Heart Health

Don’t worry. I do not have the science background I’d like to have, and therefore will NOT be subjecting you to tips on how to keep your heart healthy. You already know how to do that. Most Americans do. Most of the world does. But there’s a big difference between knowing something, and doing something. I know three glasses of wine on a random Wednesday night is not really good for me or my heart (but hooray! rumor research has it, at least one glass IS) or craving chocolate after each and every meal and snack I eat is not exactly a model of health and wellness. So I, like the rest of the world, must find a way to find a balance between enjoying the things I want to enjoy, and taking care of the things that keep me alive to enjoy them (i.e., all those organs that I sometimes WISH I had went to school to learn more about). Turns out, this is not too hard, seeing as how I have a deep love of running, a growing love of spinning, and a pretty good liking toward all things gym-related.

Oops. I promised not subjecting you to anything and that was a mini-rant. But all of this talk of hearts and their health and things that I LOVE comes mainly because February is American Heart Month. And also the month in which Valentine’s Day falls (which I’m sure is no coincidence). So in keeping with the theme of hearts and love, today’s edition of marathonwiner will further highlight, things that make my heart go a twitter. And to shake things up a bit…I’ll bypass the obvious which include: wine, running, my family, the JD, marathons, my friends, New York, running, food, half marathons, wine and running.

1. Clouds

A lot of people love sunrises and sunsets. They are all well and good, and I enjoy them as well. But the cooler the clouds lingering in the sky, more often than not…the prettier the picture made when they meet the sun. And the cool part about clouds is, they don’t need to be right next to a rising or setting sun to make for some nice views, clouds at almost any time of day, anywhere in the sky are so super cool. They can be quiet and whimsical or dark and threatening. My weird obsession with them tells me maybe I missed my calling as a meteorologist. Then again…if I knew the exact science about them (and the pollution that helps create them), maybe I wouldn’t find them quite so magical.

2. Cereal

I eat it every single day for breakfast and no matter how hard I try to break myself out of the habit, I can’t. I know there are better, “healthier” things to have for breakfast (to my credit I try to choose Kashi or better-for-you-brands over the sugary stuff), but I always. want. cereal. I look forward to my morning cereal and cup of coffee probably with the same enthusiasm those rich girls on My Super Sweet 16 look forward to the moment when they walk in the room at the Waldorf Astoria under a shower of confetti made of flecks of sterling silver and 20 carat gold. That sounds sad when you think about it, but it’s nice to have something lovely to look forward to nearly every single morning.

3. Coffee

You saw coffee in the above. It comes with the package. No need to write more.

4. My cat

Even if I’ve had a gruesomely long, annoyingly rough day…when I come home to her doing her silly, squeaky little meow at the front door so excited that I’m home [to feed her], my mood lightens a little bit. And somehow, when my mood is not-so-happy because of something SHE has specifically done (dropped a two in the bathtub because she’s angry at me, attacked my arm with a not-so-loving “love nip” because she wants me to play with her) she’s one of the few people in the world who I cannot stay mad at/annoyed with for more than 5 seconds. Maybe less. Others include my niece–who I simply can NEVER be upset with and the JD.

here is santan cuddling with sully. whom i also love. from the movie monsters, inc. which i also love.

5. Cards. I did not mean to make this list revolve around words that start with “C”, but once I made it to the 4th one, I figured I had to continue. But that doesn’t make this particular one any less critical or less loved than the others. I love cards. I love sending them to people and I love when people send them to me. I can spend hours perusing Papyrus or the card section of any store. The quirkier the better (though unfortunately quirkier often means costlier). I know the little delight that comes with opening the mailbox and finding a card there–whether for a birthday, holiday or absolutely no reason at all, a little tingle is attached, so sending that tingle on to someone else is always a good feeling.

Another good feeling–though I won’t add it to the list because 5 seems like a stronger number to end on and it doesn’t start with a C is doing what you say you’re going to do. And doing it well.

Yesterday I returned to the treadmill to try to re-up my speedwork. I didn’t do 400s in the traditional sense, but I did at the very least, cover Hal’s prescribed number of 400s–some ran back to back to back (to back. yes, I did one mile at what was supposed to be my “sprint” time, but was only about a 7:30), and others were more like 800s (I ran a 7:19!) But the point is, I wanted to go fast, and I did. Not for long, not for far, but enough to make me sweat and warrant a cool down on the elliptical rather than doubling up the workout with a speed/spin combo. Spins on the agenda for tonight instead, and I’m excited to get there!

Happy first of February to you all 🙂


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