The Sound of Music

Happy Monday kids! Hope you all had an awesome weekend…I know I certainly did!

I kicked it off with an impromptu sweat sesh at NYSC. As work down was winding down on Friday, my cousin sent me a text saying that she actually WOULD be able to meet me for a 6:00 spin class (earlier in the week we had talked about such plans, but tossed them aside due to conflicting schedules). I had planned for a rest day –less because I really wanted/needed one and more so because my old roommate from DC was in town and already at happy hour. But when I got that lovely little text message I decided to postpone our reunion and get my butt on a bike for 45 minutes first. And I’m so. glad. I. did. Friday’s instructor gave a lengthier-than-usual warm-up to get people adjusted to spinning in the saddle, but then he was balls-to-the-walls hardcore for the remaining 35 minutes of class. This guy was all about “active” recovery, and I enjoyed the extra push.

I cleaned myself up in about 15 minutes flat, and then the JD and I ventured over to the east side to hang with the old roomie. We grabbed drinks at Point Break and had a delicious dinner at the National–which thankfully, was participating in restaurant week. Dinner ended pretty late and the JD and I had an action-packed Saturday ahead of us, so it was right to bed from there.

Saturday morning we woke up to deliver our security deposit for our awesome new apartment (keys to come on Friday!), and since we were already up, the two of us headed out for a short and snowy jog around the reservoir. We called it quits after about 4 miles, but I SO wish we could have stayed out longer–the snow was beautiful (but not sticking, and therefore not slick and scary) and the temp was surprisingly warm. It was a perfect day for a long run, but we had Saturday morning cartoons to watch.

Yes, that’s right. I made the JD trek out to Williamsburg (my first time there! hipster? yes. adorable? omgyes) with me for Toons, Spoons and Booze–a Valentine’s weekend special of oldschool  Saturday morning cartoons, complete with an all-you-can-eat cereal buffett (of all the worst kinds of cereals–I went into a severe sugar coma) and specialized white Russians (the JD tried one topped with Cocoa Puffs and I had a raspberry flavored one). It was one of the best Saturday mornings I’ve had in New York.

theres a reason i no longer eat cocoa puffs and crunch berries. holy sugar overload.

And then it got even better, because we decided to walk back to Manhattan…over the Williamsburg Bridge! This may have been my first time going over this bridge, and it was definitely my first time going over by foot. Now that I have, I’m DEFINITELY ready to map out some runs that include more bridges. With all of my marathon training in NYC, I somehow never managed to run over a single bridge, and this got me pumped up about the idea.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the city, and ended with dinner at Papasito on the UWS. We’d been wanting to check out this place for a while now, and figured we better get there before we leave the neighborhood 🙂 The food was amazing and the portions ginormous–definitely worth a visit! Exhausted from the days running/walking/cerealintaking/mexicanfoodstuffing, we once again called it an early night (all of that, PLUS the fact that I had a long run to knock out the next morning).

Sunday I had plans to meet up with the JDs parents for a tour of the new office at 12:30, and from there, brunch with the old roomie before she headed back to DC, so I wanted to get my long run out of the way early. I laced up and was out the door by about 9:30, headed toward the river for the first time in a long time (I think December? With some of my favorite running friends whom I haven’t seen since?! Sadface).

Running along the water=bad idea.

Why? Well, temps in the 20s (I think 11 degrees with the windchill) paired with the breeze off the river made for a pretty painful first couple of miles. It’s a good thing I went Garminless because I would NOT have wanted to see my pace as I pushed against those fierce winds. Eventually though, the wind died down (/the running path curved more inland), the sun came out and the run was pretty comfortable. And even though it wasn’t quite as easy as my french-fry-fueled 11 miles last weekend, it was enjoyable. A big part of that enjoyment might have been due to the fact that the tunes I was listening to helped me rock out rather than focus on my discomfort.

What? Marathonwiner running with music?

I shocked even myself. I haven’t run with music in probably four years, and four years ago, my “runs” were about a mile long. Back then, even over the course of a mile I would start to feel claustrophobic in my own head, and would rip out the earbuds before the run was anywhere near over. Yet somehow, I both survived and enjoyed a good 7 miles or so of musical accompaniament on Sunday (7 and not the full 12 because the JDs iPod died on me. And RIGHT when I was getting geared up to blast some Katy Perry for a push). I’m really curious as to whether or not this will become a regular occurrance–could totttaalllly change marathon training for NYC!

Bah. I’ve written a book again and likely bored you to pieces. Rest of the weekend [and by weekend, I mean Sunday evening] wrapped up with lots of delicous italian eats, red wine and card games. In my book? Definitely a great ending.

– What did you all do this weekend? Anything quirky and fun, a la Toons Spoons and Booze? SHARE!

– After spinning with the cous on Friday I decided I need to expand my group exercise class horizons. Suggestions?


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  1. 1 Laura February 16, 2012 at 9:39 am

    I’ve wanted to go to Spoons, Toons, and Booze since they started doing it a few years ago, and still haven’t made it! Keep me posted when you go again…

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