Firsts and Flops

Hi friends, and happy Friday! It started out as a not-so-happy one for me–and from a very early hour. I went to bed around 10:30 last night (already far later than I had planned to), fully anticipating getting a decent night’s sleep before my alarm went off at 5:15. Why, you may ask? Because I had high hopes of attempting a 20-mile run before work this morning. I’m not currently training for anything, but between the 18 miler I did a few weeks ago, and the race this past weekend, I wanted to know if I was capable of jumping into training for something anytime soon.

Unfortunately, my insomnia, cat and a number of other factors had something else in mind.

I was still pretty wide awake at 11:30. And at midnight. And right around 12:30 when I started to doze, my cat thought it’d be a great idea to start jumping on my pillowcase and attacking my elbow for now reason.

Eventually, she gave it a rest, and by 1:30 SHE was curled up next to me (taking over a good third of the bed) sound asleep and I was still far from it. After spending the next couple of hours dozing and waking up, I was pretty sure that when the alarm went of at 5:15 I would not be making it out for a 2o mile run. Less because I am unable to run after little sleep (in fact, I’m pretty sure I got no more than 15 minutes worth before The Marathon), but more so because I knew after 20 miles (or 18 or 16 or whatever I would have been able to produce) and no sleep, I’d be a waste of life at work today. Had it been a Saturday, I may have gotten up anyway, powered through and headed right home for a nap.

…which, as it turns out, may be how my day goes tomorrow, as I very sillyly (yes, I just made up that word. just got with it)–or rather, stupidly–agreed to lead a run in Central Park tomorrow that starts at the lovely hour of 5:30 a.m. Oops. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

So tomorrow could go one of two ways–I go to bed at whatever hour I feel like tonight, wake up groggy and power through 5 miles and get back into bed before 7 a.m. OR. I spend [yet another, oops] evening carb loading, and see how far I can push the distance tomorrow…

It may be another flop.

But flops are okay when you’re not training and there’s no real need to bust out some crazy distance other than the sheer wanting to see if you can.

In other news, I’ve had some firsts and successes over the last two days.

The first being yesterday, when I had my inaugural “lunch hour” workout! I’d been scared about escaping to the gym in the middle of the day for years–I wasn’t sure if I could get away long enough to get in a quality workout, or if I could create a quality workout in the time alloted. Turns out, no one in the office seemed to miss me, even when I accidentally stayed a little longer than I should have (bonus to midday elliptically: Saved by the Bell repeats. Hot dog!). I kept to easy cross training yesterday in anticipation of the run that wasn’t this morning, but that doesn’t mean NO running happened. When the alarm went off at 5:15 and I pushed snooze, I woke up 2 hours later feeling more rested and headed out the door with the JD.

It was awesome to be running in shorts and a t-shirt in MARCH in NYC. The JD stuck around for the first portion of the run, and then I continued down towards Lady Liberty solo. All in all I covered 9 miles, and I’m happy enough with that 🙂

The rest of the weekend is shaping up to be busssy busssy with the day starting at 5:30 tomorrow, and then going full-fledge into preparations for visitors and a housewarming partay. Fingers crossed I stay awake to be a part of it!

Have a great weekend kiddos!


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