City of Bling

Sometime over the weekend, in what I’m sure was some booze-infused daze, I realized that I completely forgot about the blogworld on Friday. I’m pretty sure I didn’t send a single tweet–140 characters, 37 characters or otherwise. Had I tweeted, I probably would have only used 4 characters and typed a four letter word with lots of symbols like $%#@!

Friday. was. nuts.

Not only were things at work absolute chaos, I had many a bridesmaid-party-cohort traversing the city (final fling in the city of bling was our theme for the weekend)–all from out of town and all relying on my advice when it came to what to see and what to do. When the girls arrived on Thursday night I put MapMyRun to good use, and printed out maps of the city with all the walking trails clearly lined, and in very OCD-manner drew out their route with a sharpie and lots of little arrows and exclamations like “Turtle Pond!,” “You want the C train DOWNTOWN!,” “This is where you are having lunch at 1pm. Be there!”

Hopefully I did not scare them with my overuse of exclamations. And hopefully, they had fun snaking through the city via the command of my little treasure map. Their treasure at the end was frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity III followed closely by a pop-in to Dillon’s Candy Bar. All this while I was pulling my hair out at work. I wasn’t jealous at all.

The treasure map led them through lots of good touristy hot spots like St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Plaza, 5 Avenue and Times Square. It worked out pretty well that they arrived in my neighborhood just as I was finishing up for the day (and by that I mean they took cover from Friday’s crazy winds in a TD bank while waiting for me, because I was of course held up much later than the 6:00 meet-up time I promised them). From there, I insisted on popping into a nearby bar for a very much-needed happy hour drink.

And that, my friends, was the beginning of the end for me and my liver this weekend.

Friday night wasn’t too crazy. But it was crazy fun. We picked up some necessities at Ricky’s (you know, R-rated boxes of pasta, inappropriate straws, whistles!–yes, that’s right and all kinds of other pink-tinted things that come with throwing a bachelorette party). We went home and made our fun-shaped noodles, along with some salad and served bread on the side. It was a perfect pre-race meal, only–sadly enough–I had no race plans on the agenda this weekend (though some awesome girls I know had pulled together a mac-n-cheese fun run that I missed). No, this carb-heavy meal was fuel for a Friday night of music, girl talk and lingerie gifting.

After the bride-to-be passed out in the middle of the living room with her white and pink Bride baseball cap pulled over her eyes and her inflatable friend* we called it a night and got to bed at a decent hour.

*No, we did not buy her a blow up doll! that is gross. we bought her a blow up something else. that I cannot disclose on here. I guess I could, because I’m sure you’re not reading this blog to your children each night…even though it would help them sleep I’m sure. But this is a classy blog people. Read on, you’ll see.

I had every intention of waking up Saturday morning and trying to sneak out for a run, but a long week of sleeplessness nixed that pretty quickly. And besides, there were tours to be given.

First stop on the tour was one of the best brunch places this city has to offer–Calle Ocho. It gets the vote of best because it has good food. But more importantly, because it serves unlimited sangria (8 flavors!) with said food. That made it a must for a bachelorette weekend.

From there we boarded one of the big, double-decker red buses that JD and I giggle at every time we see tourists scooting by on them 🙂 Turns out though, very much like the Circle Line Cruises, they aren’t bad. And definitely a quick and comfortable way to give out-of-towners a good overview of the city. And while they of course hit the hot spots like the Empire State Building, Radio City, etc…they also give a lot of good history while cruising through random side streets in the Meatpacking District, Chinatown and Murray Hill.

The girls got another chance for an Empire State Building later Saturday night, when we made our first post-dinner stop of the evening at 230 Fifth. My friend took me here many, many years ago when I was visiting the city and I was in awe by the up-close-and-personal look at my favorite NYC building this rooftop bar provided. The fuzzy red robes and heat lamps only added to the swank.

how can you NOT love this view?!

The only problem with 230 is the fact that it does consider itself swanky. So much so that drinks come in at $14 a pop. So we gave our toast, snapped some shots of us in our cloaks and then hopped in a cab to the West Village where cheaper drinks (far, far too many of them), free shots (being in a bridal party is good when you get free booze. bad when you have no willpower to say no to it bar after bar after bar) and lots and lots of dancing awaited us. And dancing my face off with one of my oldest, bestest friends, with all of her oldest and bestest friends (whom I’m now in love with myself) in celebration of the fact that she’s found the perfect match for her was awesome in every, single, way.

Was it awesome that I do not even want to disclose the time we arrived home? Not as much, but it’s all good. Because sometimes dancing is more important than sleeping. And vodka is a better beverage choice than water or nuun (just go with me on that one)

I’m usually the girl who falls asleep at the bar at 11. Yet somehow, after a week of insomnia, managed to help close down the bar with the rest of the bachelorettes. And as if lack of sleep and large amounts of alcohol consumption are not unhealthy enough for you…I also help annihilate a ridiculous amount of pizza once home. Epic fail for this marathonwiner.

It did make me happy, however, to know that after such a bender of a weekend (and after yet another meal at good ol’ Tom’s followed by putting my oldest and newest best friend on a bus to LGA) I was able to knock out a few miles around central park. Unfortunately, it really was just a FEW miles (5 or so, to be exact) due to time restrictions (oh yes, I had to work last night. Let me tell you how happy I was about that. And I won’t even get into the fact that I’m also working tonight, and tomorrow night…etc etc GRR), but they were a great 5 miles.

Why? Why you may ask? Because the JD ran most of them with me. I get to run with him now and then, when both of our schedules allow for a morning run, but usually he peels off a little ways in to keep the distance a bit shorter than my 6-mile loop around the bridle path and reservoir. Yesterday I got his company for the entire bridle path loop and the walk home from the park . After a hectic work week last week immediately followed by an epic weekend of bachelorette debauchery, there hadn’t been a whole lot of JD and Katie time, so I was super happy to squeeze this run in before going into the office last night.I was also happy when I noticed that we were keeping a pretty steady 8:30 pace for the entirety of the run–same run that I set out on letting the JD know I was going to take it slow.

8:30 isn’t fast. But it isn’t slow.

Excited by yesterday’s pace I planned to wake up and knock out some 400’s this morning. But since work kept me up til after midnight, and I was fielding more work calls this morning at 7 a.m., I decided it wasn’t the best day for speedwork. I’m just happy to have squeezed a run in at all though, seeing as how I needed to be at work early AND managed to go look at an apartment with the JD. The high from that workout will hopefully carry me through yet another crazy day, as I don’t anticipate getting home until around midnight tonight. Blurg!

And now I’ve written a book. Apologies.

Happy Monday to you! And a happy recovery week to me–there will be NO booze in my immediate future, and hopefully lots of sleep, water and fast runs in its place.


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    maybe you should come visit more often.

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