Marathon Love

I should maybe take a few minutes to chat about my first day at the new job yesterday and thoughts as I prepare for day 2. Or brief you on my return to NYSC last night and the fact that I listened to Hal and only ran 3 easy miles this morning. But I have more important things on my mind.

Like taking a second to say a big fat thank you to so many supportive, awesome people in my life, but more specifically [at least this week] in my marathon training.

So here goes.

Thank you to the “healthy living” blogging community…or whatever you are called. If it weren’t for you (and the many hours of boredom at my first NYC job), I may never have devoted 43243 hours to reading up on Garmins and discovering what the term “negative splits” means. And therefore never gotten hooked enough on the subject of running to ever want to hit that “register” button for the Suntrust Richmond Marathon.

Thank you to my NYC running friends and the random runners who I’ve met along my miles. Whether I met you through NYRR, randomly on the streets of the UWS, through blogging or some other weird and sweaty means, I’m so glad I did. Without you, I’d lose every early battle with my alarm clock, drive all of my non-running friends bat-shit crazy with all of my talk about road runner races, GUs, compression socks and bathroom stops and never have conquered 15, 18 or 21.5 miles.

Thank you to my friends and family who (at least at this point) may even be more excited about Saturday than I am (what can I say, I’m currently more scared shitless than I am giddy with anticipation…). So excited that they are also making the trek from New York to Richmond to come cheer me on. That’s right. I have three very awesome people who are traveling by plane and–even more impressively–by car, to watch me cross the finish line. Words just can’t express how cool that is.

Thank you to my friends and family who my not entirely understand why I run, or the magnitude of attempting a 26.2 mile, but support me and cheer me on anyway by sending me adorable “rah! rah! you kickass!” cards, or reply to my inquiries about whether or not they’ll be able to line up along the racecourse with emails like this: “Even though I think its ridiculous, I know its important to you duh, and I would be out there at some point to watch, but I have to work.” And then promise to come celebrate the second they get off work. 🙂 There are also those friends who DO have off, and even though they just tied the knot and are likely still riding the honeymoon high, offer to take a timeout from married life and come to said race. And not just to spectate, but jump in the race to pull me through the terrifying nomansland that is the last 10k. Yeah, I have awesome friends. Really, freaking awesome friends.

Thank you lastly, but certainly (by far) not the least, to the JD. My absolutely 100% amazing bf. Who suffered (and continues to suffer) through my whining for 18+ weeks. Eighteen long weeks of early nights that lead to earlier mornings, long runs, laments about nerves and doubts, unnecessary levels of excitement over PRs and nerdy glove purchases, talking about Hal Higdon as if HE were my boyfriend, and far too many hours spent overanalyzing my training plan/running log. Most normal dudes would have probably peaced out long ago. Or atleast gone crazy and/or turned into a raging alcoholic. But the JD has the patience of a saint. And through all my marathonwining, told me not only that I can run a marathon, but I can kick ass while I do it. And in case that didn’t get me pumped up, he had pretty flowers ready to distract me from my scary marathon thoughts.

I had a stressful first day of work. Amplified by the fact the my nerves are a little on edge with Nov.12th fast approaching. But thanks to virtual and real cheers from friends and family–by way of blog comments, cards from Chicago, phone calls from 10k runners in Richmond and hugs from the best bf in the world–I’m feeling good about Saturday. I may not hit the time goal I secretly have set in my head, but I will cross the finish line of my first marathon with a big fat smile on my face. And that’s a good enough goal for now.



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