Christmas Time in the City

I’m still riding a high from an epic holiday weekend in NYC….and it’s a good thing, too. Because work is trying VERY hard to kill that high.

Friday night, after lugging home many awkward-shaped boxes and bags (first from Jersey to the office, then the office to the UWS), wild horses (and Christmas tree expert logic) could not stop me from getting my tree up.

After dumping my bundles at the apartment and picking up some sparkling tree lights at the local CVS, I dragged the JD around the corner to pick out a Christmas tree.

Turns out, shopping for convenience (as it so often does), means paying a little extra–especially in the world of NYC Street Trees. We haggled with the man in the flannel jacket (whose accent was NOT upstate New York but more Romanian or something) for what we thought was a steal of a price on a Charlie Brown tree + stand combo, only for me to find out later (as I traipsed along the less-busy streets of Manhattan yesterday) that there are in fact, many places a little further from home selling trees with ALL of their branches at far lower prices. But, sera sera.

I love Charlie Brown. And I love our tree.

seeee? when you face the less-than full side towards the corner, noone knows its missing a big chunk of tree!

 And I love that our Friday night was spent making the apartment warm and fuzzy and festive.

Saturday morning both me and the JD were up considerably early for a non-marathon training weekend–he had an all day class in midtown (required by the bar association, they really know how to make a person happy they got their law degree) and I had a running date with Katherine and Kristine.

Coming from different neighborhoods means pinpointing meetups. So Saturday was Chelsea Piers at 9:30. This meant that I’d be covering close to 5 miles along the river by myself before picking up some company. Those first five-ish miles were tough–and I kept telling myself that maybe it was too early post-marathon to be attempting a long run. But you’ve heard me whine enough about miles not covered. I needed to be out there.

It was a beautiful day–in fact, too beautiful. I had anticipated cold temperatures (you know, since it’s December in NYC and whatnot) and even colder winds (because I’ve been known to get chills along the river even in the dead of summer) and so was surprised to find myself WAY overdressed for mid-to-high fifties and zero wind action. But I won’t complain about a run in the sun.

I got the in-person recap from Katherine’s half marathon in Philly (a race I SO wish I had been able to repeat this year), chatted up Kristine about her January half, and then talk turned to work and finding out that Kristine’s office is oh-so-close to my new location. Lunch dates and happy hour meet-ups are next in queue–and I’m excited! The second half of the run truly FLEW by. I cannot wait to schedule another long Saturday–I need them on the calendar to keep me sane 🙂

I peeled off from the girls just after crossing under the Brooklyn Bridge and headed back towards South Ferry to hop on the subway. I had a very stinky and sweaty 11:00 meeting to get to–my orientation to volunteer with NYCares. One hour-long info session and I’m now ready to get out there and giveeee my time 🙂 My first project is Wednesday and I’m more than excited! Can’t wait to let you all know how it goes.

The morning to-do list didn’t end there, after my rundown from NYCares it was off to David’s Bridal to pick up a bridesmaids dress for one of my best friends Floridian wedding, coming up in March! And coming up even sooner, is another sure-to-be-epic bachelorette weekend here in NYC!

Saturday afternoon left just enough time to veg, catch up on Greys and finally hit the showers before meeting up with the JD for a post-“thisweekendlongmandatoryclassreallyblows” drink in midtown. We grabbed a few glasses of wine and some appetizers then headed home for a low-key evening of me trying desperately to watch every single Christmas movie and TV show Netflix instant had to offer (which was not many).

Sunday was dedicated to LOTS of walking around the city–Christmas shopping, flash-mob watching, cousin catching-upping and Rockefeller Center at Christmastime visiting, tourist fighting and gyming.

hello you big, beautiful tree, you!

It was a busy yet leisurely day, that ended with a little more wine sipping and present wrapping to the tune of Christmas carols, courtesy of Pandora.

Now, if I can get through my case of the Mondays and the little things at work that are making me irk…I’ll be back at the gym and then back to the Christmas tunage tonight!

Have a great day kiddos!


– Did you have a great run this weekend?? I’ve read so many recaps on the Vegas RnR half! I was jealous I wasn’t there, but grateful that I had a good run of my own.

– What’s your favorite part of Christmas in NYC??


7 Responses to “Christmas Time in the City”

  1. 1 Dating a 57WAR December 5, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    Yay for weekend’s filled with Christmas festivities! I currently have 3 different Pandora Christmas playlists haha.

  2. 2 lizzyj1305 December 5, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    While in NYC for the marathon I thought the city was beautiful!! I can’t even imagine how awesome it looks for Christmas!!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. 4 runningismagical December 6, 2011 at 12:42 am

    I had my first enjoyable run this past weekend after a long stint of really awful ones and being sick. So I was pretty stoked about that. I’ve been reading about everyone’s LV RnR too and I’ve been dying of jealousy. I def need to do it next year!

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