Lunch “Hour” Sweat: Take Two

Ok, ok. The jig is up. Yesterday, when I sent out this tweet to the twitterverse:

sooo hypothetical

…I already had a spray tan session booked. WHO CAN BLAME ME?! Winter decided it wasn’t done with New York this week, and I am supposed to be wearing an aqua blue bridesmaid dress on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale in a mere three days. Not to mention…the bride to be has the most gorgeous, year-round [yes, she lives in Florida, but it was the same case when she lived in Virginia] olive skin you’ve ever seen. I did NOT want to be the bridesmaid that ruined all of her wedding photos with a camera flash/glare issue, so I skipped the oh-s0-bad for you tanning bed and was a total girl at the salon. Turns out, spray tan was not NEARLY as scary as I thought it would be. There are only two downsides:

1. The Unknown. This was my first one ever (and maybe forever?) and I have no idea how long it will stick. Aka, I have no idea if come Saturday pretty new tan (it’s not orange, it actually looks light and REAL) will have faded in awkward blotches making me look a little like MJ circa 1998…

2. The Sweat Interference. I was a little concerned at the lack of rules that went along with this process. I was expecting the nice Russian girl (her accent was SO cool) to yell at me to wear a loose-fitting paper/plastic bag for the next three days, not shower, and cover myself in hairspray twice daily to help the tan stick (clearly, I was not a science major). Instead, she just told me not to sweat before I let a good 12 hours go by, AFTER a shower. This basically screwed up any chance to get a morning run in. Or a morning any-sorta-sweat in. Grr.

So instead I came up with a plan of attack to try my second ever lunchtime workout, but for the first time ever, via a run along the river.

Of course, knowing me and my running/weather watching failures of late, the second I headed out of the office door it started to rain. And it continued for all 5.8 miles of my run (oops. meant to stick to 4). I ended back at the apartment–omgIlovelivingsoclosetowork–for a quick rinse and change of clothes, and by the time I was out the door heading back to my desk, the sun of course popped out. Oh well.

Tomorrow my plan is to try to get my long run in in the a.m., before a weekend of wedding festivities in Florida kicks off. Some of those miles are planned with my old RB (you know, from foreverrr ago, the one who moved to Brooklyn)! I’m excited to catch up with her, and I am STOKED to get down to sunny Florida for a nice long weekend.

Happy hump day kids! Make it a good one!


2 Responses to “Lunch “Hour” Sweat: Take Two”

  1. 1 Celia March 28, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    You can go home during your lunch runs! Jealous…

    At least the rain didn’t wash the spray tan off! I don’t really get how spray tans work. How does it stay on??

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