It’s the Holiday Season

with the whoop-de-do and hickory dock…

Sorry kids. I’m sure you get sick of me starting many a blog post with song lyrics… but that one had been in my head since the Dominican. Yes, even in the DR me and my travel buddies were humming the Holiday Season out the wahzoo. Unfortunately, when I got back, I was experiencing a bit of shell-shock when I realized Christmas was just five days away.

But last night got me right back into the spirit! We had the JD’s aunt and uncle over for dinner and a movie. I made a homemade zucchini lasagna (served with store-bought salad, bread and apps), cracked open a few bottles of wine and turned up the Christmas carols.

Afterwards, we watched a not-so-Christmassy movie…Bridesmaids–which I had been wanting to see for a really long time (especially with having just been in a bridal party in October and getting ready to get dolled up as one again in March). I definitely found myself chuckling A LOT, as was expected, but I certainly did not expect so many sad and girly moments. I wanted Old School–lots of laughs, a happy ending but not a lot of sap. Overall though, glad I finally caught it 🙂

And even though I was up late watching Melissa McCarthy go full-out in anti-Sookie, I dragged my butt out of bed for a 7am spin class.

in case you were getting tired of pictures of central park in the a.m. (/palm trees)'s a little seen shot: times square at 6:30 a.m.!

Look at me! Twice in three weeks (with a vacay in between) certainly trumps twice in 6 months (or maybe it was longer?)!

This mornings class was even better than the one I tried out before going to Punta Cana. The instructor still didn’t have the drive of my first-ever machine of a teacher back in April (or whenever it was), but she did force us to cycle up a LOT of “hills”. And the sweat was pourrrring. It was a lovely way to start the day 🙂

Afterwards I did a quick cool down on the ellip, paid my arms and abs a few seconds of fake attention and headed out the door. Even with a stop at the local Duane Reede (I know, every one is local because they are on every block) to pick up some boxes for wrapping Christmas presents, I made it into work early!

Not early enough apparently, because this is the first free second I’ve had all day to throw a quick post up. Meetings, meetings, meeeetings galore!

And we’ve also got holiday cheer galore–an overindulgent catered lunch at the office today, followed by the JD’s office Christmas party tonight. Thank goodness for morning sweat sessions!

And thank goodness for the nice people at Honey Stingers! Friends and blog readers, you’ve still got until 10 p.m. tonight to enter to win a box full of your Honey Stinger favorite, whatever that may be!

See yesterday’s post for the full deats! And good luck to ya!

– What holiday fun have you been up to this week?

– How do you balance the holiday treats with your workout routine? My answer: I don’t! The holidays are happy for a reason!


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