Do you think you’ll do another?

That’s almost always the first question people ask after I force them to listen to tell them the details of my first-ever marathon experience that they are so very eager to hear.

After my first half-marathon last November, the question was “do you think you’ll ever do a full?” And I immediately scoffed and said “pshh, no way.”

Before even crossing the finish line in Richmond, I had done the legwork (I’m so punny) necessary to get automatic entry into the ING NYC Marathon 2012. I told everyone that barring any disaster on the streets of Richmond, I was most certainly going to run another 26.2. In fact, after Richmond was over and I had blocked out all of the very painful and miserable memories that were miles 20-26, I even tried to convince myself that it was phyisically possible to do both NY and Richmond next year…even though the two races are a mere week apart. I was riding the high and finally understood why so few people ever run “just one” marathon.

But now I find myself, nearly 2.5 weeks post-race and not running too much. I know, I know…26.2 is a lot on your body and many people take off for weeks or months at a time for recovery. But the thing is, I don’t WANT to take off. I don’t enjoy NOT running. And it’s not even that I haven’t been running, because I have. I’ve done lots of loops around the bridle and reservoir since coming back to the city, and did lots of loops in my parents neighborhood while home for turkey day. But I’m not running as far and I’m not running as often and it buggggs me. I was walking to the subway this morning and actually became angry at myself that I had let yet another freakishly warm November morning pass in NYC without lacing up the sneaks. Granted, I know I couldn’t have run yesterday morning…seeing as how I didn’t get back into the city until 3 a.m. But that’s the crazy part. I still was annoyed–not sure if it was more with the situation or myself–for not having the time to run yesterday and for opting to catch up on sleep today.

And that whole plan to up my fitness in areas outside of running while I wait for my National Half marathon training to begin? Laughable. Thanks to the new office hours and a midtown location, every time I make the grand gesture to sign up for a spin class or other group fitness activity, I’m denied (in fairness, I still GO to the gym. But you can bet your butt I don’t work myself on an ellip nearly as hard as a badass instructor would run me on a bike). The running gods are just telling me to forgo the stationary bike and get back on the streets. I want another training plan. I want another marathon. And I want it now.

Then again, I don’t.

Because I’m pretty sure that I’ll never beat the time that was on the clock as I crossed the finish line on Nov. 12:

see that? that wasn't even the official time, but you knew that, because i don't shut up about my shock over it. but this was some strange fluke, and i could run 48932043 marathons and probably never touch this.

This post sounds whiny and lamenting. And maybe it is (though it should be noted that I’m actually still happy and smiling and in a decent mood while writing it, so it can’t be THAT whiny…).

It’s also all over the place. Which I also, currently am. One day I’m totally happy only running 4 miles or skipping a run completely and taking it easy. The next I’m shinkicking myself (painful, though probably funny to watch) for not putting on my sneaks and getting out of bed earlier.

The bottom line was this: running DOES make you crazy, marathons ARE addicting and I’m likely going to be a hot mess from now til Christmas day, when I finally get back on a training plan. Enjoy!





9 Responses to “Do you think you’ll do another?”

  1. 1 Katie November 29, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Haha, oh YES, marathons are addictive! You shouldn’t think you will never beat that time, though!!! I think there’s no reason you can’t beat it, again and again! 🙂

  2. 2 fionarwbl November 29, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    I am going the same thing. I am sort of running right now, and frustrated when I’m not running. However, when I do run, it’s exhausting and slow, which is probably still marathon jet-lag. I’m going crazy!!!

  3. 3 marathon winer November 29, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    thanks ladies…makes me feel much better to know i’m not alone 🙂

  4. 4 sweatpassionandtears November 29, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    I’m not so sure it’s running that makes us crazy, I think it’s crazy that makes us runners 🙂

    I totally feel the same way though — right after a race part of me wants to relax and do nothing but bath in my glory! That wears off after about 2 days though and I want to be right in the thick of training. When I’m in the thick of training, though, all I want is sleep and a day off….ahhh grass is always greener, I guess?

    I have a wonderful idea for you though! You can train with me for my marathon haha

  5. 6 thethinksicanthink November 29, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    I kind of give myself a “free pass” for at least a month after a marathon. Its a lot to ask of your body and the months leading up to it are also so much training. You have to be very disciplined. So, I take 2 weeks off and then, if healthy, the next 2 weeks are social running only. Then, I re-evaluate from there.

    That being said, I do feel a little lost not training for something. I try to consider it all just a part of the game. There have to been down times if you expect to peak, too!

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