Holy Marathon Weekend

I’ve got my own marathon weekend coming up in just four short days. But before I bore you with my anxiety over that, let’s back up so I can recap the adrenaline rush I’m still riding from a marathon I didn’t run [yet]…the ING NYC Marathon.

I made an entire weekend out of this event–or at least, running in general. As you know, it all kicked off on Thursday afternoon when I went to the expo at Jacob Javits Center. I came home with lots of goodie bags filled with free treats and bangin’ good dollars spent.

On Friday, I made my way down to David’s Bridal and ordered a beautiful pool blue dress for one of my best friends forthcoming weddings, and spent the rest of the afternoon “crosstraining”…read: walking all over Manhattan. I was given out more marathon freebies in midtown, in the shape of a bright orange cowbell and racecourse maps. Hot dog! And as a last-Friday-of-Freedom splurge, I treated myself to Rice to Riches. I’d been intrigued by this 16 Handles of rice pudding for quite sometime now, and holy moly, was I impressed with what I found. I never thought I’d see the day when I found somewhere to give my froyo mecca a run for its money, but this rando-ricepuddin’ shop did the trick. I wasn’t even sure I liked rice pudding when I went in, and I came out completely in love. Especially with the espresso chocolate chip flavor. Ladies and gents, do yourself a big favor and go here…NOW.

From Spring Street I scurried home for my last night of working at the restaurant. No exciting details to share there, except I made a nice chunk of moolah for my farewell shift, did a quick clicking of the heels and headed home. Things got awesome once I got there, because I had an awesome piece of mail waiting for me from my cousin, whom recently left me for Chicago. Big sad face. But even from there, she’s an awesome cheerleader, and her card said something along the lines of “CongratsongettingthroughyourmarathontrainingandgoodluckonyourveryfirstmarathonandIknowyou’llkickass” and some other sappy/super nice things. Bottom line: my cousin kicks ass.

I went to bed happy. And on Saturday morning I finally got my butt out of bed for an “early” a.m. run (early only in comparison to the times I was running while in the restaurant world) with Katherine, Ashley and Kristine. These lovely ladies were kind enough to cross over from the east side so we could all head south along the Hudson River together. We all had different distances planned for the day, but banged out a big chunk of them together from 34th street down to Battery Park, South Ferry and the Brooklyn Bridge. I stopped at about 10 miles right under the bridge and u-turned to find a train back uptown. Once home, I was greeted by another marathon-inspired surprise, this time from the JD:

hello pretty flowers. that match fall foliage. that colors the richmond marathon course.

Have I mentioned how great my boyfriend is? Because he’s pretty effin great.

After admiring my flowers, I inhaled some delicious coffee, showered and headed out for another delightful NYC day with the boy.

We went shopping for fancy work clothes–me for the new job, and the JD just because 🙂 Afterwards we caught an early movie (50/50 with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gorden Levitt–both funny and touching, highly recommended) at the Loew’s at Lincoln Center (which may be my new favorite NYC theater) followed by dinner at Cleopatra’s Needle. I’d been dying to try this place for a while simply because I liked the name of it. I liked the name of it even more when I learned it was shared with the mini-Washingtonmonumentlookalike in Central Park.

what's that? dc is too far a run? fine. i'll get a glimpse of my monument in central park.

Unfortunately, while the restaurant has a swanky fun name, and some decent mediterranean fare, I don’t think I’ll be making a return. Not quite enough bang for the buck in my opinion, but there was some fun jazz music, and it was the first time in a long time the JD and I were able to squeeze in a datenight. So, success all around.

And then came Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Because of the time change I literally woke up  like a kid on Christmas morning–super early and super giddy. I was annoyed that marathon coverage wasn’t starting until 9 a.m., but got over that disappointment rather quickly, as PBS was repeating the Fred Lebow movie “Without Limits” over and over again. I only got to see a few minutes of it before switching back over to NBC, but anything marathon related was okay in my book.

I had originally anticipated going for a short run or making a return to the gym (oh by the way, my NYSC membership is BACK BABY!) before suiting up to cheer on friends actually running the race, but the elites got the best of me and I was literally glued to the TV for 2 hours. Never in my life would I have thought watching people run on TV could keep my attention, much less for such a long span of time. But kids, I was ENTHRALLED. Eventually, I managed to pull myself away and head over to first ave, where the JD and I were meeting up with some fellow cheerers. As soon as we got off the subway on Lex I could feel the change in the air, and once we hit 3rd ave, I could see the crowds in the distance. By the time we made it over to first, I was ecstatic.

We were easily able to find our friends as the ran by, and stopped for some sweaty hugs and well wishes. From there, our group traveled down the east side of the park toward Mickey Mantles where we popped in for a quick drink (well, they sipped, I dutifully abstained) because you know, spectating can be a tough job!

After hydrating we went right back out to the crowds to cheer our friends on as they came down around mile 25, the cowbells were ringing and the Mr and Mrs were smiling and going strong (I have an amazing picture to prove it, but not sure on their thoughts on sharing with the internet world)! We screamed and yelled and cowbelled for them to keep on going, and once we knew they had it in the bag moved down to Faces and Names to wait for them. Once the achy but happy couple made it in, I pulled up a seat to congratulate them and immediately set in on their thoughts, feelings, advice and any other peep they could muster on marathoning. It was the mister’s first-ever race (his wife was on her 5th), so I was thrilled to learn that he loved every second of it, said it was the most amazing experience ever and that he had no doubt I’d feel the same come Saturday.

(Provided that’s true, and I don’t end up LOATHING 26.2….ING NYC Marathon, I’ll see YOU next year!)

We stayed in midtown munching on delicious pub-food and talking running for a few hours before heading home. I finally pushed the thought of a workout out of my head and instead focused all of my attention on making some peanutbutteroatfudgies–a recipe recently sent to me by my mother. With the marathon four days away, and my first day of work at the new job a few hours away (well, now its more like 40 minutes), peanut butter goodness seemed the best line of defense against all anxious thoughts and jittery feelings.

So with that FINALLY said. I’m off to the first day on the new job. Followed (hopefully) by a return to my favorite NY gym so I can zone out for a few more hours. And once I get home tonight, I may have a nervous breakdown.

Happy happy Monday kids!


6 Responses to “Holy Marathon Weekend”

  1. 1 sweatpassionandtears November 7, 2011 at 10:00 am

    I got sucked into the TV watching the lead men/women run the marathon!!! I seriously didn’t know what happened to me, I hate watching sports, it’s like someone took over my body haha

    I can’t believe your marathon is only a week away, so exciting!!! And you’re going to rock it!

    After you get back we’ll have to go out for wine to celebrate your marathon, new job and being over “wine-less taper period”! haha

  2. 2 marathon winer November 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    yes yes and yes! can’t wait!!

  3. 3 runningismagical November 7, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    Hope you had an awesome first day of work! Can’t wait to hear all about your marathon!

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