NY: The New Windy City?

Holy moly it is windy out there today. And I think they strength of those gusts gets more serious as the day goes on because I’m fairly certain it was not so crazy out there when I trekked back and forth to the gym this morning OR on the commute to work.

*Side note re: the title of this post? I found out while reading Devil in the White City that Chi-town did NOT actually get its nickname from the heavy breeze off of the Great Lakes but rather, from a bunch of New Yorkers who retorted to Chicago’s politicians bragging that after the World’s Fair it’d be the greatest metropolitan city in the world or some hoopla. The Big Apple said they were a bunch of windbags. I’m not saying I agree (fact: I fell in love with the Windy City back in August), but think it’s pretty funny regardless.

Any who. All thoughts of attempting a post-work run tonight have been swept away, but I am still considering a return to the gym to do some way overdue strength training.

Remember how I wanted to run 20 miles on Friday and didn’t? Well I ran them Saturday morning instead! Huzzah!

I [perhaps not-so-smartly] agreed to do a running tour on Saturday morning in Central Park. Nice pace, nice route, nice day for a run…at the not-so-nice hour of 5:30 a.m. So by the time we finished up it was only about 6:30/7 and you know me–Queen of the Insomniacs–so there was no way I was heading back to bed afterwards. I figured that if I was awake and the rest of the world was asleep, there was no reason not to try to tack on a few more miles. And by a few more miles…I mean 15. I headed back to the park for a full loop, then exited at the southern end and ran up along the west side to my old neighborhood. From there I crossed over to Riverside Park and followed the Hudson back down to midtown. I ended at almost exactly 20 miles, in Times Square where I met the JD for a $2 treat from Jamba Juice (first visit. yum!). It was just what I needed after a long and sweaty run.

While I did have a small break after the first 5 miles of the run, this 20 miler went really well, and was a huge confidence booster. They only downside (if you can even call it that) to it was the early start, because I knew I’d need a lot of coffee to stay awake through the evening for our housewarming party. And somehow, I did. And the housewarming was a smashing (albeit, bit crowded) event! There was such a great mix of family and friends from far and near, so big thanks to all who came 🙂 And big thanks for the many lovely flowers and bottles of wine (you all know me so well) that are now floating around our new digs.

A second downside of Saturday’s 20 miler appeared yesterday though, when I realized that my back was a little achy, likely from having randomly subjected it to 3+ hours of pavement pounding. I credit this to the fact that I don’t think I’ve spent any quality time in the weight room since…oh…October? Not cool, Katie. Not cool.

So new plan of attack as far as marathonwiner’s workouts go: incorporating strength training back into the routine. No excuses.

Hope everyone’s have a lovely day on this blustering Monday!


5 Responses to “NY: The New Windy City?”

  1. 1 lschwecherl March 26, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    twenty miles?!! please tell me you’re training for something! you’re amazing.

  2. 2 Sassy March 26, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    no, just crazy!!!!

  3. 3 Jocelyn March 27, 2012 at 11:52 am

    YOU ARE BALLER. I can’t even believe you did that! Congratulations!

    ALSO, sign up for a marathon already!

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