Taking the Whine out of Winer

Does anyone else want to punch me for whining about my foot so much these last few days? I know I do. Though, of course, I’d like to punch my foot even more (enough, Katie, enough)!

Yesterday’s lack of heat didn’t help either. Nor did waking up this morning, trying out the hot water for a few minutes, believing I [still] didn’t have any and forgoing a run (because you know, cold showers after cold runs are not fun) because of said belief. Only to wake up an hour later to have the JD tell me he had plenty of hot water for his shower this morning. Doh!

Oh well though. Last week I discovered that workouts involving back-to-back sweat sessions of 400’s (or other less exciting dreadmill running, as today’s case may be…I don’t think speedwork counts as speedwork if it becomes an everyday speed?) and spin classes are pretty enjoyable–pre-work hours or post. So I’m looking forward to being able to go after work. And I’m taking a cue from Abbelew, and putting this mornings run/shower fail and the last two weeks of foot misery behind me and moving on with my day. And hopefully, my January.

For all the whining I’ve done, I’m still in perfectly good shape as far as my training for the National Half goes. In fact, I’ve at least stuck to or surpassed Hal’s Intermediate Training Plan to a T….all in spite of a minor “injury” and alongside holiday festivities and finding my volunteer groove.

As resolution posts continue to build up across the bloggersphere, that last point really resonates with me, and surprises me that it was not included in my own list of goals for 2012 (in all fairness, I wrote the post beforeeee making it to the UES on Monday night. An update may be in that list’s future.)

Volunteering on Monday was a really awesome experience, and one I really hope to repeat–on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. As much as I loved the idea of helping others, I think doing this on a regular basis could really help me too (oh no, did I just turn volunteering into a selfish act?).

While it may not have been apparent in my online ranting the last few days, every time I started to get bummed about how long it’s been since I had an outdoor run (Saturday, if you haven’t been keeping up :)), shivered at the read on the thermometer or otherwise had a “complaint”, I thought about how there are 3890483 other people out there who DON”T have the good fortune of being able to run outside when they want to–or ever, as the case may be. Maybe they don’t have the good health to last through a mile. Maybe they have a long-term (or even lifelong) phyiscal disability that prevents them from doing things far more “the norm” for the rest of us–like walking and jumping and high-fiving and fist-pumping.

And there are 590493 who don’t have the option of rearranging their schedule because their hot water isn’t working one sad morning. Some people never have hot water. And some people never have heat. Some people don’t have the luxury of an apartment that can have a fluke day or two when it doesn’t provide the little things that we take for granted every day.

I know none of you are naive or completely unaware of the world around us. But I realized I need–and like–a little reminder now and then of the big picture. So I’m give one to you–you’re welcome, whether you wanted it or not :). And when I’m busting through some gruesome laps on the dreadmill later, I’ll get through it because I’ll be thinking of how lucky I am to have access to a treadmill and health and wellness that allows me to use it.

Sorry for the sappiness, back to the norm tomorrow 🙂

Happy Thursdayyyyy kids!





1 Response to “Taking the Whine out of Winer”

  1. 1 abbelew January 5, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Yeah! Kick that crabbiness to the curb! (And thanks for the shout-out!)

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