A Fast Fat Tuesday and an RB

I realize that some people have qualms with Lent, and giving things up to aid them in dieting more so than make a real sacrifice, spiritual or otherwise.

I was raised in the Catholic face and Lent always was, and still is, taken pretty seriously in my family. And while I do not make it to mass as often as my mother would probably like or even agree with a lot of the large-scale/political aspects of Catholicism, I do enjoy church when I make it there, and I do enjoy keeping some faith.

I also don’t mind when people give things up for Lent that helps them better control their diet. I for one, have done this many times (maybe most times?) over the years (this one most certainly, included). I’m not going to get all philosophical on you or preach to you about the reasons behind Lent and sacrifices, but the overarching idea is that, you’re giving up something you love for God. And lots of people DO love lots of bad-for-them food and beverages. And lots of people do give them up for Lent to aid them in reaching their diet goals. And as long as they aren’t unhealthy in what they are giving up (you know, like saying no to Oreos vs. saying no to ALL food), then I’m pretty sure they’re still making The Big Guy happy. Turning down something that in excess can clog your arteries or contribute to diabetes and other diseases can only make you a better person–physically speaking. And I’m pretty sure that God has no qualms with people taking better care of their own bodies, be it in his name or not.

Lent lecture over 🙂

That leads me to let you know that I–like so many others–decided to give up things to help readjust my diet. Over the last few weeks I have literally included peanut butter in every. single. meal I eat. And literally, felt a need to follow every. single. meal I eat with a dessert. So for the next 40 days and 40 nights, I will have to say no to the Cadbury mini-eggs I love so much (and that only come out twice a year, sigh). I will have to refrain from eating an entire jar of PeanutButter&Company’ heavenly Cinnamon Raisin flavor in one sitting. And I will let the JD tackle the many pounds of Valentine’s Day candy I recently purchased at CVS for 50% off. None of this is because I think I’m fat or I gained a pound since Christmas (though I may have gained 423. I haven’t been on a scaled in ages), but because I’ve realized that I love these items (sweets and PB) to [pretty gross] extremes, and it will be a sacrifice to give them up. And it will also (not so coincidentally) help me be a healthier person…if not JUST for 40 days.

All that being said, I took Fat Tuesday VERY seriously yesterday, saying yes to every donut, free pastry, candy and otherwise gluttonous item that crossed my path. As a result, I was feeling sort of sluggish when I was getting ready to leave the office yesterday. And because I spent all day IN the office, ferociously working and eating, I had very little desire to hole up in the gym once I finally was set free. So I told myself I would just go for a run instead.

Now, I’ve gone a many an evening run since moving to NYC, and many of them in Central Park. But, those were under slightly different seasonal circumstances–I’d run at 7:00 at night in the summer (when it’s still light) and I’d run at 5:30 at night in the winter (when even though it’s getting darker, it’s early enough in the “afternoon” to feel safe). Otherwise, night runs have almost always been reserved for jaunts around the neighborhood [read: street light covered sidewalks bustling with people]. But since I had just had such a night run late last week, I decided I wanted to switch things up a bit, and looked to the world of Twitter to help make that happen. And oh, how glad I am I did.

whats better than getting an question answered on twitter? getting an answer AND a running buddy!

This tweet was just what I needed to avoid a Fat Tuesday finish on the couch. As soon as I left work I hurried home to get into running gear, and met Jocelyn near Bethesda fountain.
In a post-work flurry of tweets and emails we had agreed to run a minimum of four miles–fine by me! Every mile in the park with Jocelyn was one more than I probably would have motivated myself to run solo. Once we met up, we talked a little more and realized we both had a higher goal of 6-7 miles for the evening. Since we’d each run around 2 miles to the meet-up, it was a no-brainer to decide on a 5-mile loop.
We also had both said that we’d likely be running slow, for one reason or another (or 3 in my book–the morning pastries), but that was a bold-faced lie. I’m pretty sure Jocelyn and I were RACING every other runner in Central Park last night, because when I got home and mapped my run (turned out it had been a little over 10 miles) and looked at the clock, the two most certainly DID not match up with my normal distances and times. Big thanks to Jocelyn for kicking my toosh into high gear, especially when I thought I wouldn’t be getting any “speedwork” in this week (and also especially when I had been feeling super weak sauce coming down the west side of the park GASPING for air. Turns out it’s because we were running like racehorses…not because my Fat Tuesday bender had already turned into added weight for the haul).

I ended the night packing up a few more boxes with the JD, and getting to bed early with high hopes of enjoying a shake out run around the reservoir this morning. The forecast was calling for perfect running weather, but between 14 miles on Saturday (also a complete fluke), 6 Sunday (consider yourself now read on the abbreviated version of my long weekend) and an impromptu 10 last night, my shins told me they’d rather sleep in. And so we did.

The rest of the week is gearing up to involve a few more runs, a spin class or two and lots and lots of packing. Followed by lots and lots of unpacking. Moving day is Saturday and I am stoked*!!

*Confession. I told Jocelyn last night that yes I am THRILLED to get a new place with the JD, but a large portion of my excitement over the new apartment is due to its proximity to more runner friends. What can I say? I love a good running buddy!


5 Responses to “A Fast Fat Tuesday and an RB”

  1. 1 Jocelyn February 22, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Love it!! Let’s do it again soon! I probably could have done a couple more miles too.

    Congrats on 10 miles on a Tuesday! NBD.

  2. 3 Susan - Nurse on the Run February 23, 2012 at 7:39 am

    I actually feel pretty safe in the park at night, although maybe I’m just naive! When it’s warm out, there are definitely enough runners that I’ll run anywhere in the park, except for maybe Harlem Hill. When it’s cold out and fewer people are in the park, I still to the lower loop and I can always see at least one other runner/walker/horse carriage, and I feel okay about that. Night runs in CP are fun!

  1. 1 The Good and the Bad. Not so much Ugly. « Marathon Winer Trackback on February 23, 2012 at 3:34 pm

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