I officially have the song nightswimming by R.E.M. stuck in my head…anyone?

Anywho. As I mentioned yesterday, I had attempted to wake up early and get a run in before work, but sleep got the better of me. I pushed snooze and lounged almost until it was time to walk out the door.

My original plan to wake up early had had many reasons. I really want to get myself back in the habit of early morning runs before the new job takes off on Monday morning. I also really wanted to get myself in the habit before November 12th, when I’ll have to wake up at 5 something in the a.m. before running 26.2 miles. Eeks.

But I’ve been told sleep is just as important–if not more important–than mileage during taper time. So I took the mini fail in stride.

As often happens in the restaurant business, I didn’t get out until a full hour later than I had anticipated. This meant I had to tell Katherine to run without me, rather than continually keep her waiting (sorry again, Katherine!) and change up  my own Central Park attack plan. Since it was getting dark out and I had gorged myself on a gross amount of spinach dip before leaving the restaurant, I didn’t think the 12 miles I had planned would have been the greatest idea. Instead, I figured I’d see how busy the park was (I’d never really run it at night before) and if it looked like there was a good sweat crowd out, I’d do one outer loop and then head home.

Well, you know me. I’m stubborn.

I had 12 miles on the brain yesterday, and so 12 miles is what I ended up doing. Oops.

In all fairness, the park was probably just as dark as it would have been had I made it out at 6:30 a.m. (watch this be the one time my parents decide to read the blog and go apeshit when they see I DARED enter the park after dusk), but it was ALIVE with runners, bikers, tourists and who knows who else!

There were lots of glowstick-clad pace training groups sandwiching me in every segment of the run, and I felt 100% safe. And I guess the “newness” of a nighttime run super charged me, because the spinach dip as fuel did not have any negative impact on my run. In fact, it was best run I’ve had in a couple of days–I felt great!

I did one outer loop as planned, including the full scale of Harlem Hills, and then stuck around for one more 4-mile jaunt around an inner loop.

There were more bats than the birds I’m used to seeing. So that was weird. And I did get a little confused by the corral-like structures lining the west side of the park for this weekends marathon and had to retrace my steps a few times, but the run was otherwise a dream. Awesome views of the city skyline lit up, great weather, and an overall feeling of excitement from the other groups of runners and the entire west side of the park, but specifically, this little gem:

again, dumphone quality. but if you're a runner, you likely already know that this is the finish line of the ING NYC marathon. annnnd says "run for life" on it. LOVE.

I figure last night may have been the last chance I’ll have to get that close to the finish line…until maybe next November? We’ll see.

Once I got home I tried to be better about stretching and foam rolling and then spent the remainder of the evening stalking every single page of the Richmond Marathon to see if there’s anything I’m missing. It appears that the elevation for the course is considerably flat though, so I’ll be good to go if I keep my runs from here on out along Riverside park or even just the neighborhood streets. Because other than an 8-10 mile jog on Saturday, I really, really REALLY want to keep the distance down to Hal’s taper time recommendation. If you see me post about any other longer runs, leave your computer, hit the streets and track me down. And then punch me in the arm and drag me home. Because taper time means rest time.

Not sure what’s on the agenda for today, but very likely some wandering around the city until my shift at 4:00, because its beautifulllll outside 🙂 If there’s time, perhaps a VERY EASY 3-4 mile shakeout run, or maybe even a spin class to switch things up a bit! Who knows. Recommendations welcome!

*All this of course…AFTER I watch Hoda (and KLG, if that mention is necessary. sorry, that was mean). It’s my second-to-last morning of non-office freedom to enjoy the Today Show, so my butt will be glued here for a few. And I just found out Hoda and KLG will be reporting from Orlando [read: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter] next week. Maybe I should have put my work start date off a few days? Bahaha/Sera, sera.

Have a very happy Thursday kids!


3 Responses to “Nightrunning”

  1. 1 sweatpassionandtears November 3, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Glad you made it out for a run!!! I ran home and then along the East River down to Williamsburg Bridge. It was such nice weather and so pretty by the river! I was a little scared to be there at night, though. I mean they have lights and there were SOME other runners, but it’s not heavily crowded. Any who, made it home alive!

    haha I LOVE the Today Show and Lady’s Hour. It’s not a good morning unless I at least get in 5mins of some Matt Lauer time.

    Hope to see you Saturday!

  2. 2 marathon winer November 3, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    matt lauer= a long-time love! and DEF will see you saturday. its happening! rally the troops!

  1. 1 It’s in the Air « Marathon Winer Trackback on November 4, 2011 at 10:10 am

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