Rolling in the Deep

Now that I’m finally back to running pain-free, all I can think about is running.

Yesterday morning I really wanted to bang out a long-ish run, but a severe lack of sleep the night before (probably due to stress….induced by a crazy work schedule, looking for a new apartment, entertaining great gals for a bachelorette this weekend all on top of having every evening this week booked and trying to squeeze in workouts…) had me pushing the snooze button until the last possible moment.

Instead, I hit up the not-so-new NYSC nearest my new office. When I first walked in I groaned to myself, thinking it was far too old of a facility to be any good and that there were far too many people inside of it to leave room on a machine for me. I was wrong on all accounts.

Yes, this particular club was a little older than the one I usually frequent, but it still has a cycle studio (whose 6:30 class was filled last night. sad face) and a plethora of cardio machines. I was able to knock out a good hour on the ellip, 20 minutes on the spin bike and even landed a spot on the mat for stretching and free weights (pretty sure that’s the first time that’s happened since the resolutionists returned). It was a quality workout, but I got home late and was still pooped from the night before, so I ate a quick dinner and called in an early night. And by that…I mean I laid in bed and watched yet another episode of Glee.

I realize I’m very late jumping on the “trendy for teens but most adults secretly enjoy it too” bandwagon when it comes to things like this amazing show and Katy Perry’s amazing song (what? you didn’t hear that I’m recently in love with “Firework”?). In fact, plenty of people made fun of me for wanting to listen to it on repeat before going out on Saturday night, and I’m sure I turned some heads when it later started playing at the bar and I started jumping and screaming and clicking my boot-clad heels.

This morning I finally (FINALLY!) avoided pushing the snooze button at the lovely hour of 6 a.m. and got geared up for a run–a little TOO geared up. Somehow, those insane, not-anything-like-the-weekend-or-normal-winter-weather temps in the 50s were already out in full force at 6:30. And I was dressed pretty much identically to Saturdays snowy day run. Oops.

With an unusual amount of sweating for a late January morning, I managed to bang out a solid 8.25 miles (full loop of the park and yet another impromptu romp up Harlem Hill! Who am I?) before getting back, showering and getting my butt out the door.

The motivation behind the 6 a.m. wake-up call was I had plans to meet a guy for an apartment viewing at 9:00. I oh-so-proud of my already productive morning arrived at 8:52. And when he still hadn’t arrived at 9:15 I called it quits and skidaddled to work. Blurg.

It turns out, my apartment hunt is much like my job hunting had been (and continues to be)– I find lots of great prospects, get all kinds of excited, and then get dropped or ignored at the last minute (yeah, homedude from last Thursday has YET to respond to any of my inquiries this week). We technically have the whole month of February to continue the search, but how many leases start on February 4th or 11th? My guess is few. And I’m getting worried.

So the apartment hunt being like the job hunt leads me back to this morning’s stellar run. I realized, as I was huffing my way up Cat Hill and counting down the minutes until I was through Harlem that the only thing I’ve been really, truly passionate about in a very long time, is running. I’d love to think that I have millions of interests and talents that can help me land a great career, but when I really start to think about it, I don’t. If I really, really wanted to be a writer or an editor…wouldn’t I spend more of my free time (wait, what is that?) writing page after page of my stunning debut novel or slaving over freelance copyediting jobs that pay with a pat on the back to try to get my name out there? Probably. But instead, the only thing I want to do in my free time is put on my sneaks and go. I don’t have a book under my belt. But I do have a marathon under my belt.

As I hunt for apartments I’ve been so torn about my New York world…and whether or not I belong here. I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of my big move to the big city, and I’ve had three jobs…zero career success. I have however, discovered an amazing community of runners and checked off one of the biggest boxes a to-do list could ever have, only to add a similar one right back into the queue. Oh yeah, after a few weeks of puzzlement, I finally have gotten this peace of mind:

thats right. i'm IN.

Sometimes I feel like “okay, I gave the city a shot, now I should move on and go figure out my career.” Then I think about my running (likely while out on a run) and how its been affected by being here and think there’s no shot in hell that I will ever leave this awesome place. So looks like I’ve got to hold out a little longer…cross my fingers that we DO find an apartment and once settled in there, I’ll come across the right career to settle into as well.

Now, somehow I’ve been in this city for almost a year and have YET to experience the heaven-for-your-tastebuds pleasure that is Eataly, so I’m to meet my cousin (in town from Hotlanta) there and fill my tum with goodness.

Have a very happy Tuesday all!


– Have you found your dream job yet? If so, shed some wisdom. STAT!

– You’ve got 45 minutes to let me know what I MUST try in Eataly. Ready…go!


2 Responses to “Rolling in the Deep”

  1. 1 Laura January 24, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    I have NOT yet been to Eataly. Pathetic, I know! So maybe that’s another Runday event?

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