Pumped Up Kicks

I feel like I could find a million ways to connect this Foster the People song to a blog post about running. The chorus alone talks about shoes, and running and running fast (the faster than a bullet part we’ll pretend to ignore). But the single only reason it was chosen for today’s post was because I haven’t blogged since Friday. And today is Wednesday. That’ a lot of days off and a lot of catching up to do. And I will catch you all up via a very quick and easy bulleted list (because I’m just as busy today as I was yesterday, and don’t have time for much more than a list).

My Weekend:

– I did not run my 10ish miles with CityRunningTours. I did not meet up with Katherine and Kristine for a nice long run. I did not run at all. I spent three very bleak days going to the gym and sticking strictly to the elliptical. It was boring, it was flat. But I did it for Foot.

– I did discover that the workout on the ellip is far more exciting/sweat provoking when done to music (yes, shock of all shocks, aside from Spin class I basically NEVER work out with tunage. Or…never worked out. Might be doing more of that now).

– Specifically, to Katy Perry’s song Firework. If you’d never seen the video, you were missing out on a big chunk of happiness. But I will fix all that now:

– I did not have the ever-busy, super perfect New York weekend that I had a few weeks ago. Instead, I spent a lot of time playing a very addictive word game on the JD’s iPad, learning that I love, love LOVE the show Glee, watching terrible vampire movies (NEVER watch Fright Night. It’s 2 hours of your life you will never get back and you will be very, very sad about the loss of those 2 hours) and eating. A lot.

– I did a lot of that eating at the JD’s aunt and uncles house on Saturday. But I also did a lot of that eating in our own apartment. And eating my own cooking. Instead of running and spending more monotonous minutes on the boring elliptical, I dedicated a good chunk of my Monday off work to cooking this, baking this, and eating the latter until I couldn’t move. Seriously. I’ve eaten way more cookie bars over the last few days than any single person should eat in a lifetime. It’s kinda gross.

– I saw a lot of awesome New York apartments. The hunt has started for the JD and I in finding our next NYC location, though no winner was picked this weekend–half sad face/half relief. Thoughts from current Big Apple dwellers are warmly welcome. Bring em on!


– Was such a crap day. I felt so slothly and gross after a weekend of little running, lots of eating, and a “rest day” on Monday. I also felt like a crucial head cold was coming on all day long. It hurt to keep my eyes open. So I went home to rest them/let them watch Glee for a little cheering up…

– And then good things happened. After a lazy hour or two of watching Glee in the comfort of my PJs and bed at the odd-hour of 5:00…I dragged myself up. And ate some soup. And while I ate flipped through the mail and stumbled upon this:

apparently i'm a sucker for direct mail. because i was signed up within 2 minutes of reading this.

You may remember that I (however anxiously) had signed up for the NYRR “race” up the Empire State Building. Not sure I ever brought you fine readers up to speed on that, but I didn’t get chosen in the lottery. I was a wee bit relieved because I think stairs are pretty freaking intimidating. But I was disappointed because it was a fun, and very new challenge.

So when I saw that there was a similar “race” up 30 Rock, that was not only FAR cheaper but was for a REALLY, GREAT cause…I signed up immediately.

– After slurping up my soup, shoveling in a few more pretzel chocolate chip cookie bars and clicking submit on my registration for the MS Climb to the Top, I realized that being sick/continuing my weekend laziness was not the greatest way to train for a very intimidating stair climb (read: 60 stories..I don’t even know what that equates to on a running route, but I can tell you that after the very few times when I climbed 12 stories in my old office building, I couldn’t walk for days afterwards…so…what does that tell you?). So I took some Echinacea, pounded some water and put on my gym clothes.

– I nailed my elliptical routine from the weekend but decided to spice things up a bit afterwards, by doing my own “cycle class” on the bike, using the photoshopped biker on screen as my instructor. Turns out, it’s just as great as a sweat as going to the studio (sans a super peppy instructor and motivation created by cycling alongside lots of bad-ass sweat monsters). I only went for 20 minutes instead of the usual 45 because it was late and I’m a sissy. But I’m glad I discovered there are other options when the resolutioners fill up class.

– I also attempted the stair climbing machine for the first time in my life…just to see what it was like.

– I think I will stick to my apartment buildings staircase to “train” for this climb. The stair climbing machine is scary and dangerous and I almost re-hurt Foot about 423423 times in 5 minutes (though I did get in a good sweat).


– Apparently I showed up to work with a GIGANTIC hole in the back shoulder/pit part of my sweater. Not cool..

– But more importantly…I RAN. For the first time in a week (technically less than that because I ran three sissy miles on the dreadmill last Thursday, but this was my first nice, quasi-long outdoor run since LAST WEDNESDAY)!

– It was glorious. I was underdressed and slow and my foot probably isn’t anywhere near healed, but it was awesome.

– I am back. I am ready to run some real miles this weekend. And I’m pumped to climb to the top of 30 Rock.

Anyone wanna join?

Have a happppy Wednesday! Holy crap, this week is flying!

Oh, and just because it made me giggle. Here’s a good read for you, courtesy of Jocelyn (who posted it courtesy of Bull Runner).


5 Responses to “Pumped Up Kicks”

  1. 1 Jocelyn January 18, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    So I def want to sign up for the run/climb….but honestly I think we are going to have to train???!? And how are we going to find a place with a million stairs? Wait actually we might be able to in my apartment building.

    See you Sunday!!! (not sure what we are doing still but I know that it will involve running and food)

    • 2 marathon winer January 20, 2012 at 10:07 am

      oh, i completely agree with the training, hence why i tried the stair machine haha. but i think apartment stairwells may work better…

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