The Real World

I guess I had forgotten what it was like to live in the real world when I was waiting tables–aka…sleeping in every day until 8 or 9, lounging around watching Hoda and leisurely enjoying my breakfast.

My new office has late hours (10-6), which sounds like it would be almost as luxurious as my restaurant life, but it’s not. Because unlike the marathonwiner serving tables–who could still squeeze a run in in between Hoda and my shift start of 4:00–this real world marathonwiner is usually stuck under the flourescent lights all day.

And in the case of today, has to prep for, participate in and clean up after off-site press conferences.

Which sounds glamorous. And to some extent, it was (we DID get free pizza)…minus the fact that I had to wake up way early, to get my run in before heading to midtown early, to stand in heels all day–outside, in that chilly, windy weather I was so happy about yesterday and get far behind in the other work waiting under those flourescent lights. And by work, I mean writing this blog post.

And letting you all know that I ran 8.4 glorious miles around Central Park this morning.

It has been a LONG time since I’ve woken up before the sun to run (well, minus The Marathon, of course). And I somehow wasn’t even that grouchy about the ordeal. In fact, I sort of LOVED walking out the door and getting hit in the face with the brisk winter weather and having some “me” time before a very busy day.

Again, for the first time in a long time, I headed to the park (for those of you who don’t remember, I enter at a spot that’s about a mile warm-up jog from my house) to hit up the outer loop. Six wonderful miles–INCLUDING every inch of the Harlem Hills.

Was I particularly speedy? No. Was I a snail. Definitely not. I was quite comfortable with my pace, and even happier that I hit the distance that my PMD’d (post-marathon-depressed) self so desperately needed as a confidence boost. Not gonna lie, my glutes were still groaning towards the end of it (admittedly, I’m well aware I could have held off a few more days before trying such a long run, or at the very least waited a few days after running Richmond to jump back into my sneaks), but as you know from my petulant Tuesday post I was beginning to think that I was losing my mojo–and was no longer allowed in the “runners club.” But I’m back baby! Back in the club, and (rehashing to the start of this rambling) back in the real world…so I better find a way to manage my time better and fit it all in!

New marathonwiner time management success begins with a 1.5 hour bus ride to New Jersey tonight. To pick up my sad few boxes of Christmas decorations (in storage…aka, the JDs’ parents house). And another 1.5 hour train ride back to the city tomorrow morning. I’m doing a great job with using my time wisely, right?

No really, I am. Because between the nice nippy weather and this morning’s gorgeous run, very little can make me happier than having a Christmas tree lighting of my own tomorrow night.

Happy, happy Thursday kids!


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