The Runner’s Roller Coaster and a Superbowl Fail/Win

When last I left you, I had had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad 6.15-mile run around the reservoir and Bridle path (yes, this is the second time in a few short month’s I have made reference to the Alexander book of my childhood. And no, I’m not ashamed by that), but I was still in considerably high spirits, because my parents were moments away from arriving at my stoop.

I like that I live in New York and I have a real stoop.

Any way. The parentals arrived and I gave them about three minutes to drop their luggage, use the restroom and put their coats back on. I had the day off from work on Friday afternoon (comp time for all those long hours I had been logging in the earlier part of last week), and planned to spend every last second of it out and about in the city, mom and dad in tow.

We grabbed some sandwiches on the way out of my neighborhood and then jumped a train down to Spring Street, where Rice to Riches awaited us. I tried it for the first time a few months ago, and had been wanting to take my rice-pudding loving father there ever since. Even mom (a self-proclaimed NON-rice-pudding-lover) had to admit that the coconut flavor was out of this world. Pops and I share a big bowl of some cinnamon/raisin flavor served with a mascarpone/cherry combo. Twas heavenly.

From there we continued to roam the city, making stops in the village, Times Square (the crowds of which my very-seasoned NY parents wanted nothing to do with–THANK GOODNESS) and the local pub near my apartment. While there, I laid down my first-ever $10 bet for a SuperBowl pool. I (still) have very little interest in everything football related, but had just that morning found a $10 bill I didn’t know I had in my pocket, and mom and pops convinced me that gambling was the best way to spend it (fast forward to last night…that Hamilton got me NADA).

We spent the rest of Friday night indulging in Scaletta Ristourante’s restaurant week menu and playing cards back at the apartment.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early again for a more touristy sort of day. I took the rents for a tour of my new office, and afterwards we went to the world-famous Carnegie deli, to gorge on lunch meats stacked to the ceiling.

this is a half of a sandwich, people. A HALF.

And in a corned beef and pastrami-induced haze, we made our way over to Broadway Theatre for the Sister Act matinée.

The show was lots of fun-obviously a great story with colorful and pepped up music, but I think some of the actual acting was a little lacking. I know, I know, who am I to judge? I can barely announce myself during office ice-breakers without a stutter. But in my defense, I performed in the Jacobs Road Elementary School Talent Show of 1995, donning a habit and belting out “I Will Follow Him,” so when it comes to Sister Acts, I DO have somewhere to draw comparison….

Anywho, overall, the show was super and enjoyed by all.

Afterwards we met my aunt, uncle and cousin for a delicious dinner at Pio Pio, the Peruvian chicken/ceviche/sangria capital of NYC. If you haven’t been there, go now. Get moving.

If it seems like my entire weekend revolved around food…that’s because it did.

We walked off some of it Sunday morning–cutting through Central Park and around the reservoir, ending at the Museum of the City of New York. From there we headed back to midtown so mom and pops could pick up a souvenir for my awesome niece, and then we sat down to eat…yet again.

Turns out the irish pub fare that I had for lunch was great fuel for a very late afternoon run. After my parents left for the airport, I got geared up to get a few miles in before the Super Bowl (not because I really cared to watch it, but because of that $10 I had placed on it and the miles I had invested via Pavement Runner and NYC Running Mamas running bets).

I wound up running those 10 miles I had wanted to run Friday morning, plus a little more. And it. was. awesome.

Since more normal New Yorkers were holed up in a bar watching the Giants, the park was so peaceful, and so quiet.

It was the first time in a long time that I ran and was NOT spending the time fretting about where the JD and I are going to live or how crazy work has been (though of course, all those thoughts came flooding in right afterwards). Instead, I just enjoyed the serenity of being in the park, at dusk and just running.

Even with midday fries sitting in my stomach, this run felt awesome. And I was once again back on a runner’s high, wanting to go home and sign up for a spring marathon.

It’s so funny to me, the roller coaster of running that I’ve been on since The Marathon. One day I can knock out 12 miles (piece of cake!) and feel untouchable and able to run a marathon a month, and the next day, 4 miles is a struggle and I tell myself that maybe I’ve lost my running mojo. So one day I tell myself running a marathon was a fluke, and I may never do another (which is a bold-face lie since I’m already IN for ING NYC 2012) and the next I tell myself “sure, go ahead, sign up for a May marathon, no big deal…”

Any who. After busting out 11 miles, I speed cleaned, threw on my favorite Giants hoodie and scooted over to the JDs aunt and uncles for a delicious Superbowl feast (yes, we’re back to food) and football. I was a little disappointed that my $10 did not win me any moolah at all, but I was [unfortunately] far more disappointed that the JD’s gamble didn’t work out…

He had had a wee little cash riding on a Patriots win, that had it happened, would have wound up delivering about $1000 to our doorstep. That would have come in VERY handy as we come up against all of these stupid broker fees in the apartment hunt. But. Ohhhh wellll. At least I know every one of my big-blue loving family members slept well last night, especially mom, who cashed in nicely in her pool.

Have a very Happy Monday 🙂

– Dear runners: do you find yourself on this roller coaster? How do you find a balance between feeling like a runner and feeling like a flop?!

– Did anyone participate in a NON-monetary gamble regarding last nights game? I feel like if I was going to miss out on the JD winning a big chunk of cash, I would have at LEAST liked the G-men to have won by a bigger margin. Aka, force those Patriots fans participating in Pavement Runner and NYC Running Mama’s friendly wager to log a few more than 3 miles….



5 Responses to “The Runner’s Roller Coaster and a Superbowl Fail/Win”

  1. 1 Dating a 57WAR February 6, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    You did not specify what your $10 bet was and since the G-Men WON I’m a little concerned what this bet was….

    AND tell your boy that’s what he gets for betting against the giants!

  2. 3 Laura February 9, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    LOVE Rice to Riches. Have not been to Pio Pio. Can we make those happen?

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