A Perfect NY Weekend

As much as I think that every once in a while I may enjoy a good weekend of lounging in front of the TV only breaking from a Gilmore Girls or 90210 marathon to get a glass of wine or find the number to call in for a pizza or Chinese delivery, I don’t think I would really be happy with a weekend like that. Nor do I think I’d ever be physically capable of allowing myself to have one. As we all know, I like to get a run in–or at least a sweat of some kind, and I like to see people–laughing, and interacting and having fun. And that’s what this weekend was all about: sweating and having fun.

Friday night (as predicted) turned into another date night for the JD and I on the Upper East Side. I needed to get to NYRR HQ to pick up my packet for the Joe Kleinerman 10k Classic. I didn’t make it up there until just before the doors closed at 7, and after doing just a bit of wandering around/waiting for the JD, we were right on time for the dinner hour. Unfortunately, I’m completely forgetting the name of the cute little wine bar/tapas restaurant we ended up at, but I will find out from the JD and share with you later because it’s  definitely worth checking out [THIS JUST IN…it was called PilPil]. After dinner we headed westward and popped into Bistro18 for their “late night” happy hour (9-11, I think it was?) before making our way home…after all, I had a 10k to run in the morning.

The 10k went really well considering I had no intention of actually racing it–my foot had still been acting up (I know, I know…you know already), I had those few glasses of wine the night before, and hadn’t raced anything since The Marathon. So I thought I’d just use the 10k as a little precursor to help get me pumped for the upcoming half marathon. There were definitely parts of the race that I took slow when I was in the mindset of, “just run for fun, you’re not in this to race” and a few moments (particularly in the Harlem Hills and going up Cat Hill) when I may have pushed a little surge just to get over the bumps and be done with them. My final time was 54:18 (about an 8:46) pace–which seems right on target, especially given the fact that the 400’s I’ve been doing at the gym were laps bouncing back and forth between 7:24 and 8:57. Unfortunately, I had YET to figure out my Garmin when going into this race, so I can’t see what the actual splits were. Sad face.

Afterwards I hurried home to change clothes (you read that right–I held off on the shower) and scoot down to 16th street for my Gotham Writer’s Workshop. I had bought a Daily Candy deal for it back in the summertime and finalllly decided to cash in! It was a really fun and interesting class–taught by a real, published author. It definitely brought me back to the days of my creative writing courses in college, and helped me realize how much information had slipped through the cracks over the last five years (man, I feel old). It also was nice to sit in a “classroom” again and be assigned various writing exercises–especially as I contemplate whether or not I want to try to go back to school in the near future. The teacher did spend a little too much time talking about “the biz” for my liking–and the information shared was stuff that I’m pretty sure everyone in the class already knew or could have easily found online. So overall, I’m very happy I went, but also very happy I paid the discounted DC rate 🙂

From there I again rushed home to this time shower 🙂 cause the JD and I had yet another dinner date (celebrating being together for a whopping 5 years), this time in midtown but once again, a meal of tapas–Korean tapas, actually. We ate a place called Chom Chom and it was amazing–highly recommended. From there, we slowly made our way back uptown with a lengthy stopover at Dive75 for a friend of a friends bday soiree.

And then Sunday. Oh Sunday, how I loved you.

Laura had been kind enough to arrange a running/eating/drinking meet up, via Jimmy No. 43’s 4th Annual Cassoulet Cookoff! I met her and two other lovely runners/bloggers (both of the running blog community AND the professional sort of blog) right above Bethesda Fountain for a 5-5.5 mile jog south along the East River. From there, we cut over to the East Village to taste test a big assortment of cassoulet–from the kitchen of a hipster and his homemade beer to the pot of top restauranteurs donning crisp chef coats, anyone who wanted to participate could, and did, and every dish was delicious! The $20 to get in the door and a spoon went to aid farmers whose crop was affected by Hurricane Irene, and over $2000 was raised by the end of the day!

new runner friends are my fave.

(Photo credit goes to Jocelyn who was kind enough to snap lots of photos throughout the day. Check out her blog for a more fun photos, as well as close up look at the beans and the brews!)

As if my weekend of literally running all over New York wasn’t fun enough, I also spent this morning having a meeting with CityRunningTours, so I can combine my love of NY and running for the great good of the running community–by offering foot tours of the Big Apple to out-of-towners who like to sweat while they sightsee 🙂 More on that later.

In the meantime, have a very happy Monday…or at least, what’s left of it 🙂


1 Response to “A Perfect NY Weekend”

  1. 1 Jocelyn January 11, 2012 at 4:55 am

    Loved meeting you this weekend! Btw I am obsessed with your blog name and I think we should do some sort of running wine tour?!?!

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