Consistency is important in so many parts of life: a sleep/diet/workout/insert other word routine, company branding, public transportation, and apparently, blogging.

I’ve been posting soooo late in the day every day this week. It started out at a 3:00 in the afternoon post and slowly worked its way up to 4:30. So I figure I should end the week on a strong note by going up at the lovely hour at 5:30 p.m. If I had written this at 10 a.m. this morning you likely would have been shocked and the schedule you had set for your day would have been thrown completely off-kilter. So you’re welcome dear readers (the four of you out there that read this with any regularity) for the consistency.

I had mentioned yesterday that even though I had an awesome run on Wednesday morning, complete with hills and little surges, I woke up wanting to amputate my own foot yesterday. Common sense told me I’d regret that decision later, so I stayed away from sharp objects and suffered through the work day, taking time outs to change the bag of ice resting on said foot. This has happened a few times over the past few weeks, but the pain usually subsides enough by the end of the day so that a trip to the gym is bearable, welcome even. But that was not the case last night.

After doing a very easy-going tempo run on the dreadmill (turns out, I really only tolerate/appreciate the machines when 400 sprints are involved), I tried to saddle up for spin class. Well, I did try to, I physically went into the cycle studio, adjusted the bike for a bueno ride and started peddling. But Foot wasn’t having it. For the first time, I think EVER in my workout/fitness history (at least from what I can remember) I had to dismount and give up…a mere 15 minutes into the sweat sesh. I was NOT happy. But I knew “powering” through such consistent pain (see? consistency again) was definitely not going to help me in the grand scheme of things. I ducked out of the studio like a bad puppy, tail between the knees and instead settled in for a cool off on the elliptical–the king of low impact.

I wore the sneaks to work today…oh man, forgot to announce it with prettty pics, but I got new kicks! They are pretty. And they are NOT a size up like my running shoes are (which is what I had been wearing to the gym and what I mused to be part of the foot problem). And I love them. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of them to share with you and by the time I do they’ll probably not be so pretty. But any who, wore them to the office today and things are feeling much better in my shoes today. However, I’ve got a training run with City Running Tours bright and early tomorrow morning, and I think by the end of the day will have banged out a good 10 miles. So I want to keeeeep the feet feeling good. Tonight’s workout (if one even happens) will again consist only of easy peasy ellipticalling.

Gym? On a Friday night? Yes, that’s right. I’m 80 years old. But when my options were to check out the 90s cover band the Bayside Tigers (!!!) who weren’t even STARTING their show until 11:30 p.m. (booo) OR get a light workout in and good nights sleep before tomorrow’s run, the answer was obvious. Maybe I’m not a boring old lady. Maybe I’m just a real runner. I’m hoping its the latter.

Any who, low key events tonight, but it’s followed by a three-day weekend with lots of fun stuff on the agenda šŸ™‚

Have a great one kids!


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