Crossing My Toes

Last night, as I watched my clock slowly tick away the minutes after 6:00 (the time I was supposed to have headed out of the office and over to the gym) while four of my co-workers had an in-depth discussion over letterhead that I just haddddd to be part of, I started loosing my motivation for 400s.

When I finally left work (30 minutes later than I had anticipated, and 1.5 hours later than most NORMAL people…who don’t schedule meetings for 5:00 and then start them at 5:30 and then let them run well past 6) I toyed with the idea of just hopping on the subway home and enjoying a relaxing evening in front of my Christmas tree before social norms demand that I take it down. My feet however, veered me away from the Times Square subway hub and toward the gym.

I did not have nearly as much time to dedicate to running before the 7:00 spin class I wanted to repeat, but I hopped on anyway to see what I could knock out. I had just enough time to do a few 400s at a 7:30 pace with 9:05 recovery laps–a wee bit faster than the night before, but still probably not maxing out to my full potential. Again, I wanted to have enough juice to power through the sweatfest that is a cycle class.

The cool part about my current spin schedule is that in the now 4 classes I’ve done over the last few weeks, each one has been at a completely different time, on a different day and in two different gyms. This means that each one has a different instructor with their own unique style of making you sweat. While I have found some that I favor over others, it’s really nice to go into a class a) not knowing what to expect and b) knowing that even if your butt is in the same “saddle” you’ll have a different ride than last time. Yes, that was nerdy to the max, I realize this.

Last night’s instructor was all smiles (always a plus) and introduced a lot of different moves on top of the same old hill climbs. She had us jumping in and out and over our seats for 2, 4 and 8 beat intervals, doing inverted V’s as far as intensity and speed go and all sorts of other stuff. It was challenging, and it helped the time tick away very quickly.

After class I scurried home to scarf down some leftover split pea soup for dinner with the JD, and spent the rest of my evening stabbing myself in the cuticle with needles and crying over my lack of domestic skill, while making this beau:

this is my pretty new bracelet. homemade with one of the JDs ties.

The JDs sister recently introduced me to the procrastinors heaven that is Pinterest, where I have become a little obsessed with the DIY/Crafts pages. I am not crafty or artsy at all, but I’d like to be, so I spend a lot of those draggingly boring work hours stalking how to blow glass and make baskets out of birdseed. Most of the projects seem way beyond my anti-Martha [Stewart] capabilities, but this little guy seemed feasible–the major “tools” involved were a pair of scissors, a tie, buttons, needle and thread and an old Chobani yogurt container (which you knows I’ve got plenty of). Any who, as we all already knew from my sad attempts at sewing happiness into capes for kids, I don’t work well with a needle and thread. So up close this guy looks a little rough. But from a distance, it’s a lovely little addition to my ensemble (yes, I’m wearing it today) and with a little practice (and more tie-swiping from the JD) perhaps I’ll improve and then everyone will want one and I’ll make millions.

Anywho.  Moving on.
This a.m. I returned to Central Park for the first time in exactly a week. It was weird being away from my beloved Bridle Path for so long. In fact, it had been so long that before going to bed last night I whined to the JD that I hadn’t run since Christmas day and I neeeeeded to get back out there today. That was of course a lie, because I did those 400’s on the treadmill for two nights in a row this week, but in my marathonwiner world, running doesn’t count unless its running outdoors in places that get your shoes dirty.
Unfortunately, I could not enjoy my Bridle Path and Reservoir route to the max this morning because my foot is still hurting me. And by hurting me, I mean it was pure agony this morning. I’m pretty sure the pain initially started (though in much smaller scope) right after returning from the DR, when I ran in my not-so-favorite Brooks for the first time in a long time. I think they were pissed that the Asics got to the Caribbean, and took their anger out on my poor foot. That, or running on the sand set my stride all wrong in JUST my left foot and it’s not readjusting well to the sidewalks and gravel paths that are NYC. Either way, it hurt.
The JD ran with me for the first mile or so and even yelled at me to turn around and go home when he noticed the new run/hop/shuffle move I was sporting. But I figured it hurt just as bad whether I was walking or sitting or running, so I might as well endure the hurt doing what I wanted to be doing, and I finished up my favorite run.
When I got home I regretted that decision immediately and went into super hypochondriac mode thinking my foot might fall off and I’d have to call in to work as a result, but I took some ibuprofen and wrapped the little sucker in icy hot and an ace bandage. So far, so good. I’m hoping my mediocre medical skills (that wrapping combo + elevation + maybe some ice later) solve whatever little problem is going on, because I realllllllly want to end my year running tomorrow. And start 2012 with some sort of pavement pounding. So fingers and toes crossed that this little blip takes care of itself stat.
Speaking of 2012…I’m supposed to do what all the cool blogger kids do and list my resolutions/running goals for the upcoming year. Buttttt I havent quite hammered them down, and rather than throw some filler content at you, I’d like to put some thought into them, and I have all of today and tomorrow to do so. So on Mondayyyyyyy, I will share those with you! Pinky promise.
Hope you all have an AWESOME weekend. Be safe, have fun and happy happy New Year!!!
PS– Do people reallly not want FREE HoneyStingers? Dear Ashley, you won the giveaway from last week. Please be in touch so I know where to send the goods!!!

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  1. 1 rainingdogsncats December 30, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Im never the selected one for your free givaways……

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