Whimsical Wednesday

Whenever I skip a day of blogging I feel the need to make bulleted lists to bring you up to speed on my oh-so-thrilling-life [in case you hadn’t picked up on it…Yes, that was sarcasm]. Today though, I’m going to kick things off with a bulleted list of things that are making this rainy Wednesday a little whimsical. Aka, things I’m happy about.

1. I just discovered that despite having 4830 W2’s this tax year AND having done a boatload of freelance work that I was paid for without having taxes taken out, I’m still earning some cash back. Sure, I owed NY $6, but that’s a small price to pay to the city that helped me train for a marathon. And DC and the govt are making up for it by reimbursing me for all of the hard work I did there in 2011. Thank you, tax return, for coinciding so nicely with my moving date (aka, greater need for funding).

2. You would think that with 5 different W2’s, three different states and all kinds of “full-time” and “freelance” work to juggle, my taxes would be a nightmare and someone at H&R block would be taking home every penny of my return. Lucky for me, my mother has a very, very, VERY nice friend, who helped me out for the mere fee of $29. I owe him a thank-you card and lots of chocolate and Starbucks gift cards. He’s a wonderful person.

3. My little sis just booked her spring break visit to the Big Apple! Wootwoot! She will be the first person to visit me and the JDs new apartment. Which works out well because it’s above a smoothie bar. And Squigs LOVES smoothies.

4. My good friend is coming to visit for the weekend. I haven’t seen her since…October? That can’t be right, can it? I’m probably crazy. But even if I had seen her just last weekend I would be equally excited to see her again this one.

5. And this weekend is a long one! Big thanks to past presidents for making that happen.

6. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. And while I can pretend to not make a big deal about it and call it a Hallmark holiday, I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate that is now stocking my desk drawers and the new decor in my otherwise drab little cube:

tulips are one of my favorite flowers because they remind me of home. ❤

The JD is so good.

7. My insurance kicked in this week! I am going to the dentist tomorrow! This bullet is a pretty big deal because it’s probably the only time in my life when the word dentist will be used in a sentence with exclamations. Well that’s not true, because I guess there will be plenty that say things like “I don’t want to go to the effin dentist tomorrow!!” and “I haaaate going to the dentist!!” But since I’ve been sans insurance for a few months now, I’m pretty stoked about having doctor-cleaned and approved chompers.

8. I had a second successful run WITH MUSIC yesterday morning. A few years ago, when I was scared to death of the idea of a 5k and still thought spending money on clothes to run in when I had perfectly good cotton t-shirts to throw on was a waste, I happened across a hat at the bookstore of my alma mater.

aww what a cute little duke dog beanie. too bad i do not rock beanies very well.

Said hat, had a little pocket that would perfectly fit my teeny tiny, off-brand “mp3” [read: NOT iPod] player:

if I haven't seen this hat in 3 years I probably haven't seen the MP3 player in about 5.

…and shortened headphones that swept through the inner linings of the hat, emerging right where it would fit over the ears.

headphones! built in!!

I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and my new-to-the-working-world/still-fresh-out-of-college self shelled out a “ridiculous” $20 for said hat.

Then forgot about it.

Then remembered it after my chilly 12-miler with music on Sunday. And went digging through boxes under the bed until I found it.

I contemplated pushing snooze when my alarm went off yesterday morning, then remembered I had early-morning music to run to! And I could listen to it without the pain that usually comes with me trying to put up with ear buds!

I’ve definitely determined that I do actually enjoy running with music (especially when using this hat), if not for the fact that when things start to get a little sluggish, a new song can immediately change my mood and my mojo–seriously, even though I KNOW a certain song is in the queue somewhere (seeing as how I put it there), there’s a little twinkle of excitement in waiting to hear what’s coming up next in the list, and it makes an early-morning run a little livelier.

9. We get the keys to the apartment this weekend! I’m so excited to get in early and start cleaning and taking measurements. And have the next two weekends to slowly move things in. Oh, AND NOT HAVE THE LEASE START UNTIL MARCH 1. What does this mean? This means no overlapping/doublepaying rents! Oh, and know what else is great about this apartment? Aside from the fact that its in walking distance to work, completely renovated and beautiful, in our budget, broker free (fRee, not fee) and above a great smoothie place? It’s 10 blocks from the very apartment that my grandmother grew up in. Seeing as how she went from the streets of NY to the suburbs of Richmond, Va. and I just made the opposite trek and I’m ending up a mere 10 blocks from where she started makes me super happy, and super confident in this choice of apartment. Feels a little closer to home somehow 🙂

10. I’m going to spin class tonight! At least, I hope. Work has already been so crazy that I had to reschedule that dentist appt from today to tomorrow, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get out of here in time to get my sweat on.

WHOA. Stop typing Katie.

Happy Wednesday all, hope yours is a good one too 🙂





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