Mini Vacay, Here I Come!

Happy Thursday kids! It’s a very happy one here in marathonwiner world, because in about 30 minutes I start my trek to La Guardia to board a southbound plane (should probably figure out how I’m getting to the airport…). Southbound to sunny Florida, where one of my best friends is getting hitched to her best friend. I am SO excited for this wedding on so many levels. These two lovebirds are a match made in heaven (that’s not lip service, anyone who knows them knows it’s true), the bridal party whom I finally met all of a few weeks ago during the Bachelorette extraordinaire is an insanely fun and awesome bunch of gals, and I get to pal around with the JD and an old friend in 80 degree weather in Fort Lauderdale (and later, the Florida Keys!) for a long weekend 🙂

In order to fully enjoy this trip to the max, I made sure to get my long run for the weekend out of the way early…aka, early this morning. I was up before the sun heading down Hudson River Park. I had originally planned to meet up with the old RB in Central Park for a little catch up time, but insomnia insisted she push the snooze button this morning (if anyone can relate to that, it’s me!), which probably worked out better for me in the long run (I’m so PUNNY) anyway. Had I met up with her for a 4-miler in CP, I likely would have stayed there to finish up my long run, and my legs then would have revolted against me and I’d be screwed on the dance floor* come Saturday.

*I feel the slightly wicked need to let you know that said dance floor will be on a yacht. Yes, the reception for this wedding is on a YACHT. Hello, good times!

So with the wind in my face, I made my way back over to the lovely, FLAT Hudson River Park running path. I roped my way down the southern tip of the island (where I saw a surprising number of people up doing sun salutations and interesting stretches that I probably should have joined in on), back up the east side and across the park at the 72nd transverse. My Garmin read 14.6 at the end, MapMyRun declared a 15.15 mile run, so I’m going to call this mornings jaunt a 15-miler. It was a beautiful morning to be out there (much better than yesterdays lunchtime run in the rain) and I even snapped a photo of Lady Liberty sparkling in the sun rise, but I’m too crunched for time to post it. And let’s be serious…with my Zach Morris phone, you probably wouldn’t have been able to see her anyway.

The only downside to today’s miles were the 3/4 or more of them spent cursing shin splints–a problem I know all too well, that usually comes when I need a new pair of kicks. But at the moment, I’m far too broke (read: saving my money for #weddingseason) to splurge on a new pair. So I’ve got those tricky Brooks that I’m convinced gave me my mid-December running injury  packed for this weekend, because as finicky as they are, they have the least amount of miles logged on them. I’m hoping since I’m taking them to sunny Florida they will keep their cool and take care of my feet/ankles until I’m able to drop some cash on a new pair of Asics…the real love of my life.

Have a happy Thursday, and an even happier weekend 🙂


3 Responses to “Mini Vacay, Here I Come!”

  1. 1 sweatpassionandtears March 29, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    So jealous of your vacation!!!

    Next time you’re looping onto the East side let me know :-)…did you just run up 1st ave after 34th st?

  2. 2 Laura March 29, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Happy wedding season, and safe travels!

  1. 1 In Denial « Marathon Winer Trackback on April 5, 2012 at 10:38 am

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