And the winner is…

New York City!

….for being the best at hosting huge and amazing events in small cramped spaces [read: the streets of Manhattan].

(If you got all excited thinking that was a drumroll of the Chobani giveaway…well, you were partially right. Because that’s announced at the very end of this post. But be kind and read your way through, rather than scroll to the end, eh?)

This morning I wanted to stick to a shorter run–I went to bed far too late last night, but not because I was up packing for Richmond. I was at Lionshead Tavern bringing my super-nice neighborhood friend up to speed on what keys would get her into the apartment this weekend and what weird tics my cat has, as she was kind enough to promise to check in on the little monster. So this morning, to avoid the temptation of a longer run (that Central Park so often offers) and also to avoid the reservoir, which I imagine was a field of puddles and wet uncomfortableness.

So I took to the streets of this fineee city, and even though it was a little miserable weather-wise, I had a great run.

Just like seeing the stands set up in Central Park in the days leading up to the marathon made me giddy like an 8-year-old on Christmas eve, the risers being erected for tomorrow’s parade had a similar effect. Because like an 8-year-old, I religiously watch every second of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I get pumped reading about new floats to take to the skies and anxiously await the arrival of old favorites. And I call every single one of the 20-something people in my house on Thanksgiving morning to watch the arrival of Santa Claus.

Yes, I realize I’m a nerd.

I may never actually BE in New York City for the parade (because if I have things my way, our Thanksgiving traditions in Richmond will continue until it’s no longer a holiday or I’m no longer around), so it was nice to at least be here the day before, and feel the excitement in the air as the ground crews worked–with Christmas music blasting, no less.

Disappointing that I ran the parade route this morning, rather than later today when the actual inflation begins? A wee bit.

sorry i can't see you rise outta the streets later today kermit. instead, i'll be waiting in line to board a chinatown bus. awesome!

But seeing the bleachers packed onto the sidewalks like sardines and being forced to run on the bike path gave what would have been a pretty dreary morning a little bit of flair. And NYC and the tons of people who work on huge events like the parade and the marathon deserve a giant pat on the back for makin’ the magic happen. It’s pretty impressive to see the behind the scenes and realize how much manpower goes into productions of this scale.

Now rather than hear me continue to gush about the parade and count down the hours until I’m home with my favorite people in the world…I shall let you see which of you lucky readers is getting a free box of Chobani delivered to their door.

[Drumroll, please….]


Yay Krissy! Congrats! Please shoot me an email or DM on Twitter with your mailing address and what sort of assortment of yogurt you’d like. You get your choice of 12 flavors, all of your choosing!

We all know what Krissy is thankful this holiday…how about the rest of you?? What are YOUUUU thankful for this Thanksgiving and all year round?


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