Christmas Came Early!

Last night I left the office feeling pretty good. I had the entire night ahead of me to knock out all of my last-minute Christmas shopping, present wrapping, packing, movie-watching and everything else on my to-do list with plenty of time leftover for getting to bed early.

Things got off to a rough start when the shoe repairman I had left my favorite pair of booties with yesterday afternoon decided to lock his door a half hour earlier than he promised, leaving me without the single pair of shoes that make todays work outfit what it is. Better luck when I swing by there later today, eh?

I was able to shake off the disappointment of not having my booties in tow with a little bit of holiday cheer, provided by the Le Parker Meridien hotel’s hot Gingerbread House bake-off! I somehow had expected to find a village of life-sized homes made out of cookies and gum drops, but instead, found about 8 lovely creations by some of New Yorks finest bakers and chefs.

this had gretel in the name and thats all i remember. that, and it was my favorite because it looked like it tasted the best.imagined flavor rating aside, this was my favorite. because duh its a typewriter and im a writer. apologies for the dumb phone pic that does it no justice.

Anywho, after getting far more excited over gingerbread buildings than the many kids also wandering around the little exhibit, I made one last pit stop at the Columbus Circle holiday market (which I’ve been to 4234 times already) and then scurried home to wrap the JDs gift before he got back from work. I was so proud of accomplishing so many Christmas tasks in such a short period, that I got cozy and queued up a movie to settle into once he was home….only to find out we had more Santa-like work to do once he arrived–like hunting down cute gift bags for the fancy chocolates he and his coworkers had bought for their paralegals and whatnot. The hunt took us all over the UWS from Rite Aid to Duane Reade, finally to Michael’s where we scored some very boring white bags that I happily jazzed up with lovely red holiday ribbon.

We had wine and leftovers (from my homemade zucchini lasagna) for dinner while watching A Muppet Christmas Carol and having our own little Christmas celebration since we’re parting ways for the holiday later this afternoon.

And I received the. greatest. gift. this marathonwiner could have possible hoped for. Ladies and gents, I give you…


 As you can tell by the time on the watch (which was actually still an hour behind when this was taken because I still havent figured out how to work the contraption), it was considerably late by the time our Christmas came to a close and there was still the packing of bags to Richmond to be done, as well as prepping the apartment for cat-sitting in our absence (aka, laying out 439204 water bowls and resetting the automatic feeder).

While the JD labored over the automatic feeder, I took a 5-second break from playing with my new favorite Christmas toy to open a gift his mom had sent up from Jersey.

Which turned out to be the second greatest gift this marathonwiner could have ever hoped for.

howwwwwwww did MamaJD have any idea that i’ve been wanting this shirt for the last 482304 years?? love. love. love.

 Needless to say, I went to bed very happy–very late? Yes, but happier than Ralphie when he’s snuggling with his official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle.

Unfortunately I still hadn’t worked out exactly how to use the new Garmin (if anyone wants to give me a quick tutorial in Garmin 101, feel free to volunteer) before this mornings run, so I had to go without it. But don’t you worry, I’ll spend every spare second of sitting at the airport/flying to Richmond/any other free moment of time I can find pouring over the user handbook and comeback a master, ready to share splits and times and heart rates and so many other fun things after the holiday. How convenient, since half marathon training begins on Christmas day!

What’s that? You thought this post was done? Think again. My running around like a crazy person had still not ended when I woke up to run this morning. After busting out (what I hope was) 6ish miles I still had to pick up some black and whites and the neighborhood bakery, shower and lug my luggage to the subway and make a pit stop on the way to work for one last present pickup–a beautiful necklace for my grandmother made by Erica Sara. I’ve had my eye on her work ever since I got wind of her beautiful 26.2 charms, and in very last minute fashion, hit her up yesterday to create a “generations” necklace for my grandmother. It’s gorgeous people. Go check her out.

Now I am one boot pick up (fingers crossed they are there today), one ride on the 7 and some other random bus and one [what I expect to be very long] security line away from heading home for the holidays 🙂

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and every other happy to you all!




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