Do As I Say

Yesterday, as predicted…I left work late, thus, missing out on yet another spin class.

Also as predicted though, I forced myself to hit the treadmill for Hal’s prescribed speedwork for the week. And once again, I managed to push through just a little more than what the doctor ordered–though not much. Hal’s plan called for 8 x400 and I did 9. Once again, it’s the little things that give you that feeling of success. With one extra speedy lap, and a few more than last time clocked in at 7:19 (the last seconds even faster than that…but not due to superman powers, far more due to just wanting the run to be over with), I hopped off that dreadmill dripping with sweat and had a big smile slapped across my face.

*It should be noted that this awesome speed sesh came shortly after a dinner of [free] pizza (yet again) at work. Just as Sunday’s 11 happy-go-lucky miles were fueled by a grilled chicken sandwich and FRENCH FRIES. Maybe I’ve found the key to a quality work out? Grease and junk?

I moaned all afternoon about how I didn’t feel up to snuff with my current training and how my work schedule was making it impossible to get to some sweat-inducing spin classes, and afterwards, made things better. On top of my 4 fast miles (awesome pace, but puny distance),  I spent some time cooling off on the elliptical. To keep me busy and sane sans headphones? I had the latest edition of Women’s Health. And found some particularly interesting reads.One article (it’s the March issue and not online yet, so unfortunately, no link action today) focused on the fact that endurance athletes (women specifically) are bigger boozers than non-exercisers (how fitting does marathonWINER seem now, eh?). And the reasons behind it weren’t too surprising–hardcore sweat addicts feel like they can treat themselves to an extra glass of wine or a hot-toddy because they have already worked up a calorie gap, or plan to work off the calories later. None of the reasoning behind the parallels between drinking and dripping [in sweat] were too surprising in this article, but it was really nice to see another parallel brought to the forefront: that with these compulsions to drink more and burn more, often comes an overzealous desire to eat less.

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, when post-holiday blog posts were filled with women lamenting about the extra pounds that come with the end-of-the-year months and every female tweet and Facebook status had something to do with resolutions, but I’m glad bigger publications are also pointing out this problem. I read a lot of “healthy living,” “foodie” and “running” blogs, and while some try to promote loving your own body for what its capable of, I think many fail to practice what they preach. They post photos of their “lunches” after a 20 mile run and it’s oh, a teaspoon of oatmeal with half of a banana. And they berade themselves with negative comments when their dinner isn’t 100% vegan/gluten/fat-free and they slipped up and had more than three M&Ms for dessert.

I acknowledged a long time ago, that half of the reason I’ve had some whining to do over the last few months, is because even though I’m not training for a marathon, I’m still eating like I am. When I was logging 43423 miles a week during peak training, I was putting away calories better than an 18-year-old linebacker (or, insert any other young male with big bulk and insane metabolism). And my appetite didn’t die down when my weekly mileage did. I’ve been trying to find the right balance, but I still scoff when I see some of the “meals” people post alongside a three-a-day [workout]. So, let me hop of the soapbox for a moment and get to the point of this: kudos to Women’s Health, and the many other publications that are finally starting to focus on this (I believe) growing problem amongst the healthy living community.

One other things Women’s Health reported on in the forthcoming March issue revolved around workouts and proper fueling, recovery, etc. These are all things I’ve been “in the know” about and read about for a while now ( I did, after all, work for a similar women’s health publication when I first came to New York). And I realized last night [certainly not for the first time…or the last], that there’s a big difference between knowing what’s right and doing what’s right. Health and fitness articles have long-touted the importance of eating well-rounded meals before and after a strong workout, as well as allowing the body the proper recovery period. This is something I admittedly have failed to do since jumping on the running/marathoning bandwagon.

And I brought it to my own attention yesterday, when I said I should feel good about where I stand in my half marathon training because I’m doing more than what Hal tells me to do. Stupid Katie, stupid.

Yes, Hal is getting up in years when it comes to marathon training programs, but because of his age, he’s led 48302830432 people to crossing the finish line. Sure there are others out there (Mr. Yasso, for one) who have much more intense plans drafted up for intermediate and advanced runners, but I need to remember, I’m NOT one of them. Just because I ran one marathon in November, doesn’t mean I can run an ultra tomorrow. And just because I’d like to go as hard and fast and long as all the Deena’s and Kara’s out there, doesn’t mean I should…or can.

So when I read for the 4983024th time in WH last night that to maximize your workout, you need to replenish your body afterwards…I hightailed it to Duane Reade and very happily picked up some low-fat chocolate milk. And when I read for the 582302nd time that to maximize your workout, you need to let your body recover….I pushed snooze when my alarm went off this morning. My legs were still feeling heavy after the speedwork and elliptical time last night, adn pushing them through 6 miles on the Bridle Path was NOT going to help them recover properly. And who wants to waste some hard earned 400s? Not I.

That being said…my legs feel well-rested now and it’s going to be hard to convince myself NOT to hit the gym later tonight…

But, I did do as I said (or rather, finally tried living up to my resolutions…I’ve tried to sit straighter today, ate a little healthier, and listened to my body when it said “please don’t run this morning” even though I’d like to think my brain is smarter) and took a page or two from WH’s (they really didn’t have to twist my arm to get me to drink that chocolatey milk, but I also again, attempted a rest day…) in the last 24 hours. Maybe I’ll keep it up.

Anndd maybe I won’t.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.

Happy Thursday kids!





2 Responses to “Do As I Say”

  1. 1 Jocelyn @ Enthusiastic Runner February 9, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    Did you sign up for a Spring Marathon yet??

  2. 2 marathon winer February 9, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    bah no. are you?? is laura?? IM SO TORN!!

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