Moving On Up

Well, that’s not really true. We’re actually moving down along the island of Manhattan. To a deluxe apartment, 60-some blocks SOUTH of where we currently reside.

That’s right kids–we have an apartment!

Application went through, money gets shelled out tomorrow and the lease signed early next week!

About 4832048304 pounds of stress were just lifted from my shoulders. One less thing to whine about to you fine people. Wootwoot!

And here’s the BEST news: the apartment is IN the budget we laid out for ourselves and we got it WITHOUT PAYING A BROKER FEE.

From the onset, I was 100% dead-set against literally, throwing away thousands of dollars to a broker–to the point where I thought it would be more financially responsible for me and my puny salary to leave New York entirely (I know, take a moment to take that in and catch your breath) rather than pay one of those dirty dirtbags 15% of the cost of a new place. But as we continued to look, and February (the month we needed to be out of our current place) kept getting deeper and deeper in days, I began to think that if we were going to stay in this beautiful city of bling, we’d have to feign baller-status and cough up the cash.

Until a beautiful, updated, spacious (in all aspects OTHER than the bedroom) one bedroom popped up on good ol’ Craigslist, under budget and without a fee.

I. am. stoked.

And on top of discovering that I don’t have to spend my Saturday slogging around NYC in a desperate search of a place to live, I also just found out that I do NOT need to come into work on Saturday night.

My weekend just got awesome, and it hasn’t even officially started. Hope yours does the same.

Happy Friday kids!!!!


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