…on being social

at the Social Table, that is.

This is something I highly, HIGHLY recommend. And my recommending it to you shows how much I care about you, because Chef Rebecca’s (owner, operator and cook at the Social Table) classes fill up so fast that it takes weeks and sometimes months of waitlisting to get in. Considering how much I love going and want my own name to move up on the list, I should keep this NYC class a secret for as long as humanly possible. But Rebecca is awesome (she even donated some classes to a great cause for me back in August) and deserves the plug, and blog friends are just as awesome and deserve this experience.

Last night the JD wrangled away from work early enough to meet me in midtown just before our Fall Chicken Dinner class. The menu consisted of:

– Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms with crispy Shallots (that I will now be making every single night for the next 6 months or so)

– Smashed Fried Red Potatoes with Rosemary & Parmesan (this is the crunchy french fry lovers heaven. words just can’t describe)

– Pan-Crisped Chicken with Carmelized Onions and a Garlic Pan Sauce (anything carmelized always becomes 432423 times better)

– and a Classic Apple Crisp with Vanilla Icecream (super easy to make and the perfect fall dessert)

Sadly, my NOT being a food blogger was evident, because this is the only photo I walked away with last night:

this photo only just falls short of really capturing the fun and excitement of the evening...

Guess I got far too wrapped up in the cooking, and more importantly–the eating, part of the evening. Oops. Sorry kids!

Any who, the night was awesome but ended late. Which means that it was near impossible for me to drag my toosh outta bed when the alarm went off at 6:15 for what I hoped to be one last 12-miler through the park.

Hal and many others have told me that sleep is just as important (if not more) than mileage during taper, so I turned the alarm off and zonked out for another few hours. Now I’ve got some coffee to sip, foam rolling to force myself to finally do (it’s been ages) and my last 10-5 shift waiting for me at the restaurant. I’m reallllly hoping to get that run in after the work day is over. *Fingers crossed*

I know if I don’t hit 12 miles it’s not the end of the world, and I’m mentally preparing for that because I know it will be far more difficult a. late in the day and b. after being on my feet all day, but I know it would make me feel better about my overall training/taper. So we shall seeee what happens!

Have a verryyyy happy Wednesday 🙂

Again, a giant plea to all of you runners out there–my marathon is in 10 days. Holy crap.

– What do you recommend for miles from here on out?

– Howwww do I stop myself from wanting to eattttt as if I were in peak training?


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