Taper Faker

When I ran my first half marathon in Philly in 2010, I followed my training plan to a T. Rest day meant feet propped up, a gallon of water with a long straw and marathons of 90210 on the tube. An “easy 3 miles” three days prior to race day meant 3 SLOW miles. Not 2.9, not 3.21, 3. And not at a quick pace. At the least fatigue-inducing, painfully slow, teetering the line between jogging and walking.

A week before my first half marathon I had a “cut back” week. I think I ran miles the Saturday prior, and filled the rest of the week with those easy 3 milers and lots of rest and hydration.

This past Sunday, the week prior to my upcoming half, I ran 18 miles. And followed that with a spin class on Monday. And followed that with an easy 7 miles on Tuesday. Today I had another spin class on the schedule–not so much because I was craving a hard sweat, but more so because spin gives the old legs a good shake out while still getting the heart pumping.

But then I spent the whole day inside the office when it was gorgeous outside. Like, San Diego temps, plenty of sunshine–the kind of day that everyone magically falls sick on and “can’t make it into the office” (don’t they KNOW that we all KNOW it’s no coincidence that it’s the first 100% beautiful day of a super early spring and that their bedrest is being done on a park bench near the water?). So when I was getting my spin gear ready to go (and by gear I mean a tank and capris purchased at Old Navy and the only “non-running” pair of sneaks I own), and saw that there was still sunlight out the window (say what you will, but daylights savings–I LOVE you), I had a change of heart.

I left the office in said gear and rather than veering right towards the nearest NYSC, I made a hard left in the direction of the Hudson.

And now I’m stoked at the idea of many more evening runs like this, watching the sunset over good ol’ dirty Jerz and Lady Liberty.

It was a beautiful run, and the paths were packed with fellow pavement pounders. I absolutely adore this city and its ginormous running community.

I may have accidentally run 8 miles. Which is not exactlyyy what’s on the taper plan for this upcoming half. But they were a lovely 8 miles. And if having covered them stops me from PRing in Saturday’s race, that’s just fine. I’ll still have a gas dressing up in all kinds of crazy shades of green, running with my cousin and spending a glorious weekend pounding around my old stomping grounds!

Bet you thought I was slipping back into a blogging black hole, eh? 10 pm is better than two weeks of silence though, right?

Have a great night! And a great day tomorrow!


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