Busy Bee Doesn’t Even Cover It

I’ve been really busy this week. I’m not exactly sure how. I mean, I know I signed myself up for a lot, but I do that a lot. And work’s been keeping me really busy (which lately–finally–has been the norm). But I haven’t talked to my mom on the phone in days. Or my sisters. And friends? We’ve been playing phone tag for what feels like ages.

And now here it is, almost 4:00 and I’m just as swamped at work when I got here this morning, and I’m try oh-so-hard to get out early to keep some much-wanted dinner plans.

So I’m going to be a bit of a cop-out. And spring Meggie with a surprise, by posting a deliciously informative and funnnn little number she mocked up for me in the days leading up to my Punta Cana trip. I’m pretty sure I was up to my ears in deciding which bathing suit to bring and which to leave behind when she sent it over, and with only a small window of time to finish packing and get through customs, I never had time to post 😦 Sorry Meggie. But my lack of time now means I DO have time to get this up. I also realize that this is sort of a runners Christmas wish list, but people–runners like friends ALL YEAR ROUND! So if you have a friend, who happens to like to run. Or a significant other who is at a loss as to what to get you for your next birthday, pass this baby along!

So readers, you’re in for a special treat. I introduce you to (though I’ll bet you already know), the lovely and colorful Miss Meggie, from The I Thinks I Can!

Hello Marathon Winer readers! My name is Meggie and I blog over at “The Thinks I Can Think.” Seeing as the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I ‘d tell you about some of my favorite things that, in my humble opinion, would be perfect for any runner you may know! It may not be Oprah’s Favorite Things, but it’s a solid list and starting point for you, nonetheless.

1. Oiselle Onyx Tights and/or Oiselle Distance Shorts:

The black onyx tights must have butter sewn into the fabric, as they are the softest, silkiest running tights I’ve ever squeezed my runner (or ice-cream?) thighs into. The fleece lining insures I stay warm no matter if I’m braving the elements running or waiting in a ridiculous line for Magnolia cupcake.

The distance shorts are like Mary Poppins’ magical bag. They fit everything you need while on the run – gels, keys, iPod, emergency snacks, credit cards, IDs, cell phone, etc. Personally, I love the orange color.

The distance shorts in action during the NYC Marathon

2. Picky Bars:

Although not gluten nor dairy intolerant, I am addicted to these little guys.  These bars were a lifesaver during my 3rd year of medical school, when I often had to keep food on my person and eat it fast. They taste like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with a little crunch and a few chocolate chips. Picky Bars also happened to be made by some very nice and supremely fast professional runners , Lauren Fleshman and Stephanie Rothstein, and an equally impressive triathlete, Jesse Thomas.

What I most like about Picky Bars is that I can recognize what is in them. The chocolate chips are nice, too. Plus, if they were created by professional runners, the more I eat, the faster I will be, right?

You want some of these. Trust me. You do.

3. Nike Wool Half Zip

I have last year’s version and it kept me so warm throughout NYC’s harsh winter last year. I’m pretty sure I will buy this year’s version, as well.

Almost as good as my beloved Patagonia fleece.

4. Believe I Am Training Diary:

I’ve never been one to keep training logs, until I got this. This log not only helps me keep track of my training physically, but also helps me keep track of my mindset and attitude. Believe I Am’s training journal has been most useful in helping me with the mental side of running, which is the part I most struggle with.  In addition, it provides a space to track other variables that may affect your running – weight, sleep, cross-training, etc. There’s plenty of blank space for writing out your thoughts, too. I’m so in love with mine I want to get a water-proof cover for it.

It’s pretty and has a pink spiral. What’s not to love?

5. Essie Nail Polish in “Smokin’ Hot:”

Nail polish color can make or break a race for me. This Essie color won’t let you down. In the summer, I switch to Clambake by Essie, just in case you want to give two nail polish colors.

“Guaranteed to make you run smokin’ fast.”

ADD TO THIS: Anything else you would recommend to be on a runner’s wish list?


I would give you some post – race wine tips, but I think I’ll leave Katie to that!


Happy Holidays!


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