were a guy), partake in a delicious bridal lunch and get gussied before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. With the fun crowd we were with, you’d have thought the rehearsal dinner was the reception–massive amounts of food and booze were consumed, a great many guests took to the stage and showed off their secret musical talents, and I was convinced no one would have any dance left in them for the DJ on Saturday night. But we were hanging with some true wedding-going pros, and Saturday. was. awesome.

We again had to get up with the sun (me especially as I took the first hair appointment of the day) to start dolling ourselves up, and doll it up we did! Between the gel manicures from the day before, the intricate up-dos, AIR BRUSHING, and [hold on to your seats] some fun fake eyelashes, I have NEVER been so girlified in my life. AND I ENJOYED IT. Sadly, underneath all of the sprayed on make-up and eyelash glue, I think I sort of started to forget that I was Katie, Marathonwiner who prefers sneakers to shiny heals and water and Cliff Bars to champagne and cookies. Oops.

Anywho, the wedding day turned out to be a gorgeous one. The weather gave us a little scare but ended up over compensating with a beautiful breezy, sunlit afternoon–perfect for the outdoor ceremony in a waterside park, and just as good for the reception on a yacht up and down the cities waterways. Have I mentioned I love Ft. Lauderdale? I did manage to get some sort of a sweat on in my time in Fort Lauderdale, between all of the dancing Friday and Saturday night, but that’s about it. Oh well. After unloading from the boat, we headed back to the family-of-the-grooms hotel suite for a little post-reception party and then called it a night.

On Sunday, as my two lovebird friends got ready to board their flight to St. Lucia, the JD and I, with another good friend of ours packed up the rental car for a little roadtrip to Key West.

After visiting this little Tommy Bahama heaven last January, I knew that this road trip needed to happen.

Though I must say, driving the entire way down route 1 to mile 0 was not nearlyyyy as cool as running it.

And when we passed this sign I started to feel extra guilty about my weekend of wedding splurging and my forthcoming couple of days of Key West splurging…

some sort of sign I'm sure...

Driving down that gorgeous highway and reminiscing (to the annoyance of my car mates, I’m sure) about Ragnar every other mile marker got me itching for a run, so the second we dropped our bags off at the hotel, I was in running shorts and sneaks and out the door.

I managed to get in a good 6 miles or so, but they were pretty painful. Between the gluttony of the weekend and jumping out for a run in 80 degree weather with ZERO acclimation, I was dog tired and sweating like you wouldn’t believe after just an hour of pavement pounding. So I did what any smart runner would do…and met the JD and our friend at one of 843920 outdoor bars, pounded a glass of water and then took a refreshing sip of Corona while watching the sunset.

And that’s basically how the rest of my time in Key West went–just add on one more slow run Monday morning, a trip to the beach and a snorkeling trip. It was a blissful couple of days spent in the sun with seafood and booze popping up every 10 steps or so.

Needless to say, it’s been tough re-acclimating my body out of Key West mode and into NYC/working mode. Yesterday I managed to knock out a little over 9 miles down the Hudson River Park, and while the weather was ALMOST as nice as it was down in Florida,  my body was still revolting against the switch from the weekend’s behavior. At least 4.5 of those miles were very, very difficult. Hopefully today’s shorter jog will be a little easier, because I need these legs to try and get me through another long run tomorrow morning, before yet another wedding out of town this weekend. Oh vey. Happy Wedding season!


2 Responses to “In Denial”

  1. 1 Laura April 5, 2012 at 10:44 am

    You are no longer allowed to complain about wedding season. I AM JEALOUS.

  1. 1 Big News Comes in Twos? « Marathon Winer Trackback on April 10, 2012 at 12:28 pm

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