Snooze 43, Katie 0

I have been having the. hardest. time. getting up early these last few weeks.

Yesterday, I was all about a 7 a.m. spin class so I could have the evening free (the ONE night this week I didn’t have to be at work late) to catch up on life, but when the alarm went off, the snooze button won the first scuffle. And the second. And I wound up rolling out of bed with just enough time to swap out the contents of my gym bag from post-workout clothes, to workout clothes and call NYSC to reserve a bike for the 7 p.m. class.*

*First time with new guy at the “new” gym. Class started and as soon as I started peddling I felt pangs of regret for having worn leggings under my shorts (but I learned the hard way, last Friday, that running shorts and spin class DO NOT mix). Once I got used to the heat, I felt better and then started thinking that home dude and his mash-ups of slightly older songs was too old school, and wasn’t going to be able to produce the sweat I’ve come to associate with cycling. By the end of class, I was a giant puddle of goo and praying that there would be no more “30 second intervals” (seriously, this instructor played MEAN tricks with the head. He’d say “10 more second to go”, “5 more seconds to go” –class gratefully prepares for a break– “give me 30 more you can do 30 more!” and so on, and son o). Once again, spin class success!

Once home and fed, as much as I wanted to curl up in bed with my laptop and continue my Glee-watching rampage, I forced myself to think about “training” for the MS Climb to the Top that is happening in just a little over two weeks. I know how scared my legs are of stairs, and I know I need to do more than just my usual run/CT routine in order to survive the climb. So I kept the gym clothes on and spent a good 25 minutes climbing up and down the stairwell in my apartment building (embarrassing disclosure: I attempted to watch Glee WHILE doing this, but our wireless only lasted one flight above and one below before freezing). After nearly 900 stairs climbed (and also descended, since I only live in a 6-story walk-up), I considered training for the evening done.

Then I got back on my computer and did some more snooping around the Climb to the Top web site, only to discover that the climb only goes as high as the 69th floor of 30 rock–which equates to about 1200 stairs. Granted, I wasn’t running up the ones in my building last night, having covered the amount that I did, I’m far less scared of this race than I was before finding out that little tidbit. March 4th, bring it on!

Anyyyywho. Back to that snooze button. That sort of a showdown with my alarm clock is all well and good on days like yesterday, when missing a morning workout isn’t the worst thing in the world, because the evening is still an option.

Not the case this morning.

I went to bed last night with dreams of knocking out a long run this morning (to help free up my long weekend for hanging out with visiting friends). And then I didn’t sleep…like, at all. So when that annoying buzzer started going off at 6 a.m. (and then 6:30, and then 7), I once again opted to lay under the covers until the last moment possible before packing up for work.

Only tonight, I have to work late. Very late. And a post-workday workout is not an option.

This is okay, to some extent. I haven’t had a 100% rest day in quite a few days (but I also haven’t had too many hardcore workouts since Sunday’s 12-miler). My bigger problem is that a few weeks ago when my foot was in agony and I was laying off the long runs, I was able to wake up at 6:00 a.m. multiple mornings a week and make it to the gym for both spinning AND speed work. And I’ve somehow lost all of that in the last few weeks. Howwww does that happen?

Anywho. I’ll gladly take a rest day today (well, gladly is a bit of an overstatement, but I’ll live with it), as long as I can force my butt out of bed tomorrow morning for a long run. Remember back during marathon training when I’d knock out 12 miles BEFORE going to work? I want to be that girl again. Please leave me tips on how to make that happen.

Almost Friday kids! Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂




3 Responses to “Snooze 43, Katie 0”

  1. 1 sweatpassionandtears February 16, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Like you I have insomnia and don’t sleep well, umm 90% of nights. I used to be able to just get up and go anyways though, but I can’t anymore! The only tip I have is tell yourself you HAVE to do it. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. 2 David H. February 18, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    I think it’s a seasonal thing – it seems so easy to be in a routine with late spring/summer daylight vs. what it is like right now.

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