See those magic numbers? They are the very ones I will be wearing on my race day bib come November 12th…which by the way, is just 11 days away. Holy. Moly.

Get ready for a mini freakout/rant/wigfest every single day for the next 11 days.

I received my official Participant Confirmation Booklet from the Richmond Marathon in the mail today, fittingly, right before heading out for a run (and right after spending my last full day of funemployment wandering around the city and maaaybe making purchases to  make me feel pretty on my first day back in an office). And for an easy five miles around the Bridle Path this afternoon, all I could think about was Race Day.

Since January, when I first began toying with the idea of running a marathon, November 12th seemed very, very far away. In fact, back in January, I still wasn’t 100% sure I even wanted to run a marathon. I figured, if the JD and I’s plan to move to the Big Apple worked out and by some rare stroke of luck I got picked for the NYC lottery then that would be fates way of telling me that I should run a marathon.

As it turned out, the JD and I made it to New York, but after hours and hours of stalking the NYRR’s web site with live lottery results, I was given the blow that I was not chosen to race the five boroughs.

And by that point, I had had 26.2 on the brain for so long, I immediately made plans to sign up elsewhere.

Through the end of the biting winter months, my first NYC springtime and a very, very busy summer schedule I managed to follow Hal’s plan pretty well. And by pretty well, I by and large knocked out even more miles than he prescribed. And aside from a handful of painful runs and sluggish mornings, I never really felt drained by training.

Which brings me to now. Almost halfway through my second week of taper time, when I want to eat EVERYTHING in sight and am still housing more peanut butter than any normal person would in lifetime, and constantly asking myself…did I train enough? Did I train hard enough? Long enough? Am I prepared enough?


I’m aiming for one more long run in the park tomorrow morning (we’ll see if I get my butt outta bed a. that early and b. in those frigid temps). I think it will give me a little confidence boost if I can tackle Harlem Hills one last time, and I think I’ll be further pumped by once again running past those spectator stands crews are working round the clock to get up for ING NYC on Sunday (cannot WAIT to watch that!). After that, I’m strictly following Hal’s taper plans, but would love input from all of you seasoned marathoners. And by input I mean detailed information of exactly how many and what kind of miles I should be attempting every single day for the next 10 days. That’s not too much to ask from the internet world, right? 🙂

Any who. I’m off to hopefully STOP thinking about running for a few, and meet the JD for our second visit to The Social Table–by far one of the best cooking classes I’ve been to! We’re making a fall feast, and I. am. Pumped.

Links and deats to follow later 🙂 Happy late Tuesday kiddos!



4 Responses to “2565”

  1. 1 Kelly November 1, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    You’re going to be fine, no you’re going to be more than fine! Your long runs have all gone well, you’ve done the training, now you just have to trust it. Don’t push it too much these last two weeks, hydrate, stretch, foam roll. At this point you won’t lose any fitness, so don’t worry about mileage, just keep your legs loose so they remember what they’ve been trained to do come race day.

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