Back in the Game

Wow. So it’s been a solid two weeks since I was last a fully working part of the blogging/tweeting world. It’s almost weird to be back, but I’m hoping it will soon feel great to be back!

It’s weird that, even when I was out of the country [read: laying on a beach in paradise] for a full week in the middle of December, I took such care scheduling some amazing “guest bloggers” so that marathoniner would never grow stale. In the peak of marathon training I was as excited to tell the online universe about my amazing 20 miler as I was to have been able to run it. Back in September, when I was road tripping from New York City to Fort Smith, Arkansas, I logged in whenever and wherever I could get an internet connection to update my “readers” (you know, all three of them?) on the amount of blown tires seen on Tennessee highways and miles covered in the rain in random parks in The Natural State.

I just rambled on like that thinking I was leading up to the conclusion that I have no idea where this sudden hiatus over the last two weeks came from; but then it hit me–The Marathon. During September’s road trips, October’s long runs and December’s vacations I was either in the middle of marathon training or had just recently shocked myself and the rest of the world with having run my first 26.2. Turns out, not only does registering for a full marathon keep me motivated as far as workouts and training, but blogging as well.

But it’s not JUST the lack of a marathon registration that’s detained me from you fine people these last few weeks. I actually have been busy. With what, you may ask? As if you didn’t see it coming…here’s that bulleted list of what.

I moved! The JD and I (and Santan) are fully moved in to our beautiful new apartment in Midtown. And the place is essentially perfect. With the exception of one piece of furniture that promised would arrive well over a week ago. And it’s still m.i.a. Not cool Target, not cool. I have nowhere to store my 3820 boxes of cereal until that pantry arrives!

I moved! In the workout sense. Somehow, in the week after moving, I banged out the best mileage and other workouts since marathon training. For the first time since I think October (?) I had a week over 40 miles long, that included another evening run with Jocelyn, two spin classes, a few cross training sessions on the old elliptical AND a climb to the top of 30 Rock.

I climbed! Last Sunday I woke bright and early to Climb to the Top of Rockefeller Plaza for the MS Society. I had been sweating bullets about this climb in the weeks leading up to it, because in the past, me and stairs never got along very well. In fact, I remember at my old job in DC, when I used to try to “workout” in the middle of the day via climbing up the buildings 12 stories of stairs I would be in PAIN the next day. So the thought of climbing almost 70 floors was not an inviting one. Turned out though, it wasn’t too bad at all (I even went for a 5.5 mile “shake out” run afterwards)! And the views from the top of the Rock were AMAZING.   

I cooked! I’ve been making some food blogger worthy meals on and off over the last few weeks. I’d love to share recipes and pictures, but I didn’t save the recipes and I didn’t take pictures. But just know that I’m making moves when it comes to culinary prowess.

I toured! Sister Squiggs showed up shortly after the Climb to the Top (yes, on a Sunday) for a few days vacay. By the time she left Thursday morning, I felt like it was a Monday because we had crammed SO much into the work week, that it felt like a long weekend. We saw aunts, uncles, cousins and friends; we attended a swanky work event; we went to the gym; we went running (I ran the Queensboro Bridge for the first time ever. And loved every second of it); we ice skated in Rockefeller Plaza (first time EVER, and oh-so-cool); we went to a tapas bar and watched live flamenco dancing; we finally tried the legendary Lombardi’s pizza; we had dinner in Long Island City and toured the waterfront park with its AMAZING views of Manhattan…and those are just the things we did outside of my workday. While I was at the office, she wandered the city, went to the Central Park Zoo and made sure to fill up on enough Wafels and Dinges to hold her over til the next visit.

I tapered! (?) I shocked myself with early morning workouts nearly every day that Squigs was in town, but I’d be lying if I said they were all quality workouts. Late nights at West Village tapas bars (on a Tuesday?!) will do that to ya. But I’m okay with that. I figured, with the National Half coming up this Saturday (eeks!/woohoo!) it was the perfect time for a cutback in my mileage, especially after an exciting 40+ mile week.

I returned! Just as I made peace with the idea of a mini taper period, I threw things through a loop. An 18 mile loops around lower Manhattan! I had my final shadow run with NYC Running Tours planned for this Sunday morning. While I was definitely NOT excited to have to cut dinner with Laura, Celia, Leticia and some other friends short on Saturday night (in order to wake up at 5:45 the MORNING AFTER DAYLIGHTS SAVINGS), I am SO thrilled that this run was scheduled. And as shocked as I am to say it, the time and place could not have been more ideal. I was meeting the other two participants in the run dowwnnn, downtown at 6:50 to get things started. I decided to run the 4.5 miles there as a warm-up. It was a great warm-up filled with all sorts of unusually sight-seeing and people watching (read: most of the city half asleep with pockets of people scattered around, still not home from their night out on the town–crazies). After arriving on Stone Street, we set out to catch the sunrise over the East River. The views were beautiful and weather was perfect. We did an out-and-back sticking along the East River running path and ended our run at about 8.5 miles. From there, I was still feeling good and decided to push as many miles out of myself as I could muster. As I started nearing home I knew if I went straight back to the apartment my run would end at 17.5 miles–respectable? Sure. But I typically HATE ending on a fraction, so I added an extra little loop around midtown to bring it to a solid 18. 18!

This run was amazing in so many ways. For one, it started and ended early enough that I was home by 9:10–and still had a FULL gorgeous Sunday of Central Parking ahead me to enjoy. For another, I’m pretty sure I could have tacked on even MORE at the end there. This makes me really, realllly want to sign up for a spring marathon…I know some people (cough, cough…LAURA) can run 3 marathons a weekend, much less 2 in a year. But I’ve been so torn on where I take my running after this upcoming half. I had tried to convince myself that maybe I’d take a REAL break until training picks back up for ING NYC. But after riding that runner’s high all day yesterday, I’ve got the itch to start training for something farrr sooner…

I returned! To blogging. See? Looks like it’s true that the mojo that carries me through a long run also brings me back WordPress.


Sorry for all the “I did this” and “I did that”. What have YOU been up to these last few weeks??


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