Holy Wow

I finally took a break from the June Cleaver to-do list yesterday and made it out for a jaunt around the beautiful Central Park that I devoted a lot of gushing words toward. While my knees may have preferred the comfort of the bridle path, I opted to do the outer loop–ALL of the outer loop [read: Harlem Hills]. To the park and back adds about 2 miles so I finished up at 8ish for the afternoon.

From there, I scurried home to shower as fast as humanly possible, because I had yet another interview in midtown. This was round 2 for this particular company, but since I’ve made it to second and third rounds of interview approximately 4323643 times with no good news to follow, I certainly don’t have my hopes up about this one [but let’s be real, I sort of do].

I thought maybe the achiness in my legs could have been from me finally sissing out after Friday’s long run/once again falling behind on strength training and stretching. And since I was in midtown anyway, and the JD alerted me he likely wouldn’t be home until midnight or so (really, the lawyer life BLOWS) I scooted over to the gym to hop on the ellip and pump some iron (go ahead, chuckle at the thought)!

So this morning when the alarm went off at the lovely hour of 6:30 a.m. and then again at 6:45 (I do so love the snooze button), it was difficult to drag my butt out of bed. Luckily, I had secured plans last night to run with Katherine. And the beauty of a running buddy is, as much as you want to be lazy, you can’t leave a running friend waiting. Oh but wait.

I pulled the ultimate runwithafriend fail, and rather than spring up an at ’em, I texted Katherine attempting to get out of a run. Luckily, she is awesome. And agreed to postpone it until later in the afternoon when we both feeling a little more up for it.

I believe Katherine and I both deserve some epic pats on the back, because it’s really not easy to coordinate runs between two people who live on far opposite corners of Manhattan. We’re both a little crazy, and I was trying to squeeze in this weekends long run early and Katherine is upping her mileage base BEFORE she starts training for her marathon…in April. She is a nice running buddy to meet me for 10 miles when she really, really does not need to.

We finally met up around 1 p.m. at Engineer’s Gate (after I spent the morning continuing to clean and pack like a madwoman). The weather was–as it has been for a while now (knock on wood)–amazing. The perfect fall day, and the type of day I hope I wake up to on November 12th.

I felt a bit sluggish at first, but I believe thanks to spending the earlier part of the day dancing around the apartment in my compression socks and having company while running, I finally fell into a good stride. Katherine stayed with me through one and half 5-mile loops of the park and we distracted ourselves talking (as usual) running, blogging, life in NYC and (not always the usual) the wedding I’m attending this weekend 🙂

Circles around the park are much more fun when you continually pass by all of the lovely workers setting up bleachers and other necessities for the marathon in just a week and a half! I’m so excited I’m like a kid on Christmas morning, and I’m only spectating in this one!

excitement in the air or just noise from bleacher construction? all the same.

[Note: this photo was stolen from Shannon, who posted it on the NYC marathon FB page]

Funny enough, shortly after Katherine headed out of the park I bumped into none other than my new BFF Paul! This time we were running in opposite directions and [I believe] b0th nearing the ends of our respective runs, so we smiled and yelled some encouragement to one another and kept going. I can’t stress it enough, I love this city and all of its runners!

Since I’m still pretty sure Paul is far too busy of a business owner/father/marathoner/etc to ever read this blog, I do hope we’ll bump into each other again on a lunchtime run, because he is a nice man.

I headed out of the park after finishing my second loop and by the time I reached home had hit 12.65 about miles. I actually wanted to keep going because for the first time in a couple of days, I felt FANTASTIC. Holy wow, what a run! I felt refreshed and revived and ready to tackle more miles. But seeing how its taper-time and I still plan to knock out a few shorter runs over the weekend, I told myself that’ll do for today.

And while I was starving mid-run and have been plagued by taper hunger these days, I did not go home and pig out (get it? “that’ll do pig, that’ll do” okay. dumb babe reference). Instead, I feasted on a lunch of nuun (turns out it actually tastes okay if you only do a half tablet at a time) chased by a bowl of brussels, carrots and hummus (welcome back healthy Katie! your body has missed you) and some more water/nuun. Yum!

It’s on to tackle the to-do list and the day/stalk my email to see if I’ve been hired anywhere (fingers crossed).

Next time I talk to you, I’ll be running around Richmond (both in my sneaks and on wedding errands) gearing up for an awesome wedding weekend!

Happy hump day kids! Get jazzed about something today!


2 Responses to “Holy Wow”

  1. 1 Shannon [Tropical Eats] October 26, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    I seriously have nightmares about Harlem Hill.

    One of my least favorite places on the planet hahah.

    Mad props for you two coordinating runs!

    taper hunger is the weirdest thing. im more ravenous now then ever before. so crazy.

  1. 1 And the winner is… « Marathon Winer Trackback on November 23, 2011 at 10:48 am

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