Sleepless in NYC

I’ve had trouble sleeping on and off for a few years now. I’ve mentioned it at yearly check ups, and doctors have always asked me if I thought maybe it was stress robbing me of my zzz’s at night. I’ve always been able to say that no, I’m probably one of the least stressed people I’ve ever met, and that can 100% not be the cause of my restlessness when the sun goes down.

Until now.

A lot of my recent anxiety is over fitting in all of the good fun I am having/plan to have this week/this weekend. Last night, my cousin was in town from Georgia and we had plans to meet up for dinner in Eataly. Tonight, we’ve got plans to meet the rest of the NY fam out on Long Island for a beer/food pairing/tasting. Again–it’s going to be a great time and my overzealous appetite is looking forward to it.

Then tomorrow, oh tomorrow friends from all over the country start trickling in to the Big Apple for one of my very best friends’ bachelorette party–hosted by, yours truly.

These are all events that will inevitably involve lots of laughter, good food, good drinks and great fun.

They all also happen to be occurring at a point where my living and working situation are hitting the fan a wee little bit.

Work has been insane these past few weeks, and all of the insanity is due to a couple of monumental events scheduled for next week–to be fair, many started this week, I’m working one such event Sunday night and then shit really starts to happen come Monday night into Tuesday morning and into the rest of my winter .

On top of all that nonsense, the JD and I are desperately searching for our next apartment. Things had been looking pretty great about a week or so ago, but in the last couple of days we’ve been hitting a lot of dead ends. And I’m really worried about what that means.

So my guess is…that the reason I didn’t sleep on Sunday night, and my sleep was patchy on Monday night, and last night sleep was not even an option…all comes down to stress. Fitting it all in makes me stress. Worrying about every one of my weekend visitors (not even just this weekend…the rents are in town next weekend! and I’m working 2 events!) having an epic good time makes me stress. Wondering where I’m going to be sleeping a month from now makes me stress. Figuring out when I’m going to get all of my training runs in makes me stress. I am, I think for the first time in my life, officially stressed. And is shows in my sleeping patterns. Or lack there of.

To be fair, that last little factoid isn’t entirely true. Regardless of the fact that last night I was too busy wondering what bar I’m going to let bf have her last fling before the ring at Saturday night (as always, opinions are warmly welcome) or which work deadlines I needed to meet today and if I’m going to catch the train out to LI that I want to get any shut-eye, I still got up and ran this morning.

It wasn’t a fast run. It was probably more like the opposite of fast (not helped, I’m sure, by the yummy wine consumed at Eataly last night…by the way…GO if you haven’t. you will thank me). But I knocked out my 6.15 miles along the bridle path and reservoir and somehow felt far better prepared for another crazy day at the office followed by another long night.And I’ll likely do the same tomorrow…whether I sleep tonight or not. Because running is what keeps me going.



1 Response to “Sleepless in NYC”

  1. 1 Laura January 25, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    Big hugs!!!!!!!!! It will get better!!!

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