Breakfast of Champions

Yesterday went by in a bit of a whirlwind. I know I said I like being busy, but I usually like busy far better when it involves a good run and an early bedtime. After an out-of-office morning the workday went by pretty quickly, and immediately afterwards I hopped on a subway heading downtown to catch a 7:00 show at The Public. The JD and I saw El Pasado Es un Animal Grotesco (for free! always a plus), my first-ever subtitle-in-a-play experience. After hearing some disheartening reviews about Chinglish, mostly due to the difficulty of trying to read a screen in one place while watching actors perform in another, I was a little wary going into this show, but definitely am glad I went and enjoyed the experience. It was a little tricky juggling the subtitle screens with the on-stage action, but I think the minds behind this piece were aware of the need for a balance, and left the entertainment much more in the spoken words than the actors movement. At times it felt like the show was actually trying too hard to be “artsy,” but there were some funny one-liners and overall it was a good performance.

Unfortunately, it got a little bit of a late start and since it was already a pretty long show, I didn’t get home til late. And to bed til later. And had a very early alarm set.

I feel like I definitely had the breakfast of champions today. Not because I ate a giant bowl of Kashi covered in blueberries and have over the course of the morning also taken down a packet of Emerald’s Breakfast on-the-go (though I definitely DID do that…diet fail, but deliciousness win. oops). And not because I got up early and crushed 18 miles for breakfast (I definitely did NOT do that, but really sort of want to try on Saturday with Katherine and Kristine, but not sure if my stupid unwarranted “injury” will allow it). But because I got my toosh out of bed at the lovely hour of 5:45, managed to get dressed and get a huge slew of turkey chili going on the crock pot, and make my way down over and back up to St. Peter’s Church on Lex and 53rd for another run with NYCares. I may have loved this project even more than the dinner shift I worked at All Souls Church last Monday. Things seemed a little more organized for this morning meal, and everyone–EVERYONE was so nice, so friendly, and so PEPPY at 6:45 in the morning. Volunteers helped slice up mounds of fresh fruit, fill up baskets of rolls, spoon stew and pass out yogurt, cereal and other early a.m. munchies as needed. One of my favorite things about the meal served at St. Peter’s was that it was not just healthy, but hearty, and every volunteer there (many of which seemed to be regular Tuesday-morning servers) seemed to have such a big heart and an even bigger smile. It was an awesome way to start my day.

Now I’m secretly trying to determine if there’s anyway I can make it to the gym and back for a lunch-time sweat sesh, because my evening is booking up pretty quickly. I’ve got a spin class scheduled at 7, immediately followed by another hour-long FREE class with Gotham Writer’s Workshop. I am–as per usual–so torn about what to do workout-wise because I really, reallyyyy want to stick to the measly little 3.5 miles on Hal’s half plan, but know I should lay off the foot. That being said, it’d be nice to at least get some time in on the elliptical. The problem is, I’ve never disappeared for a midday gym trip, and as far as I know, no one else in the office really has either. I’m scared to ask and I’m equally scared to just sneak off. Tips, anyone? They are welcome.

Tips are also welcome to anyone who can tell me how to lay off the foot, not fall back in my training AND MENTALLY ACCEPT THE FACT that I NEED TO DO THIS. I know I’m being stubborn, but I think its much easier for anyone who doesn’t run to say “take a break, stop running for a week or two” than it is for me to actually DO that and be okay with it. So, I need some help here. My foot is not getting better and my itch to run faster and further is not getting any smaller. Blurg.

Hope everyone’s having a very, very happy Tuesdayyyyyyyy!






3 Responses to “Breakfast of Champions”

  1. 1 Laura January 10, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    I volunteered at St. Peter’s soup kitchen for a few weeks (I think on Wednesdays maybe though?) and you’re right – super rewarding experience.

    REST UP!!!! 😉

  2. 2 Jocelyn January 11, 2012 at 4:54 am

    How did your interview go with the run group!?!?

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