The Good and the Bad. Not so much Ugly.

Yesterday and today have been pretty good. That’s what you get when you mix great with a little bit of bad. Pretty good.

What’s been so great?

Well, for starters, I actually got my butt out of bed this morning for an early run. It wasn’t easy, and I wanted to hit snooze, but I also knew that temps were already in the 50s, and if I could just get UP then I could get out the door and love my morning.

I did get up. And I did get out the door. But unfortunately I did not love my morning. While the weather was straight HEAVEN (seriously–52 degrees at 7 am in NYC…in February), my run was, well…sort of hellish. Under normal circumstances, that would be okay. I’ve been running long enough to know some days are good and some days are bad. And since Tuesday’s 10-miler was beyond good (think: Christmas morning with stockings full of peanut butter, chocolate, and winning powerball tickets), I could have dealt with a lousy run following it. But this run didn’t follow it! In fact, I took a 100% UNPLANNED rest day yesterday (aiding to the “bad” blend in my “pretty good” couple of days). I do not like when work and life and other things derail a plan that I have set for the week and make me do things like run at night (well, that’s not true, as Tuesday proved) and/or completely forgo a planned workout. I especially don’t like when I suck it up, accept a rest day and leave my sneaks sitting in the corner…only to not reap the benefits the following day. Someone snuck some bricks into those sneaks last night, because this morning as I looped around the Bridle Path and reservoir, I felt like I was dragging an 80 lb ball on a 180 lb chain.

sort of like this guy. only he is in a jail with a much brighter outlook on his situation, while i was a bit grumpy on the reservoir.

But like I said, I at least GOT UP and got a run in–which frees up my evening tonight for more packing…or more running? I still want to bask in this abnormal weather a little more, so a run-commute home is a definite option.

Not that there’s much home to commute back to…

While I failed to get in a workout yesterday (bad), I failed BECAUSE I was too busy lugging home boxes from work and fillin’ em up. Last night’s good? Kitchen = 100% packed.

empty cabinets and stacked boxes make for a sad looking kitchen.

all that was left by the end of the packing spree: lots of boxes. a few pieces of furniture. and whats that? a bit of wine??

When 10:00 rolled around and I realized that even a quick jog around the neighborhood was out of the question, I decided the best way to wrap up my evening would be by REALLY completing the packing of the kitchen. And that meant, polishing off that bit of wine leftover. The only problem was…I had packed all of the dishes…aka, all of the wine glasses and even all of the other types of glasses.

But this marathon winer knows how to improvise.

a measuring cup can be used for so much more than just measuring!

After enjoying the remainder of my bottle of wine while waiting for the powerball numbers to be announced (no, that comment above was not coincidence. after my parents visit a few weeks ago the JD and I are hooked on lotto/determined to win the powerball and quit our jobs) and quickly discovering we were not winners, I called it a night.

I’m hoping the remainder of today into tomorrow turns out to be great (i.e. all of the great getting up early and being productive packing), with none of the bad (sluggish runs and unwanted rest days…and i guess wine out of a measuring cup need not make a second appearance). We’ve got the keys to the new place! So I’m hoping to run home, grab some boxes and start hauling them downtown tonight 🙂

Happy Thursday kids!




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