Self Control. Or lackthereof.

Yesterday morning I made peace with the fact that I would not be getting a workout in due to needing to work late.

Then 6:00 rolled around and I found out that I didn’t have any real responsibility at our event until about 9:30 or so.

I hadn’t packed gym clothes, and I was just shy of having enough time/motivation to go all the way home, gym it up right quick, and return to the office.

I was angry and frustrated for a good half hour or so. Then realized that by not having any duties to see to, I was allowed instead to enjoy the open bar at said event.

Free wine from the company that ruined my Thursday? Of course I had to partake.

But then I’m me. MarathonWINEr. And partaking in open bar very rarely means “responsibly enjoying one glass of wine.” Especially when there’s an obligation to stick around until nearly midnight. So this marathonwiner did some marathon style wine-tasting. With a side of South African themed cuisine–also free.And also DELICIOUS.

Hobnobbing with [not so] new coworkers was definitely worth it (this is the first time in my working life where I actually have colleagues in my age range), but I probably should NOT have had that last glass…or two….

I paid for it this morning when I ventured out to the reservoir to deposit my hangover somewhere along the lovely dirt path. Did I tackle the 12 miles I had WANTED to do before the weekend arrived? Puh. Lease. Of course not. But I did manage to sweat out my usual 6…and almost all of that vino from last night. Hangover run for the win!

I’m hoping I can rework on my self control when I meet up with my cousin after work tonight, then swing a SUPER early [12 mile?] run tomorrow morning, ending where my friends bus will drop her off at 9:00 in the morning. And thanks to a lovely three-day weekend, if that plan flops, I still have Monday to knock out a long run. President’s Day popped up at just the right time this year!

And so this post does not end as one entirely dedicated to my falling off the wagon last night and whining about when to get a long run in, here is a quick list of things that I’m enjoying today:

– The sun. Even though I have YET to have a free moment to go out and enjoy it. I’ll get it on the to-do list.

– My Valentine’s Day tulips that are in full bloom today. They remind me of home and make me smile…and also make me want to book a flight I can’t afford.

– My Valentine’s Day box of chocolates. That is sadly, emptying quite quickly.

HelloGiggles (thank you, Jocelyn, for tweeting an article from here, it’s a fun new find!)

– Making lunch at work. Turns out, a large and satisfying lunch (delish tuna sand, pop chips and grapes) is a much better idea than bringing in a yogurt with the expectations of going light at lunchtime–that plan ONLY leads to constant boredom snacking.

– The fact that I finalllly have a CRT run scheduled for Sunday. Woohoo!

– Finding out that they have turned one of my favorite childhood books (The Borrowers) into a movie, albeit, an anime one. However, the U.S. version is being picked up by Disney and including the voices of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. Which means its gotta be a win, even if I have always hated Pokemon cartoons and the like.

Hope everyone has an awesomeeee weekend!


2 Responses to “Self Control. Or lackthereof.”

  1. 1 Laura February 19, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    I LOVED all the Borrowers books when I was a kid, and would totally go see the Arrietty movie with you (if you haven’t already gone). Drop me an email!

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